New SIG pistols

Sig Sauer Guns has a list of SIG new pistols slated for production this summer …

220R-45-BSS-E2 – P220 in .45 ACP with night sights and enhanced ergonomic grips (E2)
220R-45-XTM-BLKGRY – P220 Extreme – just like the P226 Extreme but in a 220
E26R-9-DP – P226 Diamond Plate – probably much like the P238 Diamond Plate
E29R-9-SCPN – P229 Scorpion in 9mm – most likely similar in finish to the 1911 Scorpion – with short reset trigger
E29R-40-SCPN – Same as above…. only in .40
239-40-RBT – P239 in .40 S&W with a Rainbow Titanium finish on the slide – like the P238 RBT
239-9-DP – P239 in 9mm with the Diamond Plate finish on the slide
1911-22-FDE – 1911-22 with a flat dark earth finish on the frame
1911-22-OD – 1911-22 with an olive drab finish on the frame
1911CAR-45-SCPN – 1911 .45 ACP Scorpion in a carry configuration – much like the regular Scorpion

Steve Johnson

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  • arifonzie

    Jeez, talk about confusing model names!

  • SIG Lover

    The Exeter bling continues……. The destruction of the SIG Sauer name continues……. Sad…..

  • Lance

    And yet the Beretta 92 gose on getting all the government contracts. Id stay with a Glock or M-9 over a SIG any day.

  • Billabong

    Pfft! They should stop with the fancy smancy look of the pistol and make some technical advancements to make better models.

    Who cares about Diamond plate or Rainbow Titanium finish?

    Give us Better quality and functionality, and New models not new rehashes of current products.

    How about new P225’s? or P228’s? Or even a Single stack .40 in a 225 frame(P227??)? New polymer compact/subcompact pistol and not the lame 250 or 290. People are calling on a (polymer compact/subcompact pistol) for sometime and Sig has come up with some Chintzy products that are lame and has no Spiked interest in them. Give the Consumer something that the people want and that’s affordable, as no one wants to pay $998 for a pistol as other companies offer something way cheaper than that.

    oh, and being in California, Submit your new products here so you can actually sell some to people in this state that actually want them.

    I want a Sig 220 carry elite stainless but it’s “Not Approved” F#c%!

  • Woodroez

    Additionally, though not noted in this article, the P210 returns. Now, that’s a beautiful gun. They made a few changes to it, most notably a beavertail. I welcome this personally, not being so terribly attached to history that I don’t appreciate practical updates. But at $2000+ MSRP, I can afford a chrome Desert Eagle and a few boxes of .50 AE for that. It would have a similar magazine capacity and accuracy as well!

    That’s a silly comparison, but I just can’t see how even a gun with the 210’s reputation can have such a price.