Rossi Circuit Judge .22LR and .22 Magnum

The Rossi Circuit Judge is now available in .22 Long Rifle and .22 Magnum. The gun, which appears to be based on the new Taurus Tracker 992 revolver action, comes with both a .22 LR cylinder and a .22 Magnum cylinder.

Unlike the previous Circuit Judge, which have a traditional wooden stock, this model features a thumbnail synthetic stock with a forward under-barrel picatinny rail. The rail would be useful for mounting lights and lasers for nighttime varmint hunting.

The rifle comes with fibre optic sights, cantilever scope mount and hammer extension. The barrel is 18.5″ with an overall length of 34.4″ and weighs 5.5″. The MSRP is $680.

Steve Johnson

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  • I wonder if these will count as LBP’s for UK users?

  • bima86

    nice !! sexy looking thing 🙂

  • Zander

    I think you mean thumbhole not thumbnail stock.

    • Anyway you look at it. It is a fault in the design for which the primary purpose the said caliber is intended to serve.

  • arrowhead

    I like the Idea of being able to use both cartridges but 22 lr and 22 mag have slightly different diameters .222 vs .224 similar but not exact to the difference one would get with trying to shoot a 45 long colt out of a 45-70( of course with less pressure) maybe the difference of .02 is small enough not to cause a huge drop in accuracy using short range rounds but rifle barrels are made to pretty exact tolerances for a reason. With that said I have never tried this combo out, the numbers do make me scratch my head though.

  • Ladyfox

    I’d love to get one of these but, dang, $680??! I could get two Savage 93 FV or a CZ 452 Varmint plus ammo for the price of one of these. o_O

    • doombrngr76

      Academy currently has them for right around $500; the 45/410 version is about $40 less… however, the 22 has a 9 round reserve in the stock.

  • Zander

    I don’t think 2 thousanths of an inch would cause much of a problem accuracy wise.

  • cobetco

    if these guns prove one thing, the joker in the original batman film was ahead of his time

  • DRod

    @cobetco The Buntline predates Tim Burtons Iteration of the Joker by quite a few years. 😛

  • GlennFrank

    Where’s the .357/.38 spec?!?!

  • howlingcoyote

    Bring this out in 25 Stevens and 25-20 WCF. That would be a nice combo. Looks interesting though.
    Why does it costs so much? I can buy a Ruger 10/22 for less tha half that price.

  • Brady

    I own this gun and love it. It shoots quarter sized groups at 50ft with iron sights and that is shooting it double action. The trigger was bad at first. I had to remove the side plate. The side plate had a gouge on the inside that I had to polish out. Other then that I am very impressed. It was worth the heavy price tag.

  • nick

    I personaly own one of these nd its a very fun little rifle light weight very accurate nd easy to figure out. I have a set of look through scope mounts with a tactical 4×30 bsa scope nd its just right for rabbit squirrel nd nutra hunting the scope works good for the longer yarded shots nd I still have use of the iron site for up close thanks to the mounts

  • Justin

    I just purchased this firearm. sadly have not gotten the chance to shoot it yet however. I look forward to it as im sure it will be alot of fun. does anyone know if they sell particular parts for this rifle or will about any scope,sight, laser or light fit on it. i just dont want to buy something and then find the accessory will not fit. i attempted to mount my hi-point carbine scope that came standard on it when i purchased the 9mm rifle, but the notches on the rail are uneven with the scope and will not fit properly. any help with this would be much appreciated. This could be a fun one for coons im hopen!

  • I would own the 22LR/22 Magnum if it were not for the mickey mouse want-a-be rambo stock. In my opinion, the Thumbnail Synthetic Stock is a complete negative and does not do justice to this particular high demand caliber of the Circuit Judge Rifle. The said model and caliber is a varmit getter, not a weekend warrior weapon. Wake up Rossi you are way out in left field in lack of choice in providing a style of weapon for the everyday plinker instead of the said want-a-be drug store warriors.

    Once again, in my opinion, there would be far more sells for this particular model of the Circuit Judge if there was an opition in the choice of stocks.

    In being unable to purchase a Circuit Judge 22LR/22Magnum with a wooden stock. I purchased a Henry Lever 22 mag.

  • James

    iv got this judge and it fires fine useing .22 but it jams a round in the baril useing 22.mag about every 5 rounds, any hints to why this is going on ?

  • dudeguy

    Just got one. the DA trigger pull is hefty, but doable. SA is light and clean. the plastic stock feels a little mickey mousish though. It looks like it is built on the Taurus 992 revolver. I dont plan on putting any optics on it.

    I got it for the 22lr/wmr capability, the 9 rd capacity, the simplicity of operation (revolver), the ability to shoot any type of 22 round (short, long, lr, mag, quiet, colibris, shot shell).

    Bonus: the H&R 9 round speedloaders work on the 22lr cylinder, not the wmr.

    a 7-8 round 38/357 version would be awesome.