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  • Mr. Fahrenheit

    I’d poke my eye out.

  • Frank

    whats next? explosive tipped? sounds crazy

  • TCBA_Joe

    Why do cool things like these always need to be made out of precious metals? I don’t have the cash for a gold inlaid solid silver mini-crossbow. Maybe if it was made from common materials…

  • Entropy

    I never realised I needed one of these in my life.

    Until now.

  • Dakota

    The flaring arrow seems like an easy way to burn down your home. Leads me to wonder, why didn’t they make Rambo’s Exploding Arrows?

  • GeoffH

    Yeah, you could put an eye out with that thing. Nice workmanship. Wonder how many hours were spent making it.

  • dogon13

    how much, and where do i send the check. 😉

  • Mount

    Keep your finger of the trigger when you load that damn thing, ouch!

  • Lance

    How cute!!!!!

  • Jake

    Next up, poison-tipped, grappling hook, and explosive bolts.

  • GT

    It’s just a useless piece of &%&# but I want one, maybe two.

  • Joel

    That is awesome. I don’t even want to think about what it costs, let alone how much the bolts cost (which will of course go missing). I did notice however that when he was shooting the two balloons that they put together two different shots. You can see the balloon is in a slightly different position before he shoots it.

  • MibZ

    What’s the point? It’s too valuable for me to want to take it anywhere, and it’s too small to be effective other than “Hey! That’s cool!”

    I’d rather have a real crossbow.

  • Justin

    Darts brought to the next level, count me in!

  • He actually made it out of silver and gold… why? Very cool, though!

  • David Cook

    I might have missed it but what is the price on these mini crossbows and who would carry them if someone decided to purchase one? Plus, are they legal. How much are the arrows or darts for it?