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  • It’s a tough job… Even though a very interesting one indeed!

    R.I.P. 🙁

  • I saw Restrepo a few days ago. A very good film, but very sad.

  • greasyjohn

    He really would go anywhere for the story. As true a journalist as Cronkite or Murrow. We’ve all been blessed by his work.

  • Wow.

    I watched this doc over the weekend. Extremely moving. A lot of people have forgotten that we didn’t “leave” Afghanistan to go fighting in Iraq; we fought and are still fighting in both countries for many long years, and the Afghan fighting has been a lot more hardscrabble, taking place in extremely remote territory.

    Embedded journalists catch a lot of crap for “getting in the way”, but we tend to forget, they are there without combat training, without weapons, and no more immune to small arms fire and IEDs than a Ranger or Marine.


    I am happy that folks like Mr. Hetherington still exist in this world – he helped offer folks insight into a world that not many other folks wished to see or understand.

    Sad indeed. Godspeed Mr. Hetherington.

  • Brian

    Restrepo should have won Best Documentary

  • Milo

    Latest reports from BBC indicate it was a mortar round and not an RPG.
    It is also noted the round appeared to be specifically targeted to that particular area and was not an indiscriminate or random firing.

  • Matt

    Must not forget, Chris Hondros, another fantastic conflict photojournalist was killed in the same mortar attack. RIP

  • I just bought Restrepo roughly 30 minutes ago! Nooooo. Dang, I hope his family gets a bit of money from my purchase.

  • ChuckE

    Thanks to all the combat journalists. Even though they may have agendas we don’t agree with, they help keep things honest. They do what even the average GI Joe won’t do – “fight” with pen and lens.

  • 6677

    I still remember watching news reports of the 2003 invasion of iraq on CHILDRENS news and there being blood streaks down the camera lens.