Ruger SR1911 .45 ACP Pistol

The much anticipated Ruger SR1911 has arrived. The pistol features an attractive bead-blasted stainless finish and checkered hardwood grips. The best feature: the price! With a MSRP of $799, it is cheaper than similarly specced imported 1911s.

The slide is CNC machined and the frame made using investment casting. The plunger tube for the slide stop and for the thumb safety is integral to the frame, so it can’t come loose. Interestingly, the barrel and bushing are matched sets and are produced from the piece barstock. Ruger says this results in a “precise fit and improved accuracy”.

The pistol is modeled after the Colt Series 70 1911, the 1911 design Colt produced in the 1970s. In the 1980s Colt introduced the Series 80 pistols features a firing pin block. The Ruger SR1911 lacks the firing pin block and instead uses a titanium firing pin and heavy firing pin spring which the company says “negates the need for a firing pin block, offering an updated safety feature to the original “Series 70″ design without compromising trigger pull weight”.

The sights are Novak made low mount 3-dot.

The pistol also features.

  • Checkered backstrap.
  • Oversized beavertail grip safety
  • Improved internal extractor.
  • Extended thumb safety.
  • Skeletonized hammer.
  • Lightweight skeletonized aluminum trigger with adjustable overstop.
  • Witness hole (Visual chamber inspection port).
  • 7 round flush-fitting magazine or 8 round with bumper bad.
Caliber .45 ACP
Capacity 8+1 (with 8 round magazine)
Finish Low-Glare Stainless Steel
Grip Hardwood
Barrel 5.00″
Twist 1:16″ RH
Overall Length 8.67″
Weight 39.00 oz.
Sights Fixed Novak® 3-Dot
MA/CA Approved No
MSRP (Price) $799.00

When I posted the leaked images, I said I had expected it to sell for around $1,000. Being priced at under $800 is very competitive. The Brazilian manufactured Taurus 1911 stainless model, for example, has a MSRP of $859.

Steve Johnson

Founder and Dictator-In-Chief of TFB. A passionate gun owner, a shooting enthusiast and totally tacti-uncool. Favorite first date location: any gun range. Steve can be contacted here.


  • Harley

    make one with a 7 inch barrel and slide and im in.

  • Chris B

    Where is it made, and where is it fitted ( not assembled ) ?

    I will not repeat my Springfield ( made in Brazil ) performance- ( and its subsequent lack of it )

  • All Ruger is USA made.

  • Paul

    I think Ruger did a nice job on their 1911. I’m really liking that it’s 100% USA made, is Series 70, and has both a steel mainspring housing and standard length guide-rod….all at a reasonable price.

    The integrated plunger tube is also a great idea on a 1911 of this price point. It totally eliminates the issue of the plunger tube being loose, which seems to plague a lot of the lower to mid-range 1911’s.

  • Mr. Potato Head

    No ambidextrous safety? To hell with Ruger. I refuse to spend additional money on what should be a standard feature.

  • I’ll stick with my $400 Chinese made NORINCO 1911, it works great.

  • Any idea when it may be seen in stores?

    That puts 3 new guns on my want list.

  • Jeff

    Why did they wait 100 years to copy the original? LOL.

  • BillG

    ^ +1 mr potato head

    no ambi….no sale!

  • Cymond

    Mr Potato Head, many shooters perfer to avoid the ambi safety. Ambi-safeties are rumored to contribute to safeties coming off while carried cocked-and-locked. Unless you’re a lefty or shooting in a competition that requires weak-hand shots (both of which are niche markets) then the ambi safety is unnecessary. This ruger is intended as a rack grade shooter for the average fellow. They wil mostly be used as range guns and duty/defensive guns. The standard safety is a non-issue (or even a bonus) for 90% of their customers.

    Personally, I’m “meh” on this one. Ruger’s centerfire pistols haven’t thrilled me lately. For those of you that want one, just be patient. Several more versions & variants are inevitable.

  • DRod

    Very interested now that I’ve seen it all.

  • Mr. Potato Head

    The ambi-safety is very necessary in a real world combat situation where you are forced to use your weak hand. It’s not easy to disengage the safety with your weak hand if it’s not ambi. It can be done, but not quickly and not without breaking your grip. Having an ambi-safety eliminates that problem.

    As for snagging the ambi-safety – Never had it happen (never heard of or seen it happen to someone else), and all of my 1911s have had one since the early 80’s.

  • Woodroez

    Ruger’s website has a photo that shows the underside of the frame. Knew those pesky Ruger lawyer lines had to be somewhere!

  • Tiberius

    Make it in 9mm and I’m in. There is a HUGE LACK of 9mm 1911s on the market. Before you say anything, I love the 1911 platform and want to shoot one cheaply and with less recoil.

  • Paul

    I’m with Cymond. I personally don’t prefer ambi-safeties on 1911’s, especially typical extended safeties. When carried I find they tend to get banged up, knocked off safe, hung up, or even broken. It can also cause the gun to print more than necessary when carried concealed. With this being the case, I just find the typical ambi-safety design to have more negative attributes than emphatically positive ones.

    If you really like that feature, there are plenty of aftermarket companies willing to accommodate. Otherwise, there are plenty of us out there who are perfectly happy without it and actually prefer the one-sided safety design.

  • NikonMikon

    I wish it had a forged frame and slide 🙁 I would have bought it for sure.

  • Alaskan

    WHO KNEW that Ruger’s 1911 would look EXACTLY LIKE ALL OTHER 1911s?

    I mean did anyone see this coming?
    What about their earlier flare up over “we don’t want anyone knowing about it before we officially release it”??
    The mind boggles.

    😉 LOL!

  • Nick Pacific

    Mister Potato Head:
    It happened to me. Once.
    Extended ambi safety got caught with a piece of fabric between it and the slide. I felt it snag, moved to adjust my shirt and noticed. I think my heart skipped a beat as I flipped it back.

    Since then I practiced disengaging with my left hand. I want to find an ambi safety that is just a little nub on the right side or slightly extended with no gap between it and the slide. I’d cut mine down but I don’t want to compromise the part and have it malfunction later.

  • John C

    Seems like a good deal to me. $100 more than the Remington, but with a lot more features.

  • Jesse

    With an MSRP of $800 you’re probably talking a street price of like $600 and change which puts it right around the same price range as the Taurus guns and the STI Spartan, so while part of me sighs “Great another 1911.” the idea of having a quality made all American 1911 for that price is kind of cool.

  • Kerry

    What does anyone think about the trigger on Taurus automatics? My window shopping stopped with a trigger that felt like excessive brake pedal travel, or poorly adjusted bicycle hand brakes…travel, travel,travel, travel, surprise!

  • Gabriel

    In a “real world combat situation” where you had to switch hands, wouldn’t the safety already be off?

  • wry762

    Another lefty here. I will probably get one and get an ambi safety installed, or hold off if I hear that Ruger is releasing one with an ambi safety.

  • Andy from West Haven

    The vast majority of us aren’t going to be in real world combat situations. And the few that are, how many will need to use their weak hand? The overwhelming majoirty of crimes stopped with handguns are done without pulling the trigger. I am not saying that having one would be a bad thing. What I am saying is stop griping for the lack of it. Pay the money and put one on yourself. It’s not going to break you financially.

    And don’t use the excuse that it does happen. Yes, one of the agents in the FBI shootout had to manipulate a Remington 870 with one arm. But using that as an argument I could say that what if you need more than 9 rounds? Reloading with one hand is very difficult as well. I’d say it’s even more difficult than having to swipe the safety off with your left thumb. But you might not have to reload with your weak hand if it was a widebody Ruger with 14 rounds in the mag.

    You can’t blame Ruger for offering a pistol that “as is” will serve 99% of the buyers just fine in a life or death situation.

  • Erik

    @Mr. Potato Head, I HATE ambi-safeties. They get in the way, even when shooting weak hand in combat courses for me. You may prefer them, in that case, I suggest Brownell’s website. They’re not all that expensive. Kudos to Ruger for avoiding the Ambi-Safety bullcrap on a stock gun.

  • yamalink

    Great to have a US made 1911 from a company with great customer service.

  • Zach

    Looks pretty good. Interested in street price, as the Taurus PT1911 goes for $550-650 regardless of the higher MSRP.

    I would have preferred forged frame, but of course Ruger built their company on investment casting, and at least they know how to do it. The integral plunger tube is a great thing.

    Ambi safeties can come loose and make it harder to fit aftermarket grips, so I’m fine with the single-sided safety.

    If the frame is cast, why couldn’t they cast some serrations or checkering into the frontstrap?

    Also, it sounds like the barrel is milled from barstock – weird, as all other Rugers have hammer-forged barrels, as do most competing 1911s.

    Let’s hope they give it a decent trigger pull and manage to avoid any recalls!

  • terry

    ‘ novak low mount carry rear sight’ no good for carry/defense gun, can’t hook the rear sight on your belt, holster, etc. to rack the slide in case one hand is disabled.

  • charles222

    I’ll spend money on people actually bothering to come up with at least semi-original designs instead of just jumping on bandwagons.

  • JMD

    Now taking bets on the amount of time until this product gets recalled….

    • Hammerdog

      You are talking through your hat, or maybe somewhere else… idiot.

  • MeAgain

    I’m with you on that one. I want one in 9mm. The .45acp is great but I want to shoot it for less money , keep a standard caliber with the rest of my handguns and have something else that the whole family can shoot.
    Wait a minute….that can’t be a real Ruger. The slide isn’t covered in two paragraphs of warnings.

  • One should realize that Ruger’s Pine Tree Casting has produced at least some of Caspian’s raw frame castings.

  • Lance

    I can buy a Israeli IAI for cheaper and still get the same performance.

    But if Steve can get all regular commentators here a free pistol from Ruger i wont complain. :X

  • Komrad

    not sure how the barrel and bushing being from the same hunk of steel will do anything for accuracy

    the only thing I can think of is the slight inconsistency of the alloying between individual blocks changing the way the barrel and bushing react to temperature, but that seems like a stretch

  • Laserbait

    I’m in for one! That’s beautiful, affordable and made in the USA. I have not bought another 1911, since my AMT Harballer Longslide, because all of the affordable 1911’s have been foreign made.

    JMB didn’t see the need for an ambi safety… 😀

  • reasonable

    I say to hell with the manual safety let ruger model 1910’s that shoot 45 super and feed hollow point the worlds dangerous be ready

  • Badaboom

    Weren’t there durability problems for Titanium firing pins in other guns? I vaguely remember some company using Titanium firing pins in a bolt action rifle but they wouldn’t last long before breaking.

  • Andy from CT

    @Reasonable. All your base are belong to us.

  • Squidpuppy

    OMG. Look at all those special features on the call-outs! A trigger guard, a grip safety, even a slide stop pin! To think my Nighthawk, my Les Baer, my Kimber, my Para Ord, my Remington Rand are all so substandard… wait. Oh.

    Meh. The more the merrier. Happy centennial 1911!

  • Bandito762

    “JMB didn’t see the need for an ambi safety… :D”

    or a beavertail grip safety, or forward slide serrations, or a skeletonized trigger, or an oversized ejection port, or a flared magazine well, or…

    for us lefties out there it is a nice addition, although I can see why it isn’t standard on a stock gun

  • axxxel

    If I ever start 3-gunning or IPSCing I will look into this gun, but unless there’s a conversion kit I’m not buying it in .45 ACP.

    That’s just me though and this seem like a great marketing move from Ruger. I’m sure it will be a success and I hope ruger will follow it up by introducing more models.

  • DaveP.

    I can sit around a table with five of my friends and four of them are left-handed. Lefties are at least 10% of the population and guess what- they shoot too. It’d be nice to see Ruger or some other major company produce a true leftie-friendly 1911 (instead of just a right-handed gun with some mirrored controls) but until then I’d like to see more guns with ambi controls.

  • Fred Johnson

    Have y’all seen the photo of the bare casting at Gun Blast? It looks like the SR1911 is ready for a rail on the dust cover and an intergral big magwell opening.

    Options, options. 🙂

  • Erik

    @DaveP. Who cares? All of my southpaw friends shoot without ambi-safety bullcrap and do fine. Deal. Or add one yourself.

  • DaveP.

    Erik: Nice to know that internet anonymity still breeds class acts like yours.

  • TJ

    Nice looking 1911. Too bad no front strap checkering. Taurus seems able to do and keep the price down.
    Keep your powder dry.

  • NikonMikon

    @DaveP, he’s just saying learn to deal with it instead of whining. Adapt and overcome. It’s part of life ya know? Be friendly.

  • DRod

    I like that:
    It’s American.
    Priced right.
    A Ruger.
    Doesn’t have the billboard warning or brand names scrawled in one hundred point font down the slide, front serrations (don’t care for them), checkering everywhere, target sights, ambi safety or any other goofy bs that others are putting out.
    I like it.

  • I like it, nice looking 1911 and at least they didn’t go with an externaly extractor.


    mr. tater head, I mean this in a nice way but you’re so far in left field you’re outside the ballpark. The vast majority of .45 users do not want an ambi safety. And, since you nor anyone you know has ever had a snag ‘since the early 80’s,,,,,,,,,,,,that means one thing, , it will happen sooner than later now.

    Dang, don’t buy one if you’re that adamant about a freaking gadget that statistically will never -ever be needed. Maybe when one’s shooting hand is broken and/or shot up and bleeding profusely than the ambi and all the trendy checkering would be needed. Too much kool-aid drinking going on in the handgun world.


  • 100 percent made in USA, including all springs and grip.

  • Brian

    Every new 1911 that comes out brings out the @ssclowns too I see. MIM cast ambi hammer…blah blah blah. If you don’t like it don’t buy it but most of us prefer our own counsel…just saying

  • Shaun

    “”Tiberiuson 19 Apr 2011 at 4:41 pm link comment
    Make it in 9mm and I’m in. There is a HUGE LACK of 9mm 1911s on the market. Before you say anything, I love the 1911 platform and want to shoot one cheaply and with less recoil.””


    Try a Browning High Power, pre ban if you can find one. It has similar feel/function to a well manufactured 1911. Mine has less recoil than any other 9mm I have fired, due to the precise fit and finish. I carry a Kimber 1911 but my prize shooter is the Browning.

  • Robert

    Ambi safeties are largely unnecessary and for a gun that may be carried holstered, strong side, somewhat undesirable to all but lefties. I was thinking about getting a pony, but this gun has everything I want, except for front-strap checkering. note: there are other models coming.

  • In 1911’s I’m a fan of Kimber, though Ruger has done a really fine job on those units of theirs which I have. If this 1911 works as well as my P345 I’d be very happy with it.

    Now, do I save or sell something?

  • lac

    Guaranteed Ruger will sell this gun big time, then they will introduce the compact version in cal. 45 and perhaps 40 s&w. I work in the largest gun store in the North East, I see and experience the gun buyers, as well as the industry on a daily basis. Ruger is lined with quality, people buy Rugers because of the quality and the service. Period. 1911’s are a gun buyers favorite, no surprise to me that Ruger picked up on it. The gun will do well. Why isn’t Ruger making a pump shotgun? I believe they should make on that looks close to the old Winchester mod. 12, the exposed hammer would seal the deal.

  • why all the anal-retentive debate about ‘ambi-safeties’?! name any other 1911 in this price category – and make that ‘American-made’ – that have ambi-safeties! take a look at Kimber’s website: their “custom Crimson Carry” featured pistol doesn’t even have one… and at how much?
    The price of an ambi-safety isn’t gonna break you, and if you’re such a competetant pistolero, you should be able to do a self-install. So let’s see; current price on the ‘net to order one o’ these is about $650; add another $100 (at the most) for an ambi-safety….. hmmmmm. Sounds like a good deal to me. Was gonna buy a Taurus, but then had one of their subcompact 45’s self destruct in my hand, so I’ve pretty much lost confidence in their pistols. Ruger has always built tuff stuff.

  • i have kimber taurus springfield 1911 plus 10 other rugers i never had a problem with any ruger products icant say on others

  • Kajan

    I bought my first pistol in 1980 at the ripe age of 17. My dad had to sign for the Satin Nickel Colt MKIV Series 70 in the gunshop showcase that cost me $315. Only problem was I am a lefty who can do absolutely nothing right handed. So I practiced shooting that thing over and over with my right hand, until it became natural. Today I have a couple dozen handguns in my safe…Glocks, S&W’s, Colts, Rugers, Para’s, Springfields, Taurus…still shoot them all, even the revolvers right handed. The ambi safeties on my Para’s might come in handy if I ever need to shoot with my dominant hand/eye… I think I am going to buy three of these Rugers; got my own 19 year old son in the Army ROTC/Guard at college with his 17 year old brother right on his heels.

  • just got back from the NRA show in Pittsburgh – the Ruger feels exceptional; somewhat better we thought was Ithaca (yes ITHACA) is also introducing a 1911; a bit pricier (msrp) than the Ruger, but has excellent trigger feel; Ruger has a light trigger, but slightly less sharp/clean letoff than the Ithaca; Ithaca feels closer to a Kimber or Para; amazing the number of companies coming out with 1911’s, many made in U.S. The Ithaca is made in Ohio, Ruger of course in AZ. The Remington R1 seemed a distant 3rd to these new entries in trigger-pull and overall impression. And for the 1 or 2 people that have a problem about a 1911 without an ambi-safety, don’t know whose bathwater you drank, but no ambi-safeties under $1500 msrp. Of course there’s only 1 NRA show and everyone can’t attend, but sure is a great way to end all the debate for oneself by seeing/feeling/comparing and asking questions.

    • Taurus. Ambi safety, not much over $800 on a BAD day. Ruger will have it, eventually.

  • re: Komrad /accuracy
    I was surprised when the rep said they ‘guarantee’ 3in at 25yds.

  • LT B

    Mr. Potato Head (aptly named),
    In a combat situation, by the time you may need to fire weak hand, your safety is likely already off. If I’m going weak hand, whether it be to make best use of cover, or my strong side is out of order, I KNOW I am in deep doodoo and am already ready to fire. Ambi mag release: yes, safety: only for competition.

  • stumblin through looking for reviews on the new ruger sr1911

    the real world pricing im seeing has been as low as 720 bucks. not bad for an all american 1911 style pistol

  • John Doe

    This pistol looks like a winner for the money. The only thing missing for me are tritium sights and front strap checkering. If I can get my hands on one I’ll just add a Wilson Combat slip on checkered front strap in stainless until I can afford to send it out to be checkered by a competent ‘smith. Night sights, I can add later as well. I’ll leave the ambi safety to those who want to argue about it. If it came with an ambi thumb switch I wouldn’t pass the pistol over, I’d just replace it with a left side safety the first time it became a nuisance.

  • gettingoldshooter

    I have been a left handed shooter since conception and learned to shoot a variety of pistols and rifles that were manufactured for right handed people. In the USMC, we didn’t have left-handed rifles or pistols. We had the M-14, and the .45 1911s. later we had the M-16s but still had the “right-handed” 1911s and did fine. If a left handed shooter cannot figure out how to operate a right handed safety, maybe he ought to stick to the Mattel Fanner 50.

  • johny

    Looks good, seems to be slick with no hangups. But it is still a 1911 , same old design. No real changes, just some extras that on most 1911’s are options. I would like to see the design updated. Maybe the grip angle changed. I went to a Glock in 45 because my 1911 out of the box would not digest HP or truncated cone just 230 ball. My glock took all the 230 gr HP and 260 gr HP easily and the truncated cone.

    lets see some internal innovations not just copying a design the patent expired on

    • That is why there are so many different firearms on the market. You like the Glack, good on ya. Fine system, I wouldn’t own one myself. You like it? Go for it.

  • I had doubts when I heard that Ruger was bringing out a 1911. If we, as American shooters, didn’t have something to complain about, we would explode. Lets give it time and see what happens. Ruger is usually good about backing their products and I believe the same will happen here. Lets take a wait and see attitude with this pistol. I bet we will all be suprised ! I am not a big fan of Ruger handguns, but this one is based on the finest fighting pistol in the world. Lets see what happens. If you want something that doesn’t come on the pistol, well that is what keeps so many companys going. Fix it the way you want. That is the American way.

    God Bless America !


  • Norm

    Hey! Who’s knockin’ the Fanner 50? When I was in grade school, my Boy Scout troop ran a booth at a school fair with them. They had caps for a little noise and a spring in the cartridge to shoot a plastic bullet. Great fun indoors at school.

    The good old days.


  • Dad

    To the getting older shooter; I’m getting a little older too and I had to shoot right handed weapons in the Navy like everyone else did………….the question is ……If a left handed shooter wants an ambi control weapon…………why on Gods green earth would you think they do not deserve one????? I truely wish the right handed majority would have to live in a world designed against them for a day or two. By the way, I have never privately owned a 1911, but I am interested in the SR1911.

  • NikonMikon

    Hey “Dad”, from what I gather I don’t think people are saying left handed people/shooters dont deserve an ambi pistol, they are looking at it from a tactical point of view. I can understand why because the SR1911 comes with carry-friendly sights so they are assuming that the pistol is also going to be carry friendly regarding the safety and it is.

    From what I’ve gleaned (as it is not my opinion either way) the ambidextrous lever is more prone to snagging on things or being accidentally moved by either the shooter’s hand or external things from the environment.

    It sucks for shooters who aren’t right handed I would say but I guess you learned to work around it in the Navy right?

    Personally I wish they would come out with one that has both options for those who don’t care to have single sided safeties. My real desire however is they offer different finishes… 🙁

  • Joe

    I have seen the new Ruger 1911 SR listed at $600.00 in
    Texas. Sweet looking pistol, and yes it looks like a 1911
    because that is what 1911’s are supposed to look like.
    I can’t wait until they come out with a Super .38!!!

    • $600! Gonna hafta find me one of them NOW! And I agree, .38 Super is my second favorite 1911 caliber. Sweet round!

  • re “Joe”, Super .38; I’d want one too

    I’d be real surprised to see it in Sup .38 from Ruger; only a couple companies offering that chambering; and, Ruger has sort of a history of not building what people seem to want/like; first I’d like to see a commander model, and hopefully, a sub-compact version in .45 that doesn’t break the bank like Kimber and others.

  • Latetraveler

    Anytime you have a “war time” weapon called 1911A1 it is a military specification produced gun. Supposedly the parts should be interchangeable. During WW II Singer Sewing Machine Company made MA 1911A1 45s. Very rare and valuable. The Ruger MA 1911A1 Model 70 Series should be perfect fo the average gun enthusiasts.

    • TexasG

      So true so very true – the M16 I qualified with at basic training was stamped none other than —– Matel. The toy company! Hey, it performed well and I earned the expert marksman badge with it.

      • NikonMikon

        No, you NEVER qualified with a “Mattel” m16 because those never f***** existed. Stop playing veteran on the internet. If you really are a vet, then you’re spreading BS rumors and you should stop.

        Don’t believe me?

        Cut that sh** out. It’s stupid and lame.

        To reiterate: There is NO SUCH THING AS MATTEL m16. MATTEL NEVER made m16’s and no U.S. Soldier EVER HELD ONE in their hands. Period. EVER.

        I don’t care how inflammatory my comment is, it needs to be seen. Sh*t’s getting outta hand.

      • Gordon Bordeaux

        RE: Nikon Micon MATTEL.
        Listen boot! If you were old enough to know what guns mattel made, you know what i’am talking about. For your info mattel made cap guns in the 50’s, a cap gun was a toy that you could fire a roll of caps, a roll of caps was a little tiny bit of explosive set of by the hammer of the cap gun set off by its striking the cap. The 16 was made of plastic and referred to as a matel. I didn’t carry one. They tried to take my 14 away so I dodged the armor.
        So smart ass pull your head out of your ass, drop and give me 50!!!

      • Guglielmo Boogliodemus

        Around 1968 or so, my 30 yr old cousin stopped by to visit and saw the Mattel cap gun we (10 yr olds) were playing with and said not only was the M-16 made by Mattel, but the reason that the 5.56mm/.223 was superior was because the light bullet would enter the rib cage and ricochet off the ribs a dozen times causes much greater damage than the 30-06. He also stated that the reason the .45 acp was so effective is that if you hit the enemy in his finger it would tear his whole arm off. Best not to listen to blockheads. Remember, when it comes to firearms, everyone thinks they are an expert.

  • John Law

    I want one! to go with my Colt, Norinco, Remington Rand, Taurus and Kinber.
    1911s are like dead presidents, you just can’t have too many.

  • Nam Marine

    Nice gun. But I would not trade it for my Colt 1911 Government model, series 80. Mine is also in stainless and I paid $800. for it new. The firing pin block has not affected my trigger pull at all! It shoots great and I love it!

    • Steve Cornell

      First things first, Welcome Home! from a U.S.ARMY Viet-Nam VET. I also , am aam fancier of the 1911, I have many 45″s my favorite is Colt series 80 officers model stainless steel all factory except ambi-safety (I am a south-paw). this pistol is amazing 1 have shot every kind of load through it ,wadcutters,fmj,hollowpoints,handloads, factory,shotshells,hundreds of rounds, not once, in 20 yrs, has this Colt series 80 45acp ever failed to fire! This is my CCW of choice. (carried 1911 in nam too). sorry, i got a little off point, lol . I to, think this Ruger SR1911 is going to be a winner!! like all of Ruger firearms, they are all top Quality!! I own 10/22, MkI, MkII,SR9,LC9,LCP. Can”t wait to add a SR1911 to my collection.

      . .

      • Nam Marine

        Thanks Steve, and WELCOME HOME to you as well! I was stationed in Northern I Corps, North of Khe Sanh, a little place called CaLu. I was there in 1968 because I didn’t want to miss the Tet offensive (ugh) it was brutal!
        I may have to trade my Colt for the Ruger SR1911, I prefer a 1911 without the firing pin block!
        Have a great Thanksgiving!



    • JonSEAZ

      Simply take it off if you don’t like it. Remove the ambi and install a standard thumb safety. If you are incapable of fitting a safety, you should not own a 1911. Whining never got anyone anywhere.

    • Gary

      Just what is wrong with an ambi saftey? If your strong hand is injured you might have to shoot with the other hand. Plus,the last thing we need is another gun law! If you don’t like it have a gunsmith replace it, or just don’t buy it.

      • nikonmikon

        Ambidextrous safeties increase the risk of accidentally clicking it off. Since the safety is not protected by the holster, this is a far more likely to occur than your strong hand being injured in a theoretical situation.

  • pmsc1045

    it’s sort of tragic that there is so much agonizing over one feature of a firearm – any firearm; this thing is MADE and ASSEMBLED in the U.S.; and at a price that is very affordable for the quality; if you’re somebody that absolutely MUST have an ambi-safety, go pay the extra money, or buy some import that is made of inferior materials and may or may not wear out after a few thousand rounds; on the other hand, if the only thing that’s keepin you from purchasing is that one feature, stay tuned: Ruger’s kind of slow in releasing new models, but they do plan on having a model with the ambi- feature. Good grief people…relax.

  • Frank L. Nettleton

    Shame on all you folks. You’ve given me the fever.
    Now I’ve gotta have one. U.S.A. made, Great!!!!!!!!
    And Ruger. Woo Hoo! Use a Umarex Colt 1911 22 to
    practice with – and a SR1911 to buisness with.

    • TexasG

      Correction, Carl Walther made, Umarex imported Colt 22 – I love mine too and use it to practice behind my AMT Hardballer 45.

  • Martin

    What then is the best quality 1911? Disregarding price.

    • The Specialist

      It’s a bit of a matter of personal taste, but I would say the top 3 manufacturers as far as quality are Nighthawk, Ed Brown, and Wilson Combat.
      Quality has a price though, and while I’m sure an Ed Brown Executive is a higher quality 1911 than my Springfield Champion, my budget doesn’t feel that its $1,250 nicer.

      • tdjenkins62

        And there is also the Kimber. Don’t own one, but have several friends that do and high praises. Waiting for my own SR1911 as soon as I can get one!

  • Nicks87

    Wow! another 1911!

    I’m sooooo excited I must have one.


    What hasn’t been said/done-to/up-dated/attached/inserted in regards to the 1911?

    …And how long are we going to beat this dead horse?

  • Nex

    Hey guys i have a question…
    are the Brazilian guns bad ?
    As on one of the comments someone said that their Springfield made in Brazil was lacking performance…
    Also someone said that they wanted a 9mm 1911 pistol.
    The IMBEL(industria de Material Bélico do Brasil) manufactures a 9mm pistol for the military but i don’t know if they have a english site or if they sell it to civilians…
    Bye and good shooting guys..

    • mosinman

      the worst i heard , is that some batches come out bad, i think they had/have quality control issues, but my sister has a 20 gauge/.22 rifle single shot combo, and its accurate and solid, id say that its a good buy, id have to say most of thier products are good, but once in a while a bad one ruins the rep of the rest

  • Gary

    Would love to hear from someone who owns one. I have a 92FS and would like to buy a 1911. Looked it one, like the feel and will use it with my son for throwing lead down the range. Any comments from owners of tis gun would be appreciated.

    • Its a wonderful gun! I have put over 100 rounds through mine , and haven’t had an issue at all. This gun is definitely a piece of work.

    • Goatroper

      I just happened to walk into my local dealer’s place and grab the second one they were able to get. Have put several hundred rounds through it so far, and the more I shoot it the more I like it. You know how sometimes a gun just feels right in the hand? That’s the way this one was for me.

      Will see how it holds up over time, but so far not a single complaint.

  • pmsc1045

    RE: GARY

    just my humble op: I wouldn’t sell my 92FS for a new kidney, let alone for any other firearm, and I really like this Ruger. ( I’m patiently waiting for the other models they will be releasing, as I’m not a big fan of stainless unless it’s a matte finish.)

    • Dude. You really LIKE your M-9 that much? I’ve been carrying one since they hit issue. While I don’t feel it’s a bad pistol it’s not MY first choice. I carried a 1911 before I got issued the old M-15 S&W .38, then I found, in a “table of allowances”, a little known section that let me order MY shop NM1911s. Then came the M-9. Off duty I carried, and carry today, a 1911. God’s gift to man through His prophet, John MOSES Browning. When Ruger finally comes out with their version of the Commander, or better yet a CCO, that will be my next purchase. Commander top on an Officer frame, ultra sweet!

    • Tom

      i have a 92fs and a sr 1911 and the 92 does not compare in any way to the ruger hands down. and by the way it is a stainless steel matte finish on the ruger.

  • ant mich

    Im right handed and practice left, but alls i need is the grip safety in a combat scenario. I doubt i will ever have a 1911 in combat unless its the last thing there. I know they served our country well ,but we have high capacity pistol these days. My favorite pistol is a 1911 at the range and i like to protect my castle with a 45 hp. knockdown is surely there. I just like 40s and 9s with more rnds for a shtf scenario. More control ,more rnds in a 9. I do own a Croation made xdm that holds 13+1 in a 45. Anywho, Im going to get the ruger when the ar bug goes away. Boy once it bights its hard to stop. Now im doing the308 Ma-Ten build. oh boyoboyoboyoboy. Rugers are a part of my life for sure. Who doesnt have a 10/22 ,Mini-14, and the new Rick Perry Cyote gun? I think they should send me a demo gun to try out for them. Keep dreamen and hope 800.00 will magically appear w/out my wife finden out. Soon I will have one in my collection. Looks sweet Ruger. Keep builden um. I still want to find the lever action 44mag carbine.

  • ant mich

    I truly think some people cant make the , hum ,lets see is this the 100th aniversury. my ,i think it is. For those wondering about a horse that has been rode for 100 years and is still being ridden every day by many. It Is a tribute to the most popular pistol design of the last 100 years. Im beginning to think you do not own a 1911. Im pretty sure you have to own atleast one 1911 before you can talk about firearms on any blog. If you would like to pick up a peace of history and see why every good American Patriot loves this firearm you will begin to understand. You may even want to keep one or more in your safe. And the Ruger is built here at home. American jobs. I would recomend it w/out even shooting one yet. I have never had a single problem w/ any Ruger products, period.

    • Tom

      every american patriot should own a least one 1911, one that is made in the united states and the ruger is an american made 1911 that is priced as an entry level pistol but shoots as well and in some cases better than pistols that cost twice as much. if you can find one buy it, because if your a 1911 fan you won’t be disappointed.

  • Curtis

    I wish I could find one to buy. I have looked everywhere I know to. There seem to be no SR1911s for sale. If there are someone please let me know.

  • khalil ramos

    do they have this kind of unit here in the philliphines? where can i buy this kind of stuff here in my country?

  • Saw one, touched one and noticed the barrel isnt crowned, in fact it looked like it was hacksawed off from a longer barrel. Maybe thats the way they are making them today but that was a huge turn off. Knowing that the SR556 suffers from severe bolt drag and tilting in the receiver Im beginning to think that Ruger isnt what it used to be.

  • Locke

    Had the good fortune to stumble upon the SR1911 at a gun show about a month ago in MI while looking for the alumininum framed Tarus 1911 ALR. From the moment I picked it up … I was sold. Had the steel framed Tarus 1911 in the left hand and the SR 1911 in the right. I decided not to choose and bought them both. Have nearly 1,000 rounds through it now and I’ve never been happier. I’m no 1911 expert, and I can appreciate the functional art of a wilson combat…but the Ruger SR1911 will always be my first 1911 (by only seconds of paperwork, but my first nonetheless) and will make a tremendous gift for my son someday. Thanks Ruger!!

  • black guy


  • L.B.

    I saw my first one when it came into the gunshop for another customer. It was love at first sight, and I have 5 1911’s already!! LOL Ordered one on the spot but even gunshop employees have to wait their turn…..4 to 6 months as Ruger is swamped with orders. It’ll be worth the wait and I rarely say that about a design that’s been around 100 yrs.

  • Paul

    45 acp because shooting twice is silly!!!

  • Nightrider81

    Im also a lefty and think its smarter to have the more common safety or mag release stock and let it be up to us leftys to change it if we want. With that being said I love the SR 1911 and plan to own one in the near future. It doesn’t matter if it’s the best one ever made as long as its reliable. I choose by the feel in the hand and by budget. You can’t go wrong.

  • MATT S

    WOW thats a nice looking gun.

  • The Ruger P are the series of centerfire with semi-automatic pistols invented by Sturm, Ruger & Company. This series pistols were designed for military, police, civilian self defense and recreational use. It also comes in affordable price.

    • red shorts

      this rem is a great looking 1911 might get one but guess what? i love my american classic 45 $495 made in phillipines i was skeptical but i think the days of spending $1000-1200 might be over love it love it

  • nikonmikon

    “Listen boot! If you were old enough to know what guns mattel made, you know what i’am talking about. For your info mattel made cap guns in the 50′s, a cap gun was a toy that you could fire a roll of caps, a roll of caps was a little tiny bit of explosive set of by the hammer of the cap gun set off by its striking the cap. The 16 was made of plastic and referred to as a matel. I didn’t carry one. They tried to take my 14 away so I dodged the armor.
    So smart ass pull your head out of your ass, drop and give me 50!!!”

    Did anyone understand this post at all? You dodged what armor? As in tanks? What the hell are you even saying?

    Saying that the m16 was REFERRED TO AS and LITERALLY HAD mattel stamped on it are TWO COMPLETELY different things. How about you get your head out of your ass and type a coherent response next time dipsh*t.

    • Rocket Doctor

      Stumbled onto two of ’em for sale today. One came home. Will take ‘er to the range tomorrow. I might have to go get the other one “just because”. Well, with ten kids and twenty eight grandkids, I’m sure the other’n will find a home. Been waiting patiently for the “right” 1911 to come along. Vintage Colt’s are out of my range. I sold the S&W I had, but after handling the Ruger, I feel little difference between them, and the Ruger has a nicer trigger without fooling around with it.
      One foolish thing I did was pull it out and show it to my bud’s….am still wiping the drool off of it!!!

      • nikonmikon

        Where at? Do they ship? 🙂

  • tomas

    Hey guys! I had this gun Ruger SR 1911 since last Feb. I was so excited and happy when I got this gun. At my first 100 rounds shoot the handle was loosen when I went home I tighten it the grip panel screw but I was so dissapointed because the grip panel screw was broken and stock inside the grip panel bushing. The screw and gip panel bushing are crapped soft aluminum disposable. I forceful removed the screw until I scratched the frame badly. They said all parts of ruger are made in USA but is not durable. So I went to Lock smith gun shop and I bought a Colt grip panel bushing and screw stainless and replace it. Ruger SR 1911 is not really tested for 1911 its just started. Some people are curious and eager to find this hand gun, friendly advise you better find a Colt this is one of the best 1911, the parts are durable and tested.

    • ray

      really?? you should NOT own a gun, if you dont know how to use a screw driver. j/k

  • Galuyasdi

    Change the 1911 grip angle? Bad idea. From years of experience w/ firearms I can tell you with a certainty that most people have 1 o 3 hand structures. Ruger is right on with their flavor of 1911.
    You have years of experience pointing your finger. Point your finger at an object.and without moving your finger sight along it and it will be pointing at that oblect.
    1) if a 1911 grip angle fits your hand, when you point it at a target it will be dead on. Conversly, the the S&W grip angle will point low from where you intend it.
    2) if the S&W grip angle is dead on for you the 1911 will point higher than where you intend it. There are other grip angles that impact this but these two have a very great effect. With no correction choosing a natural pointer is the logical choice and is why pistoleros of old would remove sights from their guns. You should be able to (if you are familiar with your cartridges’ tragectory) be able to point from the waist and hit a pop can at 100 yds for a .38/.357, .44Spec/.44Mag, .45 Colt, .40 S&W, or 25-50yds with a .45 acp.
    3) the ones who can shoot anything with equal flare. I am not one of them.
    The 1911 was designed as a combat weapon and speaks very eloquently in this capacity. Turning 1911s’ into target and race guns is like building limo out of a jeep= not practical for real world scenarios. Ruger has kept truer to John Brownings design than Colt since they ceased production of the series 70. The series 80 firing pins breaking was a common occurance back when I last worked behind the counter, even on newly purchased guns. Someone would come in and tell us their gun wouldn’t shoot. I’d clear it, put a pencil with an eraser down the barrel, muzzle up and pull the trigger. When the pencil didn’t didn’t launch about 5′ in the air it was a broken firing pin every time.
    The Ruger is just what it should be. Couldn’t ask for anything better.

  • ray

    I love My RUGER SR1911!!! Cmon best buy 1911 out there!! 100% made in az. usa. I own this for about 4 months now, no problems at all. put around 300-400 rounds thur it FMJ only. AWESOME!!! SHOOTS BETTER THEN IT LOOKS. 30 yards is easy with this gun. Hard to find gun around here, so if you come across this 1911, I recommend you buy it. This is the one I keep on the night stand. I plan to keep this gun for a very long time.

    Purchased this for around 750 out the door.

  • I owned two 1911s 45 and 38super. All I need for myself is a basic model to use at the range and in house if needed .let the pros , police and must haves spend the big dollars, for the tricked out 1911s. The plain Jane will do just fine. Like everything else are parts made I house or somewhere in USA or overseas?

  • Beautiful piece – I was just looking at some 1911 models. I’ll have to check this one out.

  • OMie

    If you are a American and you love this country surely you will love this Ruger

  • ranger 82nd

    I love my Ruger Black Hawk 357 mag/9mm convertable. but I bought a colt 45 1991 A1 combat target model 80 and emjoy it well. looking at the redhawk for my next purchase, looks neat and the 44mag is sweet
    love to read the articles

  • Peggy

    I want to buy one of these & can’t find it . Can you help ?

  • USA Shooter

    Just got one at a gun show $611.00 new. I am changing the grip for a rubber fingered type grips. This will match My 40 Browning with rubber grips. Can;t wait to shoot it!

  • gun store GA

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