Defiance Pistol and SMG Suppressors

Christophe Guignard, CEO of Defiance (and VP of KRISS and Sphinx) explains the features of their pistol and submachine gun suppressors. Innovative is an overused term in this industry, but these products definitely have innovations that set them apart from practically all other suppressors on the market.

Defiance Suppressors

Andrew Tuohy

Andrew Tuohy was a Navy Corpsman with the 5th Marine Regiment. He makes a living by producing written and visual content within the firearm industry, and he also teaches carbine courses. He prefers elegant weapons for a more civilized age, and regularly posts at Vuurwapen Blog.


  • Rob

    I’m so confused how does that second thing work? and whats the point of the first one?

  • Rangerbane

    This seems really cool, but one thing that is bothering me is the “locking”” of the guns slide. One twist of the suppressor will render the slide immobile, making it a single shot? I am truly interested to see that actually work before I believe that. Cannot figure out how that is mechanically possible.

  • arifonzie

    great stuff.
    As a side note, the blog keeps getting better and better!
    The quality of the articles is so varied and interesting, as always its the first site I look at in the morning.
    Thank you

  • jpr

    Nice video. Andrew looked pretty uncomfortable getting muzzle swept every couple of seconds.

  • SpudGun

    Somebody was looking very nervous when they were being ‘sweeped’ by Christophe.

    ‘And this is the new impulse control…phut!…Oh sorry.’


  • Nolan

    Pretty cool products, just wish the guy wouldn’t muzzle the person interviewing him.

  • Looked like you were pretty uncomfortable with his muzzle discipline.

  • George

    Man, he keeps indexing you with that pistol, I’m not sure I would have had the self control to keep standing there.

  • Apotekets

    Looks nice, i’m guessing it won’t come cheap.

    I came to thinking during the video. I think i’ve heard about a special “hushpuppy” variant of the Browning Hi-Power used by the British on witch the slide could be locked to not eject in a similair fashion. Anybody knows anything about this? Not sure it was a Hi-Power but the British i am pretty sure about.

  • Jeff Smith

    Why would the CEO of a firearms company have such poor firearm safety skills? It seems like all of the representatives of these companies have no problem pointing a weapon at the host.

    • I know, I know, I know, its wrong, but in his defense, everybody does it at SHOT Show, when you are spending 8 hours a day picking up guns and pointing them. Still, I don’t like it when its done to me.

  • subase

    Inspite of my extensive experience with fps shooters and action movies, I can’t really comment on this suppressor innovation. But I suspect the slide noise is not a problem with suppressed 9mm, maybe .380 or .32 and definitely .22. I wonder if this feature also makes your shot more accurate?

  • Matt

    The adjustable point of impact system seems like a better execution of the idea than the AAC version, instead of picking a number on the suppressor and treading it on that way like aac’s, you pre set the POI change, and then just thread the suppressor on. seems like it would be easier in the dark that way.

    The slide lockup feature was also verrry cool. First time I’ve seen something like that built into the suppressor.

    Man Andrew I’m suppressed you made it out of there alive. Seems every video some jackass is muzzling every one freakin sight. I now that some safety has to be compromised in a gun show environment but I’ve Been to Wanemachers gun show(the biggest public gun show in the us) here in Tulsa lots of times and I can’t remember ever having been muzzle swept buy someone fingering a gun. Sure there are a thousand of them sitting on table pointed at everyone but when someone picks up gun around here and starts playin with it they better damn well point it in the air or someone gonna tell them off.

  • mike

    Do all Swiss point guns at everyone like that? Is that a thing over there or something?

  • asianMike

    Single shot? Sweet, now I get need to get a Beretta and pretend I’m Solid Snake. Interesting feature, but I still don’ understand the purpose of the first feature, as in what does it do and why is it helpful?

  • Sam

    I read about this on Defense Review, and I also heard something about further developments in the Super V system. Was this featured at the SHOT Show?

  • subase

    Just type in ‘suppressed 9mm’ in youtube and you’ll see that the slide is actually louder than the shot and quite distinctive. Preventing the slide from cycling would really make the weapon alot quieter.

  • @Sam: The only really “new” changes in the KRISS Super V were some minor modifications to the original system for reliability and the upcoming K10 which has MANY modifications and will be multicaliber capable (45ACP/9mm/40S&W) as well.

    As for the Defiance suppressors being “innovative”, I really didn’t see anything about them that was all that special. While they may be patenting the particulars of their methods of adjustable point of aim and LID disabling (which may and may not work depending on the pistol and ammunition used) there is nothing about their cans that isn’t 30+ year old technology. I found them to be well built and they had great aesthetics but they were also terribly heavy compared to most cans on the market today.

  • Other Steve

    Yes actually the slide noise is quite noticeable on almost all calibers. It’s nice to be able to turn the slide “off”, however this comes at an expense. The gun is not designed to be single shot, and it is very possible to accelerate wear on the gun by doing this.

    The 92FS that had a slide lock was notorious for slide and frame failure. The large reason it doesn’t exist anymore.

    To achive slide lock it appears they are shutting off the booster assembly. I am very skeptical this is entirely safe for the silencer host. There are photos about of what a shitty booster will do, this is essecene a switch from a proper booster to a shitty one.

    IMO, while slide noise IS noticeable… It’s not crazy loud. I can hear the slide working on my suppressed M&P, but I’d rather have a semi auto than a single shot. Slide locks are a gimmick just like running you suppressors wet, seems cool to get it more quite but once you get over that it’s just a pain in the ass you need to deal with. Dry Semi Atuo Ftw.

  • Jeremiah

    Guys, when you put a suppressor on, it can change the poi (point of impact). The first feature makes it so you can adjust the poi on the suppressor so that you don’t need to adjust your sights when you have the can on.

    The second feature adjusts the gas pressure (I think) making it so there is not enough pressure to cycle the slide. With modern silencers the loudest part of a silenced weapon is the slide racking. With the second feature you are able to make the gun “Hollywood quiet”

  • tincankilla

    confirmation – feature 1 is to correct for drift induced by the suppressor. feature 2 has something to do with a spring inside the device.

    can really see this being a hot item…

  • Max

    The really GREAT innovation you guys are missing out here is the following:

    Their tritium-FO-combo sight. Of course you can’t see that in the video, but they’ve been developing that for some time now, and as far as I can see it will be the “best” day/night sight combination out there!

    Check out the link above.

    • martin

      i agree. when will this site be on the market? i have heard about this in europe and am waiting for it to be in the U.S. market.

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  • El Freddio

    Hey, nooby question here, would the gas lock stopping the gun cycle thing work on a rifle (AR-15, AK, etc)?