Century AK74 Bullpup Rifle

Century International Arms is now selling a AK74 rifle in a bullpup configuration.

Unlike their 7.62×39 bullpup AK, this gun does not have iron sights, but instead includes a forward picatinny rail for mounting red dot or other optics.

Caliber 5.45x39mm
Capacity 30
Finish Black
Barrel 16.25″
Twist 1:8
Overall Length 28.5″
Weight 7.35 lbs
Front Sight None
Other Features Picatinny rail
MSRP (Price) $680 (with extra magazine)

Century has not announced pricing, but if you are a dealer who has access to the MSRP price, please post it below in the comments. UPDATE: Reader AFD reports that the MSRP is $680 (with extra magazine).

Shooting Illustrated produced a video about the new bullpup at the NRA Show …

[ Many thanks to Thaddeus for emailing me the link. ]

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  • kit

    Main issue with bullpups is: can the ejection port be switched over to the left, for left-handed shooters?

  • ducky

    He should be glad that the magazine didn’t drop out.

  • The Kiwi

    Now if you could mount the Dublin RCS 2nd generation on it, that would be a hell of a rifle!

  • MibZ

    I like bullpup rifle designs, but isn’t a bullpup AK overcomplicating a rifle designed to be simple?

  • Sian

    Isn’t that just the old K-var AK bullpup stock?

    @kit ahh, noo.. the only bullpups that are lefty-friendly are ones designed from the ground-up to be.

    @The Kiwi only problem with that is the rail used in this kit directly interferes with the Dublin RCS, which eliminates the top foregrip. I don’t know of a current gastube rail system that will work with the RCS.

    @MibZ The Russians seemed to think it not a terrible idea when they developed the Groza.

  • tincankilla

    While I love the feeling of a AK cycling against my cheek, this makes me a bit nervous. Anyone know if one needs to worry more about a catastrophic failure more in a reconfig like this over a bullpup designed from the ground up?

    basically, do bullpup-only designs include additional protection for the shooter in case something goes really wrong?

  • If you’ve ever lain awake at night wondering, “how can I make the already poorly positioned controls of the AK even less accessible”…here’s your answer!

  • Joe Hooker

    Meh, Century Arms, nothin’ special.

  • ragnarok220

    @ Kit,

    Yes, there are bullpups designed with ejection ports on both sides like TAR-21, Steyr AUG.

  • Bryan S

    Will they come like other Century rifles, with canted tubes and gasblocks, and horrible if any QC? And are they still using the “firmer than applesauce” linkage that can snap in these things?

  • charles222

    Cool; it’s like really retro in a sense of combining two obsolete concepts into one. What’s next, a revamped .30-40 Krag with rail systems and a folding stock?

  • jdun1911

    How many Russian Operator are using the Groza since it was first produce in 1994? It’s an unknown weapon to even the Russians.

  • Cam

    Not entirely, Sian. The F2000, RFB, AUG, and P90 are just some examples of lefty friendly bullpups. In the F2000’s and RFB’s case, the casings eject from the front, in the P90’s, from the bottom, and the AUG can switch with ejection port covers, IIRC.

  • Lance

    As close as you can get to the Ukrainian Vper rifle. But id still prefer a nice regular AK-74.

  • Alex

    I got to shoot the Century AK47 bullpup a few months ago.

    Personally, I did not care much for it. The perceived recoil felt harsher. Also, the front hand guard did not work for me. I kept burning my fingers on the hot barrel as the skin of my fingers somehow constantly found a way to get too close to the barrel through all the gaps.

  • AFD

    MSRP is around $680

  • AFD

    EDIT: That was suggested retail with an extra mag, so actual MSRP should be a little lower.

  • I kind of agree with MibZ, seems a bit cumbersome? Maybe one can only know with firing it. Interesting none the less.

  • I’m wondering how you are supposed to clean your gun without throwing off your sights? Are they assuming their target market never cleans their guns?

  • snmp

    the nicer AK system bullpud is south african Vektor CR-21 by Denel

    In real ambi Bullpud you could found (Left hand and right hand) the FN F2000, FAMAS , IMI tavaor … the other are right hand (SA80…… ) or need replacement par by gunsmth (Steyr AUG)

  • MibZ

    With a weapon that weight I wouldn’t want my hands to be right next to each other, seems it would be extremely stock-end heavy.

  • ComradeCole

    The mag isn’t seated correctly in the video. Anyone else notice that?

  • Pathfinder

    @kit – leftie-friendly bullpups do exist – the Kel-Tec RFB is forward eject, as is the FN2000. The PS90 ejects downward.

  • The real problem with bullpup conversions is the trigger. When you move the trigger far away from where it does its work, you have to connect the new trigger to the existing action, and you get a bad trigger pull. Usually too heavy, and without solidity and crisp letoff.

  • me

    Cute, I guess.

    What’s the top rail made of, and what’s it attached to? We hope it isn’t plastic screwed to a thin hollow plastic handguard. We hope it’s made of some kind of metal and attached to what used to be the rear sight base at an absolute minimum.

    What’s the point of origin for the barrels they’re using in these builds? Century is already infamous for selling Tantal builds and “Bulgarian AK74 sporters” with US-made, non-chrome-lined barrels that don’t meet milspec (Google for “Tantal” + “keyhole” if you wish to be illuminated).

  • Lance


    For comercial use a Assult rife dosnt need all the mil spec features if your only going to shoot it once a mounth at a rifle range. The fact is most of the awsome mill spec features are for firing full auto in wet or dusty conditions in the feild not on a rilfe range. so most of this complaining is not needed.

    The fact is too that the F-2000 and PS 90 has issues due to that they have ubiqe ways to eject cases which are impossible to get to or clear unless you disassmble the whole rifle not praticale.

  • ragnarok220


    The so called “fact” is just mall ninja talk. If you have shot a FN2000 (or FS2000), you should know that in case of a broken shell, you can remove the entire firing mechanism from the enclosed stock by pushing of a button.

    Clearing jams is also very easy, drop the mag, open up the chamber lid, pull the charging handle.

  • Lance

    Not from what i heard and I got to know people with them many stayed with there ARS after usage for a few times.

  • FCSA

    As much as I like the AK series, they seem a little to long for home defens. A bullpup version, awesome! Short overall length, but with a full length barrel. I don’t know about anyone else, but I don’t feel like filling out all the paperwork for an SBR, plus, being in the Military, I don’t want to explain to future comands why I felt an SBR was necisary. But, thats just me.

    • Chdefiant

      This bullpup by Century is awesome, I had our stores gunsmith make a metal insert in the foregrip to mount a piccatiny rail to. I have mounted a forward pistol grip to it and it makes controlling the weapon and bringing it up to engage is fantastic. It points great and clears corners easily being a bullpup design. I’ve run about 50 rounds through it so far without a hiccup.

      • lucas

        How much did the metal insert cost? Thanks.

      • Where did you buy the top rail and forward handle for the century bull pup? Thanks Pat

    • Al Sanwick

      Got mine from J&Gs for 519. First day out we sighted at 25 meters with a green dot then proceeded to cut a 2X4 in half with the next magazine. Have run 5 mags through it with no FTF or FTL. Nice bullpup. No muzzle blast like many larger calibers, little to no recoil. sight mounts ahead of the bore so does not have to be moved for cleaning. would be interested in seeing how the mount was made for the forward grip.

      I shoot Nagants, M1A, 03A3, Mauser, and a Garand regularly and this feels like a pop gun just like my AR LOL

      • Al Sanwick

        oops meant ahead of chamber LOL

  • B.P. Dumas

    theres a number of ak74 bullpups, other ex russian republicans have
    done a conversion and possibly some production runs , Ukraine (called the VEPR), and Armenia.
    china did the type 86S in the m43 7.62 round a while as s semi auto just for us sales, pretty rare now. Valmet did one also, very rare. in two
    the original an-94 prototype was a bullpup , then switched to a standard
    configuration but a bullpup an-94 with its unique operating, interesting.

    The an-94 system is applicable to all calibers, heres a interesting a
    interesting idea , a full auto .410 box mag fed shotgun with the an-94
    blowback shifted pulse system and a 10 rd box mag or optional drum.
    whoa, great short range fire potential. much less recoil than a 20 or
    12 gauge. and ability to carry alot of extra ammo.

    I’d like to see century think about offering a longer barrel version of this
    ak74 bullpup, with a 450mm or 500mm barrel. perhaps a M16a2 type
    flash hider.

  • neto

    is this california legal???

    • doubtful, pistol grip, high capacity magazine, no bullet button, and its black (california DOJ is racist)

    • DaReggie

      once you add a bullet button, a ten round mag and extend the OAL to 30 inches, yes!

  • Danny hunuski

    The u.s troops need at least 500 yard range accuracy, reliability, and a good short bullpup design for the room to room operAtions in the middle east,the troops also need reliability for sandy condishions in the middle east the ak design is perfect for that also the ak is cheap so the military will save money.