H&K MR-308 at IWA 2011

We are still waiting for the H&K MR308 (and the MR556) but the civilian version of the H&K 417 has been available for some time. Andrew took a look at it at IWA …

The rifle has a 16.5 barrel, has an overall length of 34.6″ – 37.8″ (depending on stock position) and weighs 9.47 lbs. I have seen it advertised for around 2,500 € in Europe ($3,628).

I had the pleasure of shooting the H&K MR556 (the 5.56mm version) at SHOT Show earlier this year. It was accurate and it felt good.

Steve Johnson

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  • Hey Steve!

    Aren’t you mixing up IWA and SHOT Show in this entry? 🙂


  • Lance

    Im drooling!!!!!!!! I want one too bad its way too expensive sor a man like me. Steve you should buy 2 for those prices.

    I hope they can make a DMR model with fixed butstock and free floating tube.


  • snmp

    HK MR 308 (german civilian version) is avaibale for the civilian market with a price 2500€/2900€ (include VAT) :
    * http://www.dekaise.be/node/158 (Belgian retailler)
    * http://www.armurerie-auxerre.com/catalog/heckler-koch-mr-308-carabine-de-1ere-categorie-p-2331.html?osCsid=9jmtn57r4kln1eunocjm3u9ke7
    * http://www.frankonia.de/390792/266154/productdetail.html?pagingSize=16&lastSelected=f_s_marke&sortOption=performance&f_s_marke=Heckler+%26+Koch&page=0&displayType=gallery&articleNumber=162953

    You could see the option of the weapon => http://www.hkjs.de/media/Links/MR223_4Seiter_englisch.pdf

    * Barell lenth : 420mm – 16,5″
    * Total lenth : 913-993mm
    * Weigh (without mag): 4370g
    * Trigger pull : 24N
    * Mag capacities : 10 or 20 rounds

  • Other Steve

    9.5lbs and over 3K when it gets here after being YEARS late. Are HK and Rem/Bushmaster aware of some new marketing scheme that pushes overweight, underperforming, late, and expensive products on consumers with some form of success?

    One thing is for sure, this is not the same HK that designed the 91 and 94 series.

    Oh HK, go ahead and compromise a little, it can’t possibly hurt.

  • Daniel

    $3600 for an AR-15 type rifle? You must be out of your mind.

  • Daniel

    That’s one way of banning guns in America. Make them so expensive you can’t afford to enjoy your Constitutional Rights.

  • Burst

    Given HK’s origins, I’d love to see this weapon put through it’s paces and compared to a HK91/G3.

    Ergonomics are improved, and a rail mounted scope probably sits firmer than one on a claw mount. But the collapsible stock is larger (though likely more comfortable). Accuracy or durability? Harder to say.

  • 032125

    This is a case study in economics; specifically how to set your product so far left on the price curve that your product is unsellable to anyone on any kind of budget. In years past H&K might have relied on police and military buyers, but in case they haven’t noticed even governments are feeling the pinch these days. I predict this rifle will slip quietly into oblivion; residing only in Tom Clancy novels and airsoft knockoffs.

  • subase

    Basically a G36 action with the AR’s not that good ergonomics. More reliable, supposedly sturdier (it better be as it’s two pounds heavier than an AR10), very accurate and it has a quick change barrel feature. Delta and SAS battle rifle of choice, if someone wanted an AR type battle rifle this is the one to get.

  • schadavi

    Hi, i’m from Germany, and i own this gun.

    The accuracy is perfect, even with factory loads my gun holds a 2″ group at 300m – simply rested on a sandbag, but not one of those fancy benchrest bags.

    Never had a ftf or fte with any ammo, except one fte with cheap german surplus ammo. I fired a total of 750 surplus rounds, plus 38 high-end hunting cartridges from RWS.

    The gun is quite expensive, so are the magazines, but in my opinion it’s worth the money.

  • M, Norway


    It does has something in common with the G36. The piston operating is almost identical. The similarities end there.

    Regarding the play between the butstock and the buffertube:

    If the gun is anything like the HK416, there will most likely be a umbraco-like wrench inside the stock storage compartment. This will allow you to tighten/loosen the stock at you’re leisure. The downside to tightening the stock is that this eliminates the option to adjust length of pull without first loosening the stock again.

  • Lance

    The HK416 dosnt have anything in common with the G-36 just simular piston.

  • jdun1911

    M, Norway

    You got the pictures of the action? Because you’re suggesting that the HK417 is an Stoner piston variant (AR18).

    The difference between DI AR and Piston AR is that the DI AR don’t have a physical OP-Rod.

  • python

    MR308 shown on IWA 2011 had 20″ barrel. (YES, 20 !)

    MR308 with 16,5″ was shown at IWA in 2009 and 2010.

    Great gun !

  • M, Norway


    I’m well aware of the difference between a DI and piston operating system.
    The 417 is a 7.62 version of the 416, they’re otherwise identical. Why would HK design a completely new platform when all they had to do was a rechambering of the 416?
    I dont have any pictures of the 417 as of now, my unit hasn’t received them yet, but here’s what HK has to say about the matter:

    “Thanks to the continued rigorous application of the modular concept, the HK417 provides an excellent level of flexibility and modularity. This produces one hundred percent interchangeability of the weapon system’s components. The maximum numbers of components possible are compatible with the HK416, regardless of calibre”.

    Lance, the only difference between the piston operating system of the G36 and 416 is the piston rod. The piston itself is actually interchangeable, meaning you could take the piston of a G36 and slap it in a 416.
    At least from what my fellow service men tell me. Some of the guys have had both the G36 and HK416 issued(norwegian army). And if you browse HKparts.net they market the pistons as interchangeable.

  • Lance

    @ Norway

    One part may be interchange able so can a lower with US lowers. But the G-36 will be replaced by 416s in the Norwgain army. The 416 will be standerd issue with special issue DMR G-3s.

  • M, Norway


    No shit 😉
    I’m in the norwegian army, and the HK416 has been standard issue for over 3 years now. The phasing out of G3’s and G36’s was completed a year ago.
    So far, I’ve had two 416’s issued.

  • Anomy

    I just don’t like how the gas isn’t adjustable. I wonder if the barrel is even threaded. I like having the options of the real deal.

  • Quintin

    Sweet Zombie Jeebuz, they are on sale on Aimsurplus.com for $3,795.oo.
    That’s more than an actual pre-ban HK-91, almost more than 2.
    What are they thinking?