Taurus 405 .40 S&W and 445 .44 Special revolver

Taurus has introduced two new revolvers.

The first, the Taurus 405, is the first Taurus revolver to be chambered in .40 S&W. Its chamber holds 5 rounds and uses Taurus Stellar moon clips. The gun has a 2″ barrel, is available in blue or stainless finish and weighs 29 ounces. The MSRP is

Thier second new revolver is the Taurus 445. This .44 Special chambered revolver features an Ultra-Lite frame that weighs 22 ounces. It also has a 2″ barrel and is available in blue or stainless finish.

The MSRP for both guns is $452 – $514.

Steve Johnson

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  • TZH

    I use .40 for my standard division gun, having a snub that eats the same makes me really giddy

  • Pete Sheppard

    Taurus made a “445” a few years back, but discontinued it. I bought one of the last ones then, but it feels like a steel frame. I’m glad to see them offer it again.

  • drewogatory

    I do have a real soft spot for a .44 Special snubbie. Always made alot more sense to me than .38 in the short barrel. Recoil shouldn’t be too bad either, certainly better than .357

  • Matt Groom

    That’s pretty cool. Taurus is always coming out with something that I really like, but I don’t know why they always restrict their revolvers in auto-pistol calibers to a 2″ barrel. However, a big bullet out of a tiny barrel is a good idea. But honestly, my experience with moonclips has been less than “Stellar”, and I would elect to go with the .44 Special.

  • Matt Groom

    …also, will somebody PLEASE make a .41 Special?

  • Komrad

    Revolvers chambered for rimless cartridges are always interesting
    it would be nice to see one with a mechanism for ejecting without moon clips

    • Jerry

      look at the charter arms pitbull 40 cal no moon clips needed

  • A Charter Arms .44 Special is a bit less expensive, a bit rougher, but American made. This looks like you’re not paying much more for far finer fit and finish. Both will function as revolvers do, which is a wonderful thing. I’ve owned and carried a Bulldog in my time, and felt well served. I would absolutely own one of these Tauri!

  • howlingcoyote

    Taurus, make a revolver in 45 Win. Mag., 50 AE.

  • Do you know if they’ve wised up and decided to leave the ports out of the barrel of the .44 special? I like the gun, like the concept but am not fond of rocket nozzles under my nose if I’m shooting from retention!

  • Pete Sheppard

    My 445 doesn’t have ports. In fact, I don’t remember reading of any that did. Ports were on the Maggies.

  • drewogatory

    …also, will somebody PLEASE make a .41 “Special?” http://www.taurususa.com/product-details.cfm?id=192&category=Revolver&toggle=&breadcrumbseries=

    Will .41 Magnum do?

  • oh johhny boy

    Subject: TAURUS, MODEL 445. 2″ BL, SS. This is only my second revolver, as I have owned mostly autos. There is a fascination, and a love for a handgun, hell any gun for one reason or another… but i’d have to say that the Taurus, fit and finish is exceptional. I paid 350. for this gun. So, priced nice. i jumped on it, and now that I have owned this for a year, I SEE… NOT TOO MANY! Some like, no, most like immediately. except for the occasional, ” I dont like the grip.” or ” It kicks too hard.” Well girls, then stick with small calibers… THIS IS A MANS, STICK IN YOUR PANTS, IN YOUR FACE KINDA, GETTER DONE JOBBER! But in all seriousness, I have only owned 2 revolve3rs, a Smith model 57 in 41. mag, and this one. She just fits, and you klnow that big ol bullet will get it done.. and quick… i carry it in the woods with the dog, and where ever I dont wanna be seen with a handle poking out of my hip… she conceals very nicely. in a Blackhawk, soft holster, in my bellie, or I throw it in the glove box on a long haul… This is my go to woods with the dogs gun… Im pretty confident that she will drop anything on or off the path… not a magnum, but i dont think a bear or cougar can tell the difference. I use Winchester, 200gr Silvertip HP. And at close range, thats all you need. one or two of these, and WELL I WOULDN’T WANT TO BE OIN THE RECEIVEING END… so for what this gun offeres.. Conceilability, Heavy hitter, it is my favorite every day carry choice… and it doesnt break the bank. Oh yeah she isnt made here at home, I KNOW… Im so american… But goog is good, its ok to buy something if it fits… If RUGER or a Smith and wesson, were sitting on the shelf that day with a pricetag that seemed resonable, and was a 44 spl… I might have looked at it too, and this article would be about it… but then, they would have to make one first…So Taurus… wins in my book… very nice…

  • duke

    I am so damn tired of these damned “ultra-light” frames. Please build a man inspired snub .44 special made out of steel rather than girly alloy. Man up Taurus.

  • Pete Sheppard

    Lol, Duke. One thing about those ‘girlie’ ultra-lights; running a box of good stout SD ammo through one will make a ‘man’ out of anybody, even a girl! πŸ˜€

  • I was interested in the 445 until I saw the ports (on Taurus’s website)
    Ports have NO business on a self defense gun.

    A Charter .44 only weighs 2 oz more and doesn’t need ports.

  • ron

    I looked at the new taurie 44spcl Not bad. But ill keep my Bulldog. Just felt better in my hand. Don’t think eather would be a bad choice

  • mickeywalker

    I’m looking at the Taurus website for 2012 right now…and I don’t see any ports in the barrel.
    The nice thing about a .44 Spl. is that you can download it with whatever you want using lead bullets. I’ve tailored lots of loads for all kinds of guns and the free lead keeps the cost to about $1.50 a box of 50. Some of mine, don’t feel much different than shooting a std. .38 loading.

  • mickeywalker

    The same thing can be done with the .40 in a revolver. I make a very nice lead bullet that weighs 175 gr. and down loading it in a revolver should be …sweet!

  • ron

    Got the new Taurus 44spchl. Fired 31 cowboys. Dam trigger fall apart. Had hopes for the Taurus πŸ™

  • ron

    Just a word The 405 44speachal. Iv been a Bulldog shooter The 405 n the Bulldog have a couple things in common Callaber n light waight. This adds up to recoil. As any Bulldog shooter can tell u all about. Its tempting to load hot n heavy loads. Don’t it puts a lot of stran on u n the weapon. As for target loads I recommend Cowboys. As for home defence. There are a few great rounds. Winchester silver tips 200gr Blazer 200 at 210 gr or Hornady Critical defense loads in 165gr or 180gr.Any of these are excellent rounds, and will put down any 2 lagged Slimeball.