Mossberg MVP Varmint rifle with 5.56mm AR-15 magazine

Finally a major gun manufacturer has produced a 5.56mm chambered bolt action that uses the AR-15 magazine. This gives the operator a lot of flexibility, allowing them to choose from any number of aftermarket magazines in a variety of capacities from 5 rounds right up to 60 rounds (I don’t think a 100 or 150 round C-Mag would fit the rifle).

Mossberg MVP (Mossberg Varmint Predator) Series, as the name suggests, has been designed for varmint & predator hunters and long-range competitive shooters. It features a pillar bedded benchrest / varmint style stock, a fluted medium bull barrel and fluted bolt. It uses the Mossberg LBA user-adjustable trigger.

Caliber 5.56mm NATO (.223 Rem)
Capacity supplied with 10 round magazine
Finish Matte Blue
Barrel 24″ Med Bull Fluted
Stock Benchrest-Style Grey Laminate
Twist 1:9
Total Length
Overall Length 43″
Weight 7.5 lbs
Other Features Factory installed weaver bases

The MSRP of the standard model us $649. There is another model with includes a bipod and scope installed at the factory, which sells for $796.

Steve Johnson

Founder and Dictator-In-Chief of TFB. A passionate gun owner, a shooting enthusiast and totally tacti-uncool. Favorite first date location: any gun range. Steve can be contacted here.


  • Mike

    Can they do a lightweight scout version too please?

  • Mike

    It is actually 5.56x45mm or .223 Rem?

    • Mike, I copied and pasted the caliber specs from the press release so nobody could say I stated it wrong 😉

  • Andrew

    Now all Mossberg needs to do is contract with a magazine manufacturer and they’ll be able to sell (and we’ll be able to buy) 30 rounders up here.

    Canadian firearms laws! (ba-doom pish)

  • MibZ

    Now there’s an idea! I laughed when I imagined a bolt-action rifle with a 150 round magazine.

  • I find the possibilities of rebarreling this rifle in either 300 Blackout or Wolson Combat’s 7.62x40WT an intriguing thought. I think this would turn it into an excellent rifle for a large variety of applications.

  • Huey148

    Ruger goes “DOH!!”

  • Billy Bones

    Wow, 30 some years since the AR craze and it finally dawned on them.

  • drewogatory

    Are there many factory match/varmint 5.56 loadings? I’ve never hand loaded for a bolt action 5.56 (as opposed to .223), but the longer OAL should give folks a little more flexibility in bullet selection I’d imagine. Anyone have any feedback on these Mossberg triggers?

  • Anon

    Please don’t say “operator.” It is so played out to refer to every average guy holding a firearm as an operator.

  • Tux

    I second the lightweight/scout idea! Factor in the fact that this will be available in the most restrictive of states, I think mossberg might have a winner (assuming of course it works/can hit anything).

  • Actually, I think it would work with the saddle drum designs. Beta Co. has previously offered different feed towers for specific 5.56mm rifles.

    One thing to remember regarding Beta Co. and Armatac’s magazine designations is Roman numerals. C equals 100, and CL equals 150. The Beta C-Mag holds 100 rounds, while the Armatac CL-Mag holds 150 rounds.

  • Huey148

    I should have pointed out that its been discussed on other forums that apparently Ruger tried to make their new Gunsight scout rifle use Cheap and easily available G3 mags for .308 but they were problematic…wonder if they ever pondered AR10 mags…

  • Bob Z Moose

    Finally, a bolt-action for the zombie apocalypse!

  • JMD

    This is great. Hopefully at some point in the near future, they’ll make a .308 rifle that uses SR-25 pattern magazines.

  • Ladyfox


    I’m with you on the lightweight scout version especially if they outfit it with a 16.5-inch barrel and thread the end of it. Not really happy with the wood stock but hopefully a Hogue Overmold will be available for it.


    Did you happen to catch if the scope mounts are picatinny, weaver, or something else? They look like picatinny but I could be wrong on that score.

    Also, any word if they’ll put out a 7.62×39 variant of this one and use AK magazines?

    • Ladyfox, no word on any other variants. I expect the next model added to the line will be a standard sporter model (standard stock, light barrel, slightly cheaper price). AK mag fed bolt actions have been built – it would make sense.

  • James

    Now we need a tactical lever action in 5.56×45 NATO that takes AR mags too. Then we’ll have all the bases covered.

  • Bandito762

    Curious how the mag release works

  • Billabong

    I want it chambered for the 6.8 SPC please.

  • other steve

    Huey148: Hardly. There is a VERY good reason the Ruger Scout uses AI-style mags. If anything Mossberg will be saying Doh! Or at least those that jump on this gun.

    I suggest people try this rifle before buying. Those with hopes of a smooth feeding rifle are SURELY going to be disappointed.

    Mossberg has a note about their patented feeding system, but it’s going to have to be damn revolutionary in order for this gun to work even half way well with a loaded 30 round mag. Skeptical at best.

  • other steve

    Billy: Really? You don’t think this idea that everyone (who doesn’t know any better is always saying they want) has ever made it to production because no one high up enough ever thought about it?

    It doesn’t work. Simple enough explanation for why no one has done a production rifle with AR mags.

    Steve: I’m disappointed in “Finally a major gun manufacturer has produced a 5.56mm chambered bolt action that uses the AR-15 magazine”. You should know better than most here.

    The idea is cool if you’re looking at 300Blk, as it could mean the option for a lightweight, cheap, dbm setup that is readily converted. This application with it’s giant stock, unknown action (MIGHT be made by Howa), unknown barrel attachment, unknown trigger system, and very unproven feeding system is not a “FINALLY”, it’s more of a “INTERESTINGLY”.

    Last note, why doesn’t the barrel come threaded? If they were pushing AR theme, the barrel should absolutely be threaded. Not to mention who the hell wants a 24″ 223? Talk about point of diminishing returns.

  • jamie

    Good job, I think many mossbergs besides the 500 and 590 lean towards the junky side of the spectrum, kudos for doing this right. One it differentiates them, two they didn’t try to reinvent the wheel, a rule in business is do what you do best, and if you can be the best in the field get out and do something you can be the best at. Mag pul p mags are inexpensive, and the best. No reinvention of the wheel is needed.

    Now hopefully this catches on and others follow suit like cz, browing, winnie, remmy and others.

    It sickens me to see $70 mags when there p mags, hk 91 mags, fal mags for $15.

    Ruger should have used fal mags.

  • jamie

    Good job, I think many mossbergs besides the 500 and 590 lean towards the junky side of the spectrum, kudos for doing this right. One it differentiates them, two they didn’t try to reinvent the wheel, a rule in business is do what you do best, and if you can be the best in the field get out and do something you can be the best at. Mag pul p mags are inexpensive, and the best. No reinvention of the wheel is needed.
    Now hopefully this catches on and others follow suit like cz, browing, winnie, remmy and others.
    It sickens me to see $70 mags when there p mags, hk 91 mags, fal mags for $15.

    Ruger should have used fal mags.

  • Flashman

    -Nerd alert-

    The emblem on the scope turret looks just like Aperature Science’s emblem from the Portal game series.

    -End Nerd Alert-

    This rifle is something I’ve been wishing for for a long time now. Those varmints will now face 30 rounds instead of just 4.

  • John

    I agree with Andrew. Its about time we 30 rounders back in Canada. Mossberg should also partner up with The Beta Company to get some C-Mags up here too. We already have 10 rounders because of the RRA LAR pistol but we could always use a couple more 😀

  • Mike

    if they offer it in different calibers with a threaded barrel they could be on to something.

    me like

  • 1/9 twist?! bah!

    gimme a 1/7 or at least 1/8 so i can shoot heavier bullets.

  • Beaumont

    It’s about time. Mossberg just got more of my business. Hey Savage, CZ, Remington et al — are you paying attention?

  • Matt L.

    I don’t get the 1:9 twist. I mean, you could really shoot some hot, heavy bullet loads out of that thing and you get hamstrung with a 1:9 barrel. At least they should have gone 1:8.

  • colinz

    I suspect that they went with the 1:9″ over a 1:7″ or 1:12″ twist to allow heavy’ish (60-odd gn’s) projectiles to stabilise effectively, without blowing up the lighter ones.

    @other steve, way to miss the point of this rifle, the clue is in the name. I’d also love to know why the feed “won’t work”, care to enlighten us?

  • Peter

    IIRC, Ruger did start out on the GSR project with a high cap mag (M14?) but had feeding issues. They wanted a controlled feed and could not get the rounds to feed properly from currently available mags.
    So they had to go with a new magazine design.

  • For those complaining about the twist rate, please remember that this is primarily a varmint rifle. Some of the super lightweight/thin jacket bullets used by varmint shooters do not always play well with fast rates of twist. The 1 in 9″ twist will still let you use any conventional core projectile up to about 70 grains for predator hunting. If it was built as a tactical/target rifle, then a 1-8″ or 1-7″ twist would be appropriate.

  • snufferoo

    It wouldn’t exactly be hard to cut down and thread the stock barrel…

  • Other Steve

    Steve: There is a LOT of pressure on the bottom of the bolt face with an AR mag. There is no way around this. You’ll feel it when your drawing and closing the bolt, every time.

    Next, the AR mag is designed to have the rounds ripped violently from the lips. Look at the lips on an AI 223 mag versus an AR mag.

    Between the force a loaded mag exerts on the bolt, the feed ramp and lips style, the amount of time and distance the bolt has to get the round from the mag and in the chamber are all reasons no one gas done a production semi auto mag bolt gun.

    Anyone here who says ruger messed up or should have done X has no idea what they are talking about. Ruger made the best decision in years to make their scout take AI mags. If any other mag worked half as well the AI wouldn’t be industry standard because of the cost. Our snipers use AI mags, competition guys use AI mags, if an SR-25 mag worked at all, there would be 5 bottom metal kits on the market tomorrow.

    The AI mags are the only reason I even want a Ruger scout. You can not do a 700 with AI accepting bottom metal and a threaded barrel for the cost of the Ruger.

    Semi mags don’t work in bolt guns. Mossberg says they have a patented fix but until it’s proven, I would not jump to confusions (mat) about how this is a “FINALLY” release.

  • Dan

    No need for a forward mounted scope on a rifle that takes detachable magazines. Why hamstring yourself with limited scope selection?

  • drewogatory

    Dan E. is right as usual; the 1:9 is to allow the widest range of bullet weights. I myself would much prefer a 1:12, if I want/need to shoot a 75 grain+ bullet I’d rather use a .243 or .260. And who would want a “tactical” rifle in .223 anyway? You’re not saving anything over a .308 in a bolt gun.

  • Fred Triper

    Other Steve I just don’t think you really understand the issues of using AR10 – AR15 mags in a Remington 700 type rifle. The real issue is that that those mags are too fat to work without taking away a lot of material from the stock around the mag well. They also will need complex bottom metal which sticks out below the rifle. The AI mags are single stack. The pressure of the mag spring is greater with a bigger mag size, but the real issue is not mag pressure. What I can’t understand is how the mag release works. I think the big reason the idea never caught on before is because a lot of people can’t stand the idea of a mag well extending below the rifle as much as it would need to. There are companies with make bottom metal for the rem 700 which take ar-15 mags.

  • Fred Triper

    I was looking for this before but I couldn’t find the link. Another rem 700 AR-15 conversion.

  • Other Steve

    Fred: Nice try, but actually the AI 223 mag single stack is PLENTY wider than the AR double stack mag. They are HUGE. I remember thinking when I first saw the AI 223 mag in polymer that it was way larger than it should be for 223.

    It’s all spring force and intended design issues.

  • Ladyfox


    I just realized in my earlier post I neglected to look at the note that specified that it uses weaver scope mounts. Kind of a bummer actually since I would have expected the ability to choose which ones you want rather than being stuck with whatever they shipped with.

    Does anyone know yet if the weaver mounts can be removed or if an aftermarket picatinnny adapter is available? I’d love to be able to pair this up with a Trijicon TA31 and/or swap between some of my other optics which all sport picatinny mounts.

  • howlingcoyote

    If you want a “tactical” or a “scout” rifle, go with what Cooper had, it in 350 Rem. Mag. (and not in 308 Win. or 223 Rem.).
    Finally a company comes up with a great idea.
    If the other writers don’t think a 30 round will work in a bolt-action, there are also 10, 20 rounders available. I wonder if the 40 rounders will work too? Probably need a tall bipod!
    I hope Mossberg comes out with other chamberings for this rifle like in the following cartridges:
    401 WSL
    450 Bushmaster
    458 Socom
    50 Bewolf
    30 Rem. AR
    357-450 Bushamster (wildcat)
    These would be good cartridges for this rifle!

  • Really looking forward to these arriving down under,.. as we are limited to bolts , pumps and levers , there has been a dearth of dbm rifles let alone anything with 10 or more rounds. the conversion kits for Rem 700 and Tikka etc are around $450 U.S. + fitting. A lot of guys I know have just started to receive there Ruger Gun site models and now hot on its heels the Mossberg appears .I do hope the mags feed well allthough as long as it will take 10 rounds Ill be happy so sounds like that will difuse a lot of the worries concerning the bigger capacity mags working. As per barrels , people will want to use these as a varminter, F class and predator/ or mostly hunting plinking, so to me the option of a 24″ 1:8 or a 20″ 1:9 would keep most people happy.

    I hope there quality control is good as Marlin and Remington have had a lot of problems which puts a lot of people off , especially when it is problematic trying to solve disputes via the distributors and not dealing direct with the manufacturer. cheers all.

  • rdsii64

    A bolt with a semi auto mag system is a problem waiting to happen for a multitude of reasons.

  • Peter in DC

    I love how all the posters make assesments of the bolt action’s capability to handle an AR mag, and not one of them has actually handled the rifle. Do you think that Mossy would ruin their stellar reputation by putting something into the stream of commerce without trying it first? While am here, let me give a hand to Mossber. Add the following:

    -Lighter, 20in barrel, 1:9
    -Thread it to support both flash hider & suppressor
    -For God’s sake, put some iron sights as standard
    -Forward picattiny rail
    -Black synthetic stock
    -Adjustable cheek pad

  • wganz

    The audacity of doing what customers want! If this is even marginally good, they’re going to sell a boat load of these. OH YEAH!! Daddy is getting one of these!

    Have to disagree with howlingcoyote on the calibers. To keep it simple, it should be caliber that is normally found in an AR15; such as, 6.8SPC, 6.5 Grendel/Sportsman/LWC, & .300 BLK. The .300 BLK should be done next with a compact carbine model and, then, the 6.5 *** in an HBAR version.

  • Michael Glenning

    MVP in Winchester 243 would take the AR10 magazine!!!

    Now that would enter the realm of tactical sniper/ small game hunting.

  • jim

    Yes, a MVP in 243 & a 10 rd magazine!!! Would like to have it in 204 also.

  • Mack Missiletoe

    MVP= Mossberg Varmint Rifle. Varmint rifles have heavy barrels and often precision stocks. Varmint rifles are designed to reach out on small targets, be very accurate, and shoot a bit faster than Sporter rifles without overheating.

    I don’t know if yall realize this: the MVP uses a special ‘Drop-Feed’ bolt action of some sort especially developed for AR mags! I am thinking there should be no problem with the action since it’s created FOR the AR mags. This way the AR mags are not working against the rifle. I have not seen any video on this.

    This MVP rifle is affordable? Cool!

    I like the idea of a 10rd mag but 20rds on a bolt gun? I’d be sure not to overheat that barrel!

    A Scout version would compete with Ruger’s awesome Gunsite Scout Rifle. But It’d have to be pretty friggin’ amazing if Mossy could make a better scout rifle than the Ruger–the Ruger is nice and sells for a decent price.

    If Mossington put a Picatinny rail in the normal-scope position, used the thick Varmint barrel, made an adjustable laminated Sporter stock with thick recoil pad, made the barrel 18-21″ long, & added precision ghost-ring iron sights–I think it’d do very well. They should call it the MBR for Mossberg Battle Rifle.Threading is not necessary. Do not flute the barrel. .308 would be a wise option. Don’t add rings in the package. Make a left-hand version. Set MSRP to US $815. There you have it–the Mossberg Battle Rifle! Send me a $$$ tip Mossberg I just designed a smart product! 😀

  • ant mich

    another shtf rifle to add to the pile. How could you leave this one behind? Now you have long shot scoped capabilities with the same, allready full, spare mags. Great idea. I hope it feeds good anough. Now we have to get one. How in the hell are we going to carry all of these when the shtf? Atleast we only need to crab one ammo can. When will the aftermarket stocks be coming out? I see a breakthrough following coming if they feed properly. Hey ,Howlingcoyote, I think those would be great too. They are all ar-mags, good call. The 5.56 would kick a whole lot less, but the Bewolf would be fun. What mags do the ruger 308 scout use? Are they like the ar10 or fal mags? Ive never shot one or held one. That could be the answer to the 308. Reloading now a thing of the past. Has anyone tried out the new 5.25 XDm 9mm yet? Both of these are getting serious ,things i have to have consideration. My wife is going to be pissed again.

  • JamesD

    I think some of the criticism of the use of AR mags has to do with people being upset that their favorite manufacturer wasn’t the one to get it to work. But that’s just my opinion.

    Have a look at some of the results with the MVP rifle:

    I have a .243 Mossberg with the new trigger that I inherited from my father. I haven’t shot it much, but I zeroed it for my father and it seemed to be very accurate.

    • JamesD

      Actually, I just took the .243 out of it’s case for the first time in months and it’s a Marlin, so you can ignore the last part of that message.

  • dave

    This is to Other Steve, who doesn’t know what he’s talking about! I’ve seen how they got around your “impossible gun” The bottom of the bolt is split horizontially with the bottom piece of the split being moveable. Whereas the bottom piece strips the bullet and then cams upward to ride over the rounds in the mag so there is NO pressure on the bolt at all. You should do some research before you spout off. Evidentaly Mossberg is smarter than everybody else,BECAUSE THEY DID IT ! Works Great you should try one. Remember no one person knows it all

    • JamesD

      You have to give them props for making it work.
      If it turns out to be an accurate rifle it sounds like they have a winner.

  • glen

    you guys probly know more than me about the subject .But saying something wont work well before you have even tried makes no sense. What the problem really is you like another manufacturer,and are just being a hater.Like others have said there reputation is on the line, so i dont think they would put something out that would have trouble using that style mag.

  • JamesD

    It looks like Barska’s logo on the scope.

  • AL

    IS there a raised cheek plate on both sides, it looks that way in the picture. This rifle could fill the nitch between my bushmaster and my F-class 308 quite nicely. Not to wild about the M on the stock.

  • Kenneth Robinson

    Message body


    Thanks for your email. The MVP Series of rifles is a very exciting and innovative concept. Due to a delay from a vendor, who is supplying some parts, production will not begin until later this month. I would anticipate MVP Varmint rifles on dealer’s shelves in March. Look for more introductions to this family of bolt-action rifles later this year.

    Several publications have featured very-detailed reviews of the MVP rifle. One of the best was in the November issue of RifleShooter magazine.

    Thanks again for your comments.

    Best regards,

    Linda Powell

    Director, Media Relations

    O.F. Mossberg & Sons, Inc.

  • stumper

    My local gun store has one.looks like I better pick it up tommorow.

  • P4tri0t

    Other Steve…how do you like your words prepared before you eat them? This rifle functions flawlessly through 10-20-and 30 round AR mags (10-20 mental 30 Magpul P-mag)

    the bolt design IS revolutionary and extremely simple…it shoots like a dream and for half the price of an unreliable dirty pain in the @$$ AR15

    Remember Other Steve–a closed mouth gathers no foot

  • AL

    How accurate is it? Did you get it to group.

    • d’Lynn

      Al – I placed a 1MOA out of he box with cheap ball ammo.., and 1/2 MOA a few days later with Winchester 55gr. With a match grade 62, or 68 gr I believe this rifle will be a good tack-driver out to four hundred yards.

  • ZackAttack

    Well, there it is… my Zombie Apocalypse go-gun.

  • JW

    This thing is just screaming to be re-barreled in 300 Blackout!

    • jessie

      can the 223mvp stand up to being rifled for the 300 blackout

    • jessie

      if you would have it 300belowed you would not want anything else.thats a fact. put good scope,not no cheap shit, good hand loads an you will out shoot any high powered 22 around!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • ray

    Why the need for more than 69/70gr. 224 bullets? If you want or need more weight for whatever purpose I suggest the 6mm PPC or Rem 6mm B.R.{ WHICH IS A REAL HELLBENDER ON ANY”VARMINT” } The wonderful Berger 6mm bullets will beat any 224 at long range. The Mossberg looks good as a “EL CHEAPO” Nato biased bolt gun.My concern is the durability of the “stripper lip” that pulls cartridges out of AR style mags. I imagine andhope Mossberg has throughly tested it for durability.This rifle may be a fun one to coax into a under a minute of angle consistant grouper with one or more loads. If you screw it up you have not killed a thousand bucks worth of rifle. Then if you are a lucky type and dont abuse it and get one that shoots “EL CHEAPO” ammo…. SCORE ONE FOR THE COMMON MAN LOL.

  • Ron W

    I like that rifle, but when is Mossberg gonna make it in a .308?

  • Heartland Patriot

    If it only had iron backup sights, then they’d really be onto something…

  • I have this rifle. It is not only smooth, but very accurate. There are no issues feeding rounds from 10 and 20 round magazines. The bolt is smooth and it is just fun to shoot. If you get a chance, try one out. Now I need to confirm if a beta mag will fit.

  • Ken V

    I wrote to mossberg on this and their reply.

    To: Service
    Subject: MVPT Varmint


    I see no other place to comment other than here, so please make sure this request gets to the right personal.

    I would like to see the MVP™ Varmint in 6.5 Grendel. I think this rifle could be modified quickly and could really enhance the performance of this rifle into the long range category.



    Thank you for your e-mail. Sir we are coming out with an MVP by next year in .308 caliber, right now we only offer the .223 calibers.

    Santa Hernandez
    E-mail Mossberg Rep
    TEL: 800-363-3555
    Fax : 830-773-5893

  • Jsclmetrbl

    I just don’t get it. To me the whole idea of a .223 is the unlimited supply of cheap ammo. Everyone wants to screw with the caliber for the sake of a little more distance/power. The .223 is about a 300yrd caliber, give or take a few, and has numerous bullet weights and configurations, and for the financially handicapped like me $4.99-5.99 a box is better than up to 3x the price for almost any other caliber except .22 lr. Here in Arkansas if you’re more than 200 yd from the intended quarry there’s probably to dang many trees and brush in he way. So work on your stalking abilities and use the gun the way it is. I personally love the .223 cartridge and can tell you for certain it is cheaper and more reliable to improve your own abilities than to dump cash into the gun. Just my .02 cents.

    • austin

      umm either your stupid or your just not that knolagable, because the .223 aka 5.56 nato has an effective range of 1000yards and a little more, but your just not good enough i guess to use that distance or power

      • bill

        knolagable? You are an ignorant F! Effective range of 1000 yards?, HA HA HA HA, effective on what? a soda can? Check your bull-list-tics chart dumb fuck, .50 BMG is “Effective” at 1000 yards .223/5.56 is not.

      • Bill

        81 Ft lbs at 1000 yds, 654 inches of drop, 229 inches of deflection 10 mph wind

        Range (yards) Remaining Velocity (feet/sec) Remaining Energy (lb-feet) Time of Flight (seconds) Drop (inches) Mid-Range Trajectory (inches) Trajectory (inches) Deflection 10-mph Wind (inches)
        M 3,290 1,322 0.0000 0.00 0.0 -1.5 0.0
        100 2,827 976 0.0984 1.79 0.5 1.4 1.3
        200 2,409 709 0.2134 7.96 2.2 0.0 5.5
        300 2,028 502 0.3491 20.19 5.9 -7.5 13.3
        400 1,686 347 0.5115 40.98 12.5 -23.6 25.8
        500 1,394 237 0.7075 74.15 23.9 -52.0 44.3
        600 1,170 167 0.9433 125.37 42.5 -98.5 69.7
        700 1,029 129 1.2180 201.96 71.7 -170.3 102.0
        800 939 108 1.5238 311.26 114.7 -274.9 139.8
        900 872 93 1.8558 460.00 174.3 -418.9 182.2
        1000 815 81 2.2121 654.59 253.1 -608.8 228.9

      • Daryl

        Call of Duty and Modern Warfare do not represent real life.

  • charlier

    20 or so years ago I bought a colt sporter match HBAR at a gunshow. I bought it before the ban and gave $1000 for it. It has eight thirty round clips and two twenty round clips and came in a pocketed carrying bag. When the ban went away the prices for these things fell through the floor and I figured I just screwed myself on it.

    During the time I’ve had it, I’ve not found a thing it’s good for except I was able to drain the oil pan on a junk car with it when my 22 magnum only dented it. Even at that with the .223 a two foot range I shot through the frame to get to the oil pan because the sights on the ar15 don’t line up with the barrel. I’ve been waiting for an opportunity to shed myself of this thing without losing a lot of money.

    I hear the prices on these things have really gone up. I’m seeking advise on the best way to offer it for sale and get the best money I can for it. I’m not into the finer points of marketing guns. I’d appreciate any advise on how to sell it without getting in trouble or screwed. And what should I ask for it? Sorry if I’m posting this wrong.

  • Alex

    I find it funny when all these gun experts start talking about rifles that can shoot 1000 yards when most can’t hit a target at 400 yards. I had no problems hitting a target at 500 yards with my M-16, don’t think I’ll have a problem with a scoped bolt gun. Oh and bill a 223 at 815 FPS will kill you just as dead. Also at camp parry most of the 1000 yard guns are .223.

  • peter b

    the magazine well is made of plastic. I shot mine while resting on a 20 round mag in 30 degree weather. The magazine well cracked and causes the mag to hang too low to chamber another round. The recoil is mild on the gun, I realize I shouldn’t have rested the gun on the magazine, but it broke so easily it suprised me.

  • armydadtexas

    Wow! getting all up into the emotional sphere over a really nice Gun. Just looking for some feed back on a really nice gun, not a girly cat fight. I don’t think insulting each other is warranted here.

  • Craig Pfleger

    Those who knock 223/556 most likely own Hi-point firearms!

  • ttos

    Wow, so many gun experts on these blogs. I’m impressed. I came here for some practical knowledge and experience and find nothing more than a couple know it all’s having a bich slap fight. Good luck all of you gun guru’s.