Sig Sauer P210: A “Legend” Reborn

The Sig P210 is without a doubt an iconic handgun, highly respected for being an incredibly accurate firearm. However, the design didn’t lend itself to rapid and easy production, and as I was told by various sources in Europe, quality varied with the mood of the workforce.

The “new” P210s have a number of design changes, of which I was initially suspicious. After speaking with several Sig engineers, though I truly believe that each one is intended to increase either durability or ease of use.

CNC processes allow the number of milling operations for the frame to be reduced from 9 to 3, but don’t think that this is just a slapped-together production pistol like any other – each and every P210 is hand-fitted by the Sig Mastershop in Eckernforde, Germany, alongside the X-Five and X-Six competition handguns (which you’ll see video of soon).

Here, I give a quick overview of one model at IWA.

Sig P210 Overview

Andrew Tuohy

Andrew Tuohy was a Navy Corpsman with the 5th Marine Regiment. He makes a living by producing written and visual content within the firearm industry, and he also teaches carbine courses. He prefers elegant weapons for a more civilized age, and regularly posts at Vuurwapen Blog.


  • That pistol is sooo awesome. Very ergonomic, precise and a beautiful piece of technology.
    If only it wasn’t sooo pricy 🙁

  • Beretta > Sig

  • Milo

    A classic made better. Purists won’t like it because it can be bought for half or better than the price of a used original but so what. More people can become familiar with this wonderful handgun design now!

  • armed_partisan

    I still really want one. It’s probably the only pistol in that price range that’s in current production that I would consider buying… if I had anywhere even remotely close to that level of disposable income! I like the fact that it’s Melonited/Tennifer/Nitrolon/Nitrocarburized/WTF, too.

  • JC

    I would love to have one of these, but not for $2200

  • cc19

    $2,199.00 for the base model according to their site. Of course retail is usually below MSRP, but still, that’s a lot of scratch for one pistol.

  • M.G. Halvorsen

    A finely made pistol is, indeed, thing of beauty. I would almost be willing to swap my H&K USP40 for one…almost…

  • SoulTown

    *drool* Want it. Now.

  • Kyle

    Only 9 rounds? I guess this is a pistol geared towards collectors, range queens and states/countries that have magazine laws. I’ll keep my Glock 22 and it’s 15 round magazine.

  • Woelfer

    I have a Swiss SIG P210…incredible workmanship…accuracy comparable to a match-conditioned Les Baer.

  • Mouldy Squid

    Sig’s USA site has a MSRP of $2,199.00 for the standard P210 and $2,399.00 for the P210 Legend Target.


    I think I will stick with my CZs.

  • Squidpuppy

    Well, this kinda ticks me off. I searched long and hard for a P210 and finally found a pristine safe queen from 1969; lemme just say this: not one of them things you haggle price over. I bowed to the gods of opportunity, and sold my left ***, but it was worth it because I quickly became the envy of just about every shooter I know. Now? Sigh…

  • Sauer’s design changes to the P210 may well have been intended to increase either durability or ease of use. Nevertheless, having imported and reviewed two P210 Legends, I can vouch that their result is severely compromised reliability in social applications and palpably degraded fitness for bullseye shooting.

  • Brandon

    Love sig, wish I could afford one.

  • Tony

    if handguns came back to england tomorrow this is what I would buy.

  • andrew

    Michael Z, forgive me for not having the time to digest everything that you wrote in that article, but it appears to me that your comments are related to breaking the P210s down and applying theory to them, not actually shooting them and finding that they are unreliable or inaccurate. Is this incorrect?

    • I personally imported two Sauer P210 Legends from Germany, and shot one of them extensively. All referenced stoppages occurred in the course of my tests.

  • cc19

    @ Squid.

    I wouldn’t worry if you have an original; that should still retain its value (and mystique). These reproductions aren’t exact copies of the originals anyhow.

  • Aurelien

    That’s a lot of money for a tuned-up MAS 1935.

    Still, the 210 is a legend.

  • Marc

    Do you also complain about a Porsche Carrera’s small trunk?

  • mec

    Ref: SIG 210 Legend
    I am trying to find out if the legend slide/barrel/frame are stainless underneath the nitro. Also need to know if those are NIL grips. Ive tried the factory and a couple of importers but nobody seems to know.

  • Erik

    I just picked up the new Sig P210 Legend Target…
    I have not shot the Swiss version, but had one to side by side compare and choose from… it was a tough decision…
    I’m one to shoot my guns and the upgrades from the old to the new just seem to make sense…

    It is hands down the best pistol I have ever fired!
    the lock up is incredible, the trigger has a small amount of take up, and a light crisp break…
    day one, right out of the box, first test fire, 15 meters, 18 rounds, one ragged hole…

    I had to move back to 25 meters just to make it challenging, and even then I was chopping out the black, (keep in mind I consider myself a moderate marksman) I couldn’t believe it…

    I’ve seen a lot of complaining on these forums about it not being made in Switzerland, and blah blah blah, mainly from people who obviously haven’t taken the time to actually shoot one, or make any practical assessment… and what does “compromised reliability in social situations” mean any way?

    I’m not a purest by any means, and could care less which country made what when…. even if, and I stress “if” it isn’t as accurate or “well made” as the swiss version, it’s still better than any other pistol on the market today

    IMHO- Worth every penny!

  • mike

    I just bought one of the new p-210 legends. I love it. I own Wilson’s, Sigs, H&K’s, Ed Browns, and a few safe queens but this is a pistol I will definitely shoot. I don’t care whether it is made in Germany versus Switzerland. I heard the same bull **** arguments about German versus Swiss Watches. Have you ever seen a German made ” A Lang & Sohne” watch? They are exquisite to the extreme. Have you ever put your hands on a Arkansas made Wilson Combat Tactical Supergrade Professional? you will wait 18 months for one of these and for good reason. There is NO quality control better than Wilson Combat so the location of manufacturer doesn’t mean **** . It’s the companies commitment to quality control that matters. I held the old p-210 in my hand at the time I bought my 210 legend and I preferred the newer one. All the chatter about new versus old reminds me of when I was in the Marine Corps 40 years ago. New Corps versus Old Corps. When you are down range with your ass on the line new Marines are just as good as the old. End of story…….

  • mec

    A while back, I was trying to find out whether or not the major construction was stainless or not and if the grips on the Legend are from Nil. Nobody seemed to know so, I put a small amount of cold blue on the barrel and over some of the engraving (bare metal). Both reacted to the cold blue-ergo, not stainless. SIG finally did confirm that the legend has Nil grips.
    My copy of the legend is very reliable and accurate though it is probably slightly behind my Les Baer TR special both in absolute accuracy and ease of use.