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  • Billy Oblivion

    Yeah, the Zombies will leave you alone in there–clearly there aren’t any live brains involved ๐Ÿ™‚

  • snmp

    That’s look like to heavy for bad road

  • SpudGun

    $300,000?! For an SUV?! You could buy a second hand Dozer and armor it up for a quarter of the price. Just like this guy –

    Besides, I’m not worried about the Zombie Apocalypse, there’s this new thing that scientists have invented, it’s called – fire.

  • Andrew

    Amazing, though I would have chosen the HK GMG on top or the HK 121 over the FN MAG

  • See if you can get invited out to do a full test drive and review!

  • Kevin

    That’s why John Moses Browning (PBUH) created the M1919.

  • Matt

    That is sexy.

  • charles222

    1a. Stopping power does not matter with zombies. You can shoot them in the torso all day long to no effect; head shots are what are required, and 5.56mm will splatter mouldering zombie brains just as well as 7.62mm does, and also allow you more rounds for the same physical space before someone has to exit the vehicle and reload.

    1b. Range is equally unimportant when dealing with zombies. Rocking your machine gun at targets 800m away-and possibly missing- will just draw more of the Undead to your position from the unusual amount of noise.

  • Mountainbear

    Oh dear. This vehicle reminds me of the Komatsu I once modified for a Batman-themed roleplaying game. I made a counterpart to Batman, and she used a heavily modified Komatsu LAV. It was more laid out for combat than the Batmobile.

  • JC

    That thing is pretty darn awesome. If I win the mega millions it will be the first thing I buy.

  • “gunner”

    i’m going out and buy a fist full of megabucks tickets in the morning, if i win that beast is mine, it would drive the local grabola addicts and birkenstock shufflers nucking futz. (seriously evil chuckle.)

  • Joe

    Very nice vehicle!!! It would be a bit conspicuous though. I’d rather have a beefed up older model 4×4 that looks marginal on the outside yet has the suspension, etc, to handle some tough riding.

    As I mentioned in a Zombie Apocalypse post over on my site a few weeks ago, the zombies may be your unprepared neighbors, the alcoholic/drug addict around the corner, or those who are just barely living within the confines of civility now.

    I’d rather not call attention to myself and blend in.

    Unpleasant stuff for sure, but thatโ€™s all the more reason to prepare for it.


  • tommy2rs

    What? No mention of the CDC’s Preparedness 101:Zombie Apocalypse. Lol…it zombiefied the CDC blog server after being mentioned on Twitter. It was after that that Fox ran the article about the Knight XV being the Zombie Apocalypse vehicle of choice.

  • “gunner”

    ooops! just caught a typo in my earlier post, above. read as “granola addicts”, sorry ’bout that chief.

  • AJ187

    Come on. What about a chain gun on the driver side window? Like Tango & Cash.

  • That is sexy. thanks my friend

  • LordBane

    I would mount an 40mm HK GMG (Grenade Machine Gun) with interchangeable AP or HE projectiles on it. ๐Ÿ˜€

  • howlingcoyote

    Where’s the mini-gun suppose to be?
    Just the vehicle to use to go wild hog hunting in Texas!