German Made Sig 516 Patrol Rifle

Sig had many weapons on display at IWA, including several 516s. One was actually Made in Germany and featured a number of differences from the US-market 516s, which I go over in the video. I’m not sure exactly where in Germany it was made, because I saw no signs of AR production at Eckernförde, where Sig pistols are produced. I’m thinking that it was produced and assembled along with the Blaser rifles at that factory, which is in a different part of the country.

I looked at the weapon with a fairly critical eye, but I don’t think I was too hard on it. What do you guys think?

Sig 516 Patrol

Andrew Tuohy

Andrew Tuohy was a Navy Corpsman with the 5th Marine Regiment. He makes a living by producing written and visual content within the firearm industry, and he also teaches carbine courses. He prefers elegant weapons for a more civilized age, and regularly posts at Vuurwapen Blog.


  • justin

    Can’t watch the video at work, but I just bought a sig 516 from Gunbroker over the weekend and can’t wait to get it.

  • ZK

    Thank you for actually knowing something about guns, and not simply regurgitating the manufacturer’s puffery. Good video.

  • snufferoo

    Hopefully this version will receive better reviews than the U.S. 516.

  • Lance

    How much is the MSRP is?????

  • Lance

    If its over $1200 just buy H&K.

  • So?

    Sorry for the off-topic. Lots of high-res photos of AEK-971.

  • Aurelien

    @Lance : the HK416 is just over 2500€ (3600 US$) in Europe, so anything below that will sell.

  • Ray

    This was a good video basically, but would have been a whole better without all the background roar.

  • Sam Suggs

    not the most flattering frezze frame their Bubba