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  • Zander

    I like the fact that they’re adding more bright colors for fun guns. I think they could have found a better way to show it.

  • Zander

    Wait one gosh darned second…..Is that handgun clamped to the bottom rail on the AR15?

  • Máté

    Isn’t there some law against painting a gun to look like a toy?

  • Wow! That’s a bit much. Not legal in Massachusetts. But then what is?

  • Noah D

    Real guns, painted to look like toys? What is wrong with Duracoat?

  • cayton

    It looks like colorware expanded their market….


  • JC

    Well, that just about made me throw up…

  • Jay

    Why would you need a law to stop you from painting your gun like that!

  • I think that was their over the top example. Meant to show what Duracoat can do if you have some aesthetic failing. The paint schemes on their other show pieces were muted and kinda cool. Those were tastefully done.

  • Ben

    I’d own that…

    @Máté – Yes, in NYC, where you basically can’t own a toy gun or a real gun anyway.

    @Zander – I does look like it’s heal on there with an A.R.M.S. mount.

  • Y’know, airsoft guns are required by law to have orange muzzle ends so the cops can (sorta) tell they’re not real.

    Maybe those guns should have black muzzle ends so the cops can figure out they ARE real…

  • Dakota

    My problem with these is that they’ve made a real firearm look like a Nerf gun.

  • AK-Adventurer

    Oh look, Nerf Guns!

    And, I do believe that thing IS clamped to the AR! (ugh.)


  • Rijoenpial

    Actually, I think that, for home defense, that idea is BRILLIANT!

    A burglar wouldn’t look twice to a gun on the floor like that!

    Very good idea indeed!

    For training and on shooting ranges, you would be laughed at, of course! But for home defense, that is one great idea!

    Get that gun (unloaded, of course) in your child’s room and if you get into trouble, a kidnapping or anything, you can have that gun in plain sight and nobody will look twice!

    That is actually the smartest and most original camo I ever seen! LOL

    And it could actually work! At home, not with buddies shooting plinking!

    LOL Cheers!

  • Scott_T

    Yeah, that pistol has the orange tip that usually means its a toy, thats not good.

  • Kyle

    @Mate That is exactly what worries me. I am all for the waky and obnoxious but that worries me slightly.

  • tincankilla

    @Mate – if there isn’t, there soon will be.

    as open as I am to doing whatever you want with your guns (and the obviously awesome clown rampage movie that a gun like this could lead to), the only reason to have a gun painted like this is to reduce the threat perception of law enforcement and others.

    that 1911 looks almost exactly like one of my toy guns when i was a kid in the 80s.

  • tincankilla

    plus, I wonder if the Duracoat guys have thought that if this doesn’t become illegal (which would be really hard to do), we’re going to have at least one kid with a real toy get blasted by a cop.

    • jamezb

      When I was a child all our toy guns looked very, very, real, and yet no child was shot by a cop. If questioned about the issue of toy guns at the time, policemen would have told you they would rather run the risk of being wrong, at risk of being shot, even, than pre-emptively shooting a child. And mind you these policemen were not wearing bullet-proof vests every day like today’s police do,

      Perhaps the problem is not the toys…or children with real guns, but instead the new found willingness of this generation of police to pre-emptively shoot at children without waiting to see if the gun is a toy? It’s a question of integrity, and the value placed on the lives of children, …or lack thereof.

      Police used to be willing to risk their lives over deeply rooted principles. They feared making tragic mistakes. Today too many unions, PD’s, and prosecutors “have their backs” and are unwilling to make a stand against piss-poor judgement calls on the officers part. Therefore, fear of being wrong, has been taken out of the equation, as every officer knows a “bad shoot” will likely only result in a paid vacation (suspension with pay pending investigation), and a slap on the wrist.

      Rather than taking cover, and demanding the child drop the gun repeatedly until they either get a positive result or discover the gun is real before acting further, as any pre-1990 policeman would have done, today’s cops would prefer to scream “gun!” on sight, and then shoot a 6 year old sixteen times, and ask questions later.

      If a policeman had done that in 1975, he would have been CRUCIFIED by the public, his department and peers, the media, and the courts. Something is terribly wrong with today’s values, the values of the justice system, and law enforcement policy in general. Pedia-phobic paranoia and armed guardians of the peace make lousy bedfellows.

  • For a second I thought they were squirt guns. That’s one way to open carry and concealed carry all at the same time.

  • cc19

    I understand the pink guns attracting the younger female crowd into shooting, but males usually want, “the real deal,” not some Super Soaker color scheme.

    It does have some use as a hidden in plain sight concept (ie truck gun), but whoever calls it into action better damn well be prepared to ventilate said attacker(s); they will most likely not run away when confronted with what appears to be a toy. Their expressions however, would be priceless after they found out otherwise. XD

  • sadlerbw

    I bet those would sell like hot-cakes in Liberia! They seem to love brightly colored guns over there.

  • fw226

    Airsoft guns are not required by any federal or Texas law to have orange tips, except generally for import and sale. But there’s no (Texas) law against you removing it. Doesn’t mean someone won’t shoot you.

  • Bryan S

    Looks like they were showing off a color selection assembled into one piece. its a demonstration unit, with an AR bolted onto the top.

    Or the other way around?

  • Bob Z Moose

    Hey, it would be great camo if you ever had to clear a fun house at a carnival.

  • Phil

    I’m with j t bolt on this one. I think they were just trying to show the versatility of Duracoat. I don’t think they were actually suggesting to do this.

    From a trade show perspective, it’s smart marketing…catches the eye, and will get people to stop, take a look, and check things out.

    That being said, I agree that this is a poor choice, given that they look toys. Sends the wrong message. I don’t think whoever came up with this realized that.

  • Lance

    Thats some ugly colors. It can make a cops job even worse.

  • SteveW

    Nassau County had banned “deceptively colored guns” (eg, anything that wasn’t black, brown or green as I recall). This was overturned, however, in Chwick v. Mulvey.

  • james

    As a eye catching display (more eye dazing) it sure works. If I was passing that booth I’d stop in for a look, just to make sure that I was seeing correctly. Also, ask if there is a real demand for those colors and who wants them.

  • Bill Lester

    I like Duracoat but the “toy gun” look is a tragedy waiting to happen.

  • Adam B

    In addition, Blue is used by LE for training dummy guns, simunitions, or other non-firearm training tools.

  • jdun1911

    I have no problem with the colors. I do have a problem with people that are so afraid to defend their rights.

  • Daniel

    Once again all I can say is, “What does it matter? If someone pays their hard earned dollars for the gun, then they should be able to paint it any way they want.” If you can’t agree with that basic privilege, then you don’t truly believe in freedom.

    If you have something wrong with a yellow/lime green/pink gun while Black/Stainless/OD/Tan is ok then you are nothing more than a snob who doesn’t deserve being listened to.

  • Hank

    Geez, people, calm down! It’s a convention sample, meant to show the diverse capabilities of the product. You act like some scmhuck is taking it to the range. Did you not get the hint that it was purposefully over the top when they clamped the 1911 to the forend?

  • counsel

    What worries me is the justification such coatings give the authorities to shoot kids-it really could have been a real gun… See these pictures?…

  • Spike

    Oh dear……………

  • Bill Lester

    “I do have a problem with people that are so afraid to defend their rights.”

    I must have missed the part of our Constitution that guarantees the right to Duracoat. Maybe it was in the Federalist Papers.

    “If you can’t agree with that basic privilege, then you don’t truly believe in freedom.”

    Privilege = freedom? More like stupidity = death by cop or dead cop.

    • jamezb

      That would be the first amendments “freedom of expression” as interpreted by the SCOTUS. A good example would be the courts decision that while wearing clothing, pants in particular, featuring the American flag design may be tasteless, it is not illegal, as the expression of wearing such may be considered an example by extension of free speech.,

  • alex

    that is the most rad finish i have ever seen, aside from the ghosted out all white winter AR in the background. it brings to mind the peacockery of bench rest rifles and pretty much any kind of competitive vehicle. actually, having said that, i find yet another parallel between the firearms industry and the cycling industry. there are dozens of major companies making a good complete product, and then there are hundreds of innovative smaller and often independent companies that fill niches in the market. there are certainly outfits that go best with cycling and shooting respectively and in both sports, a lot of people have chosen to assemble their gun or bike piece by piece to their exacting specifications. this is obviously just a show piece but without a doubt, whoever ends up with this setup would probably have more fun shooting it than we would have with our black rifles.

    also, it reminds me of l.l. cool j’s camo from the movie toys.

  • M.G. Halvorsen


  • Riceball

    In California there’s a bill on the table that will require all airsofts/replica guns to be painted anything but black like dayglow green, red, clear, or something else stupid. Supposedly this is to prevent airsoft/replica guns from being mistaken as the real thing; like this was really a problem, sort of like the banning of .50 rifles in CA because we all know how much gang bangers are into precision, long range shooting and how well a semi-auto .50 rifle would be in a drive by.

  • slak

    RaveCamo: for officers assigned to MDMA enforcement who must often operate clandestinely in rave and rave-like settings.

  • Matt Gentry

    It’s called a sense of humor folks. Get one.

  • Bob Z Moose

    slak’s comment, ftw!

  • Chris B

    I love bright colours, it doesnt make a gun any less lethal and puts the wind up the anti gunners. My pink wrap grips on my 1911 make fellow shooters want to puke. No one will steal it they say. I am not in the habit or business of hunting men, so i fail see the need for cheap looking black firearms.
    Target shooters say at 500 yards if you can see their bright shiny stocks then you are mistaking the muzzle flash for reflection. More colours. Remember those gold plated Stirling sub guns? Ruby and sapphire sights didnt make them less usable