Winchester Model 94 Sporter and Short Rifle

Last year Winchester brought back the Model 94 lever action. This year they are adding two new models: the Sporter and the Short rifle.

Winchester Model 94 Sporter
Winchester Model 94 Short Rifle

From the press release …

The new Winchester Sporter 94 will feature a 24-inch half-round, half-octagon blued barrel. The rifle has a traditional straight grip stock with a crescent butt and blued steel buttplate. The satin oil finished walnut stock is finely checkered in the familiar pattern with double-lined bordering. The Sporter 94 has a semi-buckhorn rear sight and a fine gold bead on the front. Each receiver is drilled and tapped for scope mounts and the hammer is drilled and tapped for a spur extension.

The Sporter comes in either 30-30 Winchester or 38-55 Winchester. Both have a magazine capacity of 8 rounds. The 30-30 model has a 1 in 12 inch rate of twist and the 38-55 has a 1 in 18 inch rate of twist. Both have an overall length of 42 ½ inches. Suggested retail for both guns is $1,299.99.

The Winchester Short Rifle Model 94 was a favorite for many hunters and shooters and the new model is sure to be a popular addition to the new line of Model 94 rifles. The Short Rifle 94 is fast to the shoulder, quick-swinging, lightweight and a pleasure to shoot. It was and will be popular with the range rider who needs to snatch the gun from a saddle scabbard and fire quickly.

The Short Rifle 94 has a compact 20-inch deeply-blued round barrel and straight grip walnut stock. It has a rifle-style forearm, black grip cap and full-length magazine. The sights are traditional with a semi-buckhorn rear and Marble Arms® gold bead at the muzzle. The rifle is also drilled and tapped for scope mounts.

The Short Rifle 94 has an overall length of 38 inches and weighs 6 ¾ pounds. It is available in 30-30 Winchester and has a suggested retail price of $1199.99.

The only feature missing is an EOTech.

UPDATE: Andrew recorded a brief overview of the Winchester Model 1984 when he was at IWA:

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  • Mechman

    I’ve always been impressed at how winchester managed to make the most overpriced lever guns.

  • Hogan

    $1200 for a model 94?

    Just think, they were under $500.00 at big box stores just a few years ago…

  • Ramsey

    I love lever actions, but that price is a bit higher than I am willing to go.

  • Milo

    Nice rifles but I am still trying to settle in to the fact that the $120 working mans deer rifle has morphed into a $1200 specialty/collector interest firearm!

  • Lance

    So happy there back along with the military style and sporting style M-70 rifles.

  • 4Cammer

    $1199.00 for a ’94 Short Rifle? Wow… I bought the US made Trails End model in 44 Mag for under 350.00 not more than 10 years ago.

    I would like the non crossbolt safety though.

    These are made in Japan, right?

  • cy

    I have a model 94 trapper(16″ barrel) 30-30 i purchased in 1984 for $175.00. It was manufactured in 1979 according to the serial number. Lyman peep sight on the receiver, shoots like a dream. Shows wear but I would’nt trade it for one or two of these ones.
    New lever guns are overpriced to the point of ridiculous.

  • C J

    No one is going to buy a (30/30) 94 for $1200, when you can get a Marlin, Mossberg, or Rossi for less than $500. Even the brass framed Henry 30/30 is less. Winchester better hope the collector market has a great desire for the 94, and the deep pockets to justify production.

  • andrew

    I have a $300 Win 94, as I mention in the video, and it is a completely different rifle, from a quality standpoint, than the 94s and 92s on display at IWA.

    They were what you could call finely crafted.

    My beloved 1894, on the other hand, is not what I’d call finely crafted.

    Both make .30-30 projos go downrange, but the Miroku ones…wow.

  • Gas was cheaper a few years ago too. Unfortunately quality and resale value will come at a higher price.

    I can kick myself in the “butt” for not getting the 94 back in the 60’s, 70’s or 80’s, but I was sold on cheaper, thinking a deal would come around (no good deals yet).

    What I have learned is that Winchester and Colt will retain their values for many years to come.

    Not trying to be condesending to anyone. I have weapons I thought I spent too much on, but are now 4x plus what I paid for them.

    I stay away from the foreign made crap.

  • Doug Martin

    I tried to find a gun store that sells or will order the Model 94 Sporter 38-55. However, they tell me this model is not available. Does anybody know where you can purchase this model?

    • joey

      pawn shops i saw a sign just the other day

  • jzkennels

    I just purchased one in a two gun deal. Used–$200 dollars. Had no idea the rifle was worth so much!!

  • Voninator

    I’ve been trying to purchase the M94 shorty here in Alberta/British Colombia without success.
    No dealer here in either province will order from Winchester USA. I’ve emailed, telephoned and visited over 20 stores and they all say the same thing, “Winchester” is totally unreliable and under-estimate delivery times etc etc. There are currently 90 m94s warehoused in the states, none of which are destined for Canada. Lastly, I cannot locate a direct email address for them to query “why” the above is true.

    • Lonny has them.

  • Wally1

    Lever rifles just work! they feel right, look right and are the original quick repeating rifle. I really like the Winchester Sporter rifle. Fit and finish are superb, however with MSRP at about $1300.00, I don’t think there will be many takers when you can get a perfect pre 64 model 94 for a lot less. Hopefully, I can find a used sporter at a reasonable price.

  • Voninator

    I managed to finally get my hands on the new M94 Short rifle, 1,080.00 including tax. I also purchased several boxes of the new Hornady Leverevolution 30-30 cartridges and looking forward to shooting this rifle soonest. Quality of rifle: surperb. Fit and finish, perfect. One issue though, it didn’t come with the hammer extension. Browning is putting one in the mail. Oh did I mention that this rifle with registration number ending in ….ZZM94 was the last one made for 2011. Browning has decided yet to manufacture for 2012. I was offered 1700.00 already for it. NOT for Sale.

  • Cavalry trooper

    Many others including myself, have sold-off their pre-FN Winchester model 70/94/other rifles due to the abandonment of support, and unrealistic cost of new models. Remington, Savage and others make outstanding bolt rifles – the lever will always have a special place in my heart – but I will never but a $1000+ model 94 – There is simply no market for that price point… maybe a few, select people… not the bread and butter deer hunter and sportsman market.

  • t-bone

    I agree that the price point is a bit on the high side, however, ever since FN took over operations it sounds like Winchester has returned to making finely crafted firearms again.

    for those of you that refer to the new Win 94’s as ‘foreign made crap,’ the New Haven plant was churning out US made crap, so I fail to understand how a company like Miroku is doing Winchester a disservice when they’re known to be a fantastic gun manufacturer. what you’re essentially saying is that because it’s made in Japan and because it has a higher price point you’re unwilling to pay extra to own something that is a finely crafted gun. the deer aren’t gonna know the difference