China’s QBS 09 Semi-automatic Shotgun

Yesterday day I reported that said that the shotgun was out of favor with the Chinese military. This is not entirely correct. It is true that the the pump-action Type 97-1 is no longer in fashion, but instead of discarding the shotgun the Chinese have instead gone with the QBS 09 (Type 09) semi-automatic shotgun.

There is little information available, in english, on the QBS 09. We know from the name is was officially adopted in 2009. It is chambered in 18.4mm (12 gauge) and features a collapsable stock, click adjustable rear ghost sight, hooded front sight and a picatinny rail for optics. Other than the stock, which looks horribly uncomfortable for a 12 gauge gun, it looks to be a decent semi-auto.

China’s adoption of an autoloader mirrors moves in the West where pump actions are being replaced by semi-automatics.

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  • Sam

    Looks like a Benelli M2/M3, a SPAS12, an HK G3/91 and a Yugo M70AB2. Oy.

  • zincorium

    Looks pretty nice.

    Of course, here in the US we’ll never see ’em.

  • Only the latest, I told you.

  • Wosiu


    QBS 09 shotgun may be more interesting than seems to be at first look.

    First, according to some pictures, this shotgun have some device with spring in mount of collapsible stock, so it may be recoil mitigation system or/and assisted opening system.

    Second, claimed effective range of this shotgun (with shotshells) is 100 m in comparison of 50 m of other shotguns. This is due to special ammunition: 00 tungsten buckshot of initial velocity 420 m/s, with 7 tungsten pellets in lacuered steel case shell.
    There are also other ammunition types: signalling flares and non-lethal with CS gas.

    This shotgun seems to have some other minor innovations but my Chinese is to poor to understand.

  • Falcon500

    That looks like a Benelli M4. Look at the action!

  • Michael

    I think this shotgun looks awesome. I especially like the stock for the fact that it’s parallel with the barrel instead of most shotgun stocks (like the Benelli M4) that are tilted downward.

  • I’d bet dollars to donuts that it’s an AK-pattern shotgun. Just look at the bolt and the FCG. Well, “pattern” might be a stretch but there was clearly a time where the PRC handed a bunch of AK smiths a bunch of shotshells and were all, “Make this work.”

  • Wosiu


    according to other infos and pictures, the QSB 09 basic ammunition load is not 00 buckshot in quantity of 7 pellets, but much smaller tungsten buckshot.

  • Jeff

    I read one of their motives for dropping the pump action Type 97-1 was the recategorization of shotguns, in general, from combat weapon to a riot suppression weapon.

  • Griffin

    The recent more widespread adoption to semi-auto shotguns for tactical purposes raises an eyebrow for me.

    In my experience with three gun and sporting clay events the semi-automatic pumps fail regularly – not a single match goes by without at least one semi-ato failure. At least one in three matches will have a semi-auto fully fail to function to the point that it has to be removed from the match.

    By contrast I’ve never seen a single failure in any double barrel. For pumps there will be a rare failure to fully eject but it is truly rare among the experienced shooters.

    That’s all anecdotal, but it’s enough for me to choose to have my 870 bedside and not a semi-auto.

  • Lance

    Defiantly a Benelli M-1 knock off. But I still see Type 97 in service too. Doesn’t matter since these are only in-service in small numbers anyway.

  • Lance

    I do like the brass shotgun shell hulls though 😉

  • jdun1911


    Slug is 100 yards. OO buck is 50 yards.

    Nothing is free and the Chinese cannot change the laws of physic. If you going to increase the range you’re going to give up something.

    Firearms have very little effective on increasing the range. The bullet and powder is what determine the effective range.

  • Are those metallic shotshells?

  • Vitor

    Thanks for the info, Wosiu. I’ve always liked the idea of tungsten buckshot, combining the area destruction of the shotgun with the extra penetration of tungsten.

  • armed_partisan

    Hell, it looks pretty cool to me! Like an 11-87 and a Minimi/M-249 had a baby. It’s a boy!

  • j

    what are those shotshells? they look weird!

  • deconb, thanks.

  • Clodboy

    Brass shotshells, eh?
    So in essence, this thing is an updated version of the CAWS, a 1980’s joint design between H&K and Winchester/Olin designed to fire brass shotshells with high-pressure loads and tungsten buckshot or flechettes. The claimed max range for this thing was 150 meters, probably using flechette ammo (keep in mind though that due to the CAWS’ bullpup layout, it had a very long barrel, which might also have helped extend its range).

  • Wosiu


    “Slug is 100 yards. OO buck is 50 yards.”

    Oh, really?

    I informed you all what is claimed by Chinese author in article about QSB 09 in Chinese press. And there effective range of QSB09 is claimed as 100 meters in comparison of 50 meters of Saiga-12K, SPAS-15 and M1014.

    OK. Nobody here -except Vitor – even said “thank you”.

  • Nick Pacific

    Yeah, thank the man.

    Different shot material, different expected velocity.
    And as was said before… brass shells. less flex, higher pressure.
    traditional expectations of weapon range need to be adjusted.

  • Clodboy

    (@Wosiu:) I think there is a always a good reason to be skeptical when a new competitor introduces a new product with specs that are just outrageously better than the competion, when both products are still limited by the same ammo types, power capacities and laws of physics as the others.
    (@JDun) However, the new chinese shotgun does have one major counterpoint to back up its claims: Their shotshells seeem to be made from actual brass (or a similar alloy), allowing them to use much more powerful loads than conventional shotshells.
    As I mentioned above, H&K, Winchester and Olin produced a bullpup, brass-shelled-cartridge-fed system capable of firing flechettes in the 1980s that had up to three times the range of a load of buckshot from a “normal” shottie.

  • charles222

    Reminds me of the old SPAS 12 shotgun from Luigi Franchi more than anything else.

  • EriDk

    Based on the article on, it looks like China had nooooo idea about shotgun at all. They literally start from the very basic – how to control the spread of the shot shell, also the basic design to prevent jamming issue, and the material to be used, etc. They literally just went through trial and error to discover each issue, fix it, and then continue. Took them like 3 years to have a final prototype…

    I am just surprised that they didn’t go the typical Chinese “reverse engineering” (knock off) way for a shotgun…

  • charles222

    Not really surprised that China’s never done much with shotguns; they’re a pretty European-American military weapon, plus of course using them as combat arms at all started with the US army. Did Russia ever issue a shotgun? I don’t remember ever hearing about one if they did.

  • Sam Suggs

    Ive always liked full bras shotslls hopfully the will import them cheap as its the only way to go for sagia 12 as far as im concearned particularly that last feed lip round. suprisingly orginal but im suprised they didnt do a bullpup I mean realy a cheek weld of some sort guys

  • Sam Suggs

    you realize you can get full brass hulls at midway usa right

  • Sam Suggs

    their made bye magteck