Carl Zeiss new illuminated Duralyt Scopes

Last year Carl Zeiss introduced their new line of Duralyt scopes. For 2011 they have added illumination. Andrew took a look at the new illuminated Zeiss Duralyt 1.2-5×36 ILL at IWA ’11 …

Unfortunately Zeiss has not yet introduced the Duralyt line to the USA. For now it is only being sold in the European market. The Duralyt 1.2-5×36 sells for about 950 Euros.

Steve Johnson

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  • Axel

    I’m no optics expert but from my one time peeking through a duralyt I was not impressed. Didn’t feel like a Zeiss.

  • Lance

    Love Zeiss I want there tactical AK-74 scope with 5.45 BDC.

  • JMD

    An “entry level scope” for 950 Euros? No thanks. That’s absurd.

  • GrosVentreGeorge

    I came up with $1410 from the 950Euro. Is that wrong? Way out of my price range anyways.

  • JMD

    I guess we have different ideas of “budget” and “entry level”. When I think “entry level”, I think of something like a Leupold VXII that’s “good enough” for someone who is still learning how to shoot well.

    For $500, I can buy fantastic quality optics. Entry level just has an unpleasant connotation when paired with that price point, and to me it implies a poor value. FWIW.

    • JMD, I know what you are saying. Most people do consider VXIII to be high end. But when you start getting into really high end optics, the price sky rockets – they sell for thousands of dollars!

  • JMD

    BTW, according to Google’s currency exchange and, 950 Euros would be about $1400 American Dollars.

  • JMD

    I realize that. However, this Nightforce
    is about the same price, and definitely not “entry level”.