New KRISS Sphinx Pistols at IWA

Perhaps the most impressive booths at IWA came from Switzerland – KRISS Group and RWS went all-out with details such as live music, waitresses serving free alcohol, and Swiss chocolate being handed out like, well, candy. While I didn’t spend much time at RWS, I was definitely taken in by the variety of products on display at the KRISS/Sphinx booth, such as the Sphinx pistols. They’re an interesting departure from standard pistol design and manufacture, as the frame is manufactured in upper and lower segments and then joined together.

The upper frame half can be steel, aluminum, or titanium, while the lower half could be chosen from any of those three as well as polymer. I believe that this offers unparalleled control over the balance of the handgun. The polymer features a replaceable frame insert that not only adjusts the size of the backstrap, but also increases or decreases the width of the frame as well, giving the end user more options to fit the pistol to their hand than a simple replaceable backstrap.

They’re available in two frame sizes – “compact” and “tactical” – and with two slide/barrel lengths as well. Since the Sphinx 3000 series is a descendant of the CZ-75, trigger systems available include single action only with a safety, double action/single action with a safety, double action/single action with a decocker, and double action only. Available accessories include threaded barrels, magazine wells, and muzzle compensators.

I was told to expect pricing “competitive with Sig.” I don’t know if this means “competitive with the P250” or “competitive with the X-Five.” I’m leaning towards the latter.

Sphinx 3000 Series

Andrew Tuohy

Andrew Tuohy was a Navy Corpsman with the 5th Marine Regiment. He makes a living by producing written and visual content within the firearm industry, and he also teaches carbine courses. He prefers elegant weapons for a more civilized age, and regularly posts at Vuurwapen Blog.


  • Zander

    Is it just me or is the KRISS rep pointing that weapon at you?

  • Axel

    Yeah that was the first thing I noticed as well.

  • Other Steve

    Gun safety is different in Europe 🙂

  • mike

    Wow, that was hard to watch. Maybe in Switzerland it’s a huge compliment to point guns at people, but I would have gotten out of the line of fire. Seriously, party foul.

  • JS

    I thought the same thing… point away!

  • Nils

    The prizes in Switzerland are as high as the X-Five(ranging from 2500 up to 3900 Swiss Francs).

  • Kyle

    I hope that was just the angle of the camera. I don’t think he wants a gun pointed at him for over 4minutes. I’d be real interested in learning more about these pistols especially when they introduce the polymer.

  • Leo

    Yeah!! I clicked on the link just to write about that, what a weird way to talk about the gun, not activating the safety mechanism or racking it to show the features, just pointing it at the guy next to you… do you think that here in USA we are more educated about proper ways to handle a firearm? It definitely made me a little uncomfortable to watch…

  • andrew

    Yes, he was pointing the pistol at me during the video. This is the second or third one we did like this, which is why there wasn’t much reaction from me. It was also the very last day at IWA, and I had had more firearms pointed at me during those four days than…well, I had a lot of firearms pointed at me. At some point, you just give up on trying to get out of the line of fire.

  • Bryan S

    Sounds like the NRA show, with that many people, someone is going to be in the line of sight, which is why they check, double check and confirm that there is no live ammo on the show floor.

  • Yogie

    Gun safety in Europe is at least as strict as compared to the US. I think this was a case of a sales rep without any real experience (think a KRISS-rep, Armin wouldn’t have guys like this…).
    Did you get a chance to shoot any? I (well, me and my wife…) got two 3000 competition standards last week and pumped about 500 rounds through each of ’em and they are absolutely great! Hardly any slack and a crisp 1400 grams of triggerpull. Accuracywise they absolutely rule out of the box!

  • andrew

    Yogie, I wish we had. We were scheduled to visit KRISS and Sphinx and so on, but things changed at the last minute.

  • luis

    bunch of sissies…..i guess you’ve never been to a shot show…..talking about gun safety instead of talking about the gun

  • lex

    Talking about gun safety is important if you want to keep them legally, specially in this case where many noticed the fact that the gun was pointed at someone in a negligent way, please try not to to sound like a gun loon in public.
    Gun loons are the ones responsible for scaring people and making gun rights something we need to fight for, If we lose our rights, say, to buy 30 round magazines, gun loons are the ones to blame.

  • Mike

    I hate to post off-topic, but I have to agree with “lex” about the gun loons being a problem. I know a few, and they don’t help.

  • Sam Suggs

    so basically they are concearned about the pictinny rail suffureing from polymer flexing hence the metal upper section

  • Sam Suggs

    I like it but thats kina gimmiky