Rossi Circuit Judge LEVER Action ..410 / 45!!!

When Rossi / Taurus come up with an idea, they run with it. Their latest concept is a lever action version of the Rossi Circuit Judge revolver carbine.

The original Circuit Judges have a double action revolver action. This model uses a lever to rotate the cylinder and cock the bobbed hammer. The trigger is a single action system that should be a lot lighter than the double action of the original.

Overseas readers told me that the original Rossi Circuit Judge would be classified by local gun laws as a semi-automatic, and therefor illegal for them to own/import. Adding a lever onto the gun should make it legal wherever lever actions are legal.

The gun is chambered in 3″ .410 shotshell and is capable of firing .45 Long Colt (included is a rifled choke tube). The barrel is 18.5″ long with an overall length of 35.6″ and weighs 5.3 lbs. MSRP is $680.

Steve Johnson

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  • snmp

    In many country Revolving shotgun or Rifle are licence/prohibied weapon beacause they could turn in handgun quickly.

  • Win!

  • Where were the overseas readers from? I’m pretty sure both versions would be classified as a repeating firearm in the Czech Republic.

    (czech legislation defines semi-auto weapons as firearms where the reloading of the new round (either rechambering or moving another chamber in front of the striker) happens as a direct result of the previous shot)

    • Czechnology, I can’t remember, but I think many simply define semi-auto as a gun that the operator only needs to pull the trigger for another shot.

  • Zander

    I see no real purpose for adding a lever to the design; except possibly for foreign markets. It adds complexity to an otherwise technologically sound revolver.

  • Mossyrock

    You lnow, if they tried REALLY hard, they MIGHT be able to make it uglier…but they would have to work at it.

  • Woodswalker

    They NEED a Tactical rail under the forend….that would make it even UGLIER.

  • Kyle

    Mossyrock, To do that, they would put a thumbhole stock on it.

  • Pedro

    I am not a lawyer, but I believe that would be legal in Australia.
    Bolt action and lever action shotguns are fairly common here (because of the semi auto and pump action restrictions) and fall into the least restricted class of firearm for licensing purposes.

  • Komrad

    the lever looks awkward, a pump system would have been better

  • Apotekets

    Mossyrock, Just add fake silencer, grenade launcher, more rails, perhaps an acog and some more rails.

  • Snow and Ash

    Cool idea, really ugly execution. Got to get some industrial designers in there.

  • kenny

    It would be nice to give it a large lever loop with a pistol grip and shortened barrel. Otherwise pretty nice.

  • DippyPower

    Still illegal in California.
    12276.1. (a) Notwithstanding Section 12276, “assault weapon” shall also mean any of the following:
    (8) Any shotgun with a revolving cylinder.

    • Mark

      There is a loophole that classifies this as a riffle as it has a riffled barrel. A shotgun has a smooth barrel and this is specifically NOT a shotgun since it has riffling in the barrel.

  • El Duderino

    kenny I don’t think you can make the barrel any shorter and not have an AOW. Might hurt sales a tad 🙂

    Is it just me or do all of these Circuit judges look…fragile. Like, if you put the buttstock on the ground, grabbed the barrel, and put a little weight on it the buttstock would snap where it meets the receiver. I’m not asking for a buttstroke rifle like an M1A, but a little more robust might be nice?

  • “(czech legislation defines semi-auto weapons as firearms where the reloading of the new round (either rechambering or moving another chamber in front of the striker) happens as a direct result of the previous shot)”

    The same as in the whole European Union.

    Community-wide firearms directive.

    Revolver is NOT semiauto, but repeater.

  • Kenny

    El Duderino i live up in canada and as long as a recognized gun manufacturer makes it with a shot barrel and the overall length remains 26″ or greater its legal.

    • David/Sharpie

      Even if it was less than 26 it would be legal, it’s classed as restricted in either configuration.

  • Casey WY

    I feel for all you foreign readers and even some of you who live in gun restricting states…. Here in Wyoming the only thing we have to put up with is the federal BS (on silencers, MGs etc.), as of July 1st WY residents wont even need a CCW permit to legally carry concealed. I love my state!

  • Brad

    A lever-action revolver shotgun? Now I’ve seen everything.

    • Muleshoe

      Colt made the first one over 100 years ago

  • Wuulf

    Its like, these guys have been playing borderlands too long and really think that making guns this complicated is a good thing. Just give us a normal hammer, make it SA/DA, and put a better stock on it. or…. figure out how to make a regular lever action cycle different lengths of cartridges.

    That said, I’m sure this will sell well with the steampunk crowd.

  • El Duderino

    kenny — sorry for the confusion! Yes in a couple regards American gun laws are regressive compared with Canadian. Case in point.

    Wuulf — LOL on the Borderlands reference! I used to play that one. I especially liked the revolver sniper rifles with the tapered rimmed cartridges. Who’s going to make an eight-shot revolving cylinder sniper rifle with 2 triggers (one to rotate the cylinder, the second with a 3# pull for accurate shots) in 9.3x74R? Anyone?

  • Wuulf

    @El Duderino- Shhhh. you’re giving them (bad) ideas.

  • Dude

    I was looking into getting the original version for deer/rabbit but it’s classed Restricted in Canada, so even if I had the license I couldn’t take it hunting. I don’t know why it’s Restricted but I suspect someone thought it could easily be converted to a handgun (we’re kinda stupid like that).

    Hopefully this will allow me to buy one, cause I really like the concept.

  • howlingcoyote

    What’s the point of this rifle?
    If i wanted a lever action rifle,I’d get a Marlin in 357 Mag. You could also use 38 Special and can use 357 shotshells (made by CCI). Or you could buy a Marlin lever action in 44 mag. and can use 44 Special for light loads and can also use 44 mag. shotshells (made by CCI).
    Will Rossi made this in 28 Gauge too?

    • Beaumont

      Shotshells are the suck in .357/.44 rifles. Lead build-up, nonexistent patterns, They’re designed for revolvers.

  • Dude

    28 Gauge?

    Yup. A quick stroll through the 2011 catalogue has it:

    It’s on page 12. Though it uses the regular revolver action. I find the .410 Rio Grande on page 16 to be fairly interesting. Wish there was more info on it.

  • Charles Ray

    where can you buy one

  • keith molestonson

    I Keith Molestonson think my ways will be accepted that many people dislike with the rossi

  • keith molestonson

    Enraged Enrique

  • rjs338

    I own the “standard” version & love it. I use Long Colt .45 +P ammo. I wouldn’t change a thing about it. Seems to me that Taurus/Rossi is trying to capitalize on the popularity of a classic design & adapt it to meet the demands & restrictions of foriegn markets.

  • Nelson T. Blaskie

    Is the Rossi Circuit Judge, model scj4510, legal in Canada.

  • What is the pink plastic around the revoler cyl., for? Thanks, Bill

    • At the front of the cylinder on the bottom?

      IIRC it’s to keep your hand/arm from being burned by gas when it fires.

  • jacob metzger

    hi i was wanting to know where you got yours at and how much it was because i looked everywhere and it had unreasonable prices thank you

  • bell

    HI where would i find a 410 side by side double barrel

  • Keith Molestonson


    • Mark Molestingmilk


  • Keith Molestonson


  • Question, Rossi does not state +P as safe, but does not exclude it as unsafe either. I have owned a circuit judge for 2 years, Hornady XTP 225 grain shoots well and accurate, but looking at more terminal energy for hogs at 225# or more. Cor-Bon makes some really strong rounds but cautions against use in some firearms. Would not want to hurt the gun as I love it. Any info would be appreciated………

    • keith molestonson

      Your a pooonose

  • Really enjoyed this article post.Much thanks again. Fantastic.

  • keith molestonson

    Nosnotselom htiek


    • fred johnson

      12 year olds really shouldn’t drink.

      • Beaumont

        Yeah, i remember my first beer too!


    As of this morning Rissi says that this gun WILL NOT be sold in this country (couldn’t or wouldn’t say why)


    As of this morning Rossi says that this gun WILL NOT be sold in this country (couldn’t or wouldn’t say why)

    • GEORGE

      We can only hope. Because of nerve damage I can’t get my right thumb high enough to cock it for single action. The lever action would be perfect for me. I the meantime I got a semi auto Saiga 410 that should eliminate the problem.

  • John

    I am realy intrested in getting one of these lever auction circuit judges. They said it should come out by the end of this year. One can only hope

    • GEORGE

      Sorry John. Latest from Rossi is that the Circuit Judge lever action has been taken off the market for lack of interest/sales.

      • John

        Did they sell any. They just told me they haven’t started to produce them yet. I would love to get my hands on wone of these. The standard one is nice but I’d rather have the lever

      • GEORGE

        John; The comment about them not being produced YET was the first one I got also. The last was the one about lack of interest/sales, guess it depends on who you talk to. Since the lever action model was shown in both their 2011 and 2012 catalogs, I would tend to believe the last one. I have seen some videos on the original but not the lever action.

      • John

        I think they just need to market it properly. When I mention this to people they say they never heard of it. I show the a photo and they say thats sick and when I find them to get one. Ive probably sold 12 myself without trying. If they put that gun on one o those shooting shows i’m sure they’d sell pleanty.

  • My dealer (firearms that is) where I purchased my new Rossi Rio Grand 410 lever action suggested that in addition to regular shotgun amo I could also use 45 Colt amo by Hornady. I’m hesitant to try it until I hear from someone who has some experience with or opinion on this combination. Thanks for taking the time to reply. fred

    • Fred,
      Hornady FTX .45 works great in this gun, most accurate round I’ve found in the 2+ years I’ve owned it. 1st time hunt with it in 2 days, Florida pigs. I’ll post after friday w/results

      • Beaumont

        I think Fred is referring to the lever action rifle rather than the Judge revolver/shotgun. Personally I would advise against trying to shoot .45LC in any .410 shotgun unless you are certain of the barrel’s bore diameter. It’s my understanding that not all manufacturers spec .410 barrels the same as .45/.410 guns.

  • I have been told by my (firearms) dealer that in my Rossi Rio Grande 410 shot gun I can also use the Hornady 45 rifled slug. Hesitant to try it without some input from either Rossi or some one who has done it. Thanks in advance for any thoughts.

    Fred Hornsby

  • is the circiut judge a rifel or is it a pistol I WANT TO take one deer hunting in ohio and would like to know

    • Bill,
      taking an original DA/SA circuit judge hog hunting on friday 23rd, using Hornady FTX .45 long colt. cannot get this rifle to shoot well with anybody’s slug round, but short range this round should work well. let you know how it works on pigs to 225 lbs later.

      • gun worked fine, needs a bit more terminal energy for bigger pigs, weighs nothing so close woods and stalking are it’s pluses. took 3 at around 100 lbs each, only 1 needed a second round & it was my fault, poor shot placement.
        would be hesitant to shoot a deer with it, accuracy only ok (not great) to around 45 yds.

  • Hank Young

    Why not take this lever action version a step further in design and make the rear stock more a traditional lever action stock that would allow the lever to sweep back further? It would look much more streamlined, lighter due to less wood, and easier to handle.

  • Hank Young

    Why not take this lever action version a step further in design and make the rear stock more a traditional lever action stock that would allow the lever to sweep back further?

    • lsw

      The action is based on the Taurus Judge revolver, so the hammer spring and other parts are located in the grip area of the stock corresponding to the revolver grip. Changing the stock configuration would require a redesign of the action, too. Would probably be cheaper and make for a better firearm to just rechamber an existing conventional lever action for 410/45LC

  • John

    I’m being told by dealers that this gun does exist and has been sold in the US but it is on back order. I can’t find one anywhere. Does anyone know where to get one in lever auction??

    • GEORGE


      See above about the Saiga.

  • Mike

    I have been looking closely at the Rossi Rio Grande .410 Lever Action and am about to buy one when I was up late surfing tonight and found this wonderful weapon. If I could buy one, I probably would buy both and see which one cut the mustard. I also had been looking at the Taurus “Radging Judge” Colt .45 / .410 shotshell Revolver but the price was just too high. If I could get a look and feel of one of these rifles, like I said I would probably buy both and weed out the loser. First I need to know where to find the Hybrid. The Rossi is a smooth gun and has nice balance. but is a little short for me. I have also tried a few of them and they vary slightly from gun to gun so the consistancy isn’t what you would expect from a long term manufacturer like Rossi. I’ve got time and money, so we’ll see how things turn out that is if the Taurus/Rossi is even available.

    • GEORGE

      Just looked at a video of the raging judge w/6″ barrel.Quite impressive on watermelons with anything larger than bird shot. The only thing they didn’t say was from what distance they were shooting. On my Judge w/3.5″ barrel the 410 is useless at more than 7-8 yards even with 000 buckshot two out of five pellets missed the target completely. When I couldn’t get the Circuit Judge, I researched and ended up with a Saiga 410 semi automatic shotgun. Very pleased so far and am now waiting for delivery in a few days of two 10 round magazines for it. Should I want/need a 45 cal rifle I can always load up 410 slugs, a much heavier bullet than the 45.

      • Jon

        You may want to do a little more research regarding the .410 slugs. They are significantly lighter than any .45 colt loads commercially produced and the bore diameter is only .41 so they do not serve as an equal to the .45 colt in any way shape or form. It’s also important to note that the terminal ballistics with the .410 suffer greatly in terms of penetration.

  • Mike

    To the guys wondering about the semi-auto classificationof the gun. The purpose of the lever is to move the next cartridge in front of the firing pin. this does not happen unless you pull down the lever and pull it back up and secure it in place again. The gun in classified in ALL COUNTRIES as a Single Shot Rifle.

    • GEORGE

      One f-of the possible guns to be banned for some unknown reason is anything with a revolving cylinder.

  • Privateer01

    all you guys act you own a manufacturing plant pontificating on design. You could not manufacture a fork . I like the ugly.

  • Jackelyn-Micah Hardin

    Why not just make it single action? And, don’t they already make a single shot 45/410 with a screw in choke? And in the countries that are so restrictive, how are they going to find 45lc. This must be intended for UK/AUS. In France since the 45lc was developed for the US military, it might be banned anyway. or it was that way at one time