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  • Harry

    Box o’ Trust or Truth?

  • Ramsey

    As long as it punches through enough meat and expands properly who cares how much mass is retained? It is not a hunting round where side tracks ruin meat, it is a defense round.

  • Phil

    Now they need to make a 180gr. 10mm load.

  • howlingcoyote

    Now if they would just keep the price reasonable. I am sick and tired of so called “preimum” and “personal defense” ammo costing 1 to 2 dollars a round.
    I’ll just stick to regular ammo and shoot ’em twice!

    • Yes, Premium Ammo comes with a (Financially speaking) higher price. This is why shooters buy less expensive Soft Point and FMJs’ to target shoot and only keep a couple clips plus the one already locked and loaded, full of “the good stuff” as their ‘go-to’ in personal protection.

      There are other factors to consider in relation to the price paid and “shoot ’em twice” with ammunition designed to ‘plink’ with doesn’t always make for a more effective take down VS a single shot of +P HP or JHP. One thing to think about is the failure rate of the primers used by the manufacturers. No matter what they may claim for their specs nothing matters if the round doesn’t fire. Loading accuracy is another factor.

      However, that having been said it’s only my preference and you are entitled to your own opinion but just for the record: No matter what, if I find myself in the situation of needing to fire that final shot knowing what I am protecting I too am going to shoot twice (or more!) and what I am protecting is priceless.

  • Randy

    I just bought my first AR-15 I bought the Smith and Wesson MP150R.
    My question is, what kind of ammo should I not buy? I found there are so many different vendors and types of rounds. I don’t want to waste money or harm myself with junk ammo. If you could recommend a few details I should know before buying 223 ammo online, I would be grateful. Thanks

    PS most of my shooting should be at targets.

    Thanks Randy