Chinese soldiers reject shotgun

While being light on details, Strategy Page reports that the Chinese PLA has decided not to expand its arsenal of shotguns, considering them a riot control weapon rather than a combat weapon.

Type 97-1 Anti-riot gun. Photo from

The Chinese police and army shotgun is the Norinco / Hawk Industries manufactured Type 97-1. It is a copy of the Remington 870. Ironically, the shotgun is imported by Remington (via. Marlin via. H&R) as the H&R Pardner shotgun.

UPDATE: Strategy Page was not entirely correct. China is instead adopting the QBS 09 shotgun.

[Hat Tip: Hell in a handbasket]

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  • ragnarok220

    Strategy Page was wrong. PLA selected QBS 09 (or type 09) semi-automatic shotgun as the military shotgun.

  • gary

    they must have forgotten how the germans thought the model 1897 should be banned from “civilized warfare” when they had just invented machine guns, mustard gas, tanks, and airplanes

  • Jamin

    his cheek and nose look like they’re gonna get just the slightest of pinches when he pulls that trigger.
    Maybe it’s just perspective `.`


    The Chinese figured out that they could may more money exporting them. I’m sure this was a financial decision.


    That was “MAKE MORE MONEY”…

  • mupp

    Stratpage is wrong. The PLA is inducting the QBS09 shotgun into service right now.

  • snmp


    * Military air plan is French (observation and synchronise machine gun)
    * Tank is bristish (with roots in drawing of Leonardo da vinci)
    * Machine gun is armericam (I. Maxime & J. Browning )
    * Sub machine gun is italian
    * Chemical warfare is Britsih agains Maori (with roots in Antiquity Perse/Roman/greek/chinese)

    Germany is not really innovative country but a country with good manufacturer & engineer