Kalashnikov Bump Safe

Engineering student Ethan Dublin, developer of the Ratchet Charging System, has developed another AK accessory: the Kalashnikov Bump Safe. The Bump Safe allows easy manipulation of an AK safety from the pistol grip. It is a simple but clever idea. Ethan demonstrates the safety in this video …

Manufacturing of the safety will begin late summer / early fall of 2011.

Steve Johnson

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  • subase

    Still need two hands?

  • Joel

    That is a really cool idea from what I can see of it. The only issues that I’d see would be somehow bending the bar, or bringing your hand in from behind the grip (and not below) and putting your hand around the lever. Very cool.

  • Rob

    im so confused by what he did… maybe close ups on the thing next time?

  • Snow-k

    I wonder that how much that disturbs when you have selector on fullauto…

  • I’m from New Jersey – what is ‘full auto’?

    (just kidding)

    I think it’s an awesome idea – wonder how well it will work on my Saiga?

  • Sian

    I wonder if there’s some physical limitation that keeps this guy from making a RCS for the Saiga 12. =(

    @rob I know, right? Some better or larger photos would help in showing us just what it is.

  • Jim

    I’ve also got some inventions for guns I’d like to patent but I’ve got no idea how to go about it without spending thousands of dollars on a lawyer. Any ideas?

  • Gentleman,

    Here is a better video demonstrating it. Thank you.


    Ethan Dublin

  • MibZ

    Looks like a nice product. I have to say though, the second shot he fires is so wonderfully dramatic! Raising the rifle, taking off the safe, firing, and the case hitting the camera in such a short period of time. Serendipity, accidental awesomeness.

  • Kyle

    The ratchet charging handle looks super neato.

  • JJP

    I cant wait to see what this guy comes up with next.

  • Don

    That’s pretty clever!

  • Tony

    Looks like an silly way to do something a Blackjack Swifty/Krebs Custom style does already.

  • Billy Oblivion

    I’m sorry, I don’t get it.

    When you expect contact you sweep the safety off.

    You leave it off until the fight is over.

    During movement you keep your booger hook off the bang switch.

    When you are fairly certain there is no need to shoot any more, put the safety back on.

    Millions and millions of poorly trained 3rd worlders manage to use this weapons system without hurting themselves or the people around them too terribly much, I’m sure Americans can learn not to shoot each other.

  • jdun1911

    Billy Oblivion,

    How long does it take to turn the safety off? Much much longer than said a AR15.