IMBEL IA2 Rifle Video

The IMBEL IA2, potentially the next service rifle for the Brazilian Army, can be seen going through dust, ice and over-the-beach (or in this case river) tests in the below video. Skip to 3:50 minutes.

The IMBEL IA2 comes in 5.56mm and 7.62mm versions.

[ Many thanks to Marcelo for emailing me the link. ]

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  • Victor

    Some pictures of both the 5.56mm and the 7.62mm versions:

    The one in the middle is 5.56mm version with a thermal sight developed by the army using indigenous components and R&D.

  • Victor
  • Máté

    Could someone sum it up in English? Im also curious about those bikers.

  • chris

    Now that’s a KNIFE. Want one

  • Chicovsky

    About the rifle:

    – it´s based on the MD97, also Imbel, caliber: 5,56x45mm

    – modernized: rails for acessories and optics, lightweight

    – 4:20 = it was shot 70,000 for reliability tests, it was drenched in sand , mud, low temperature, direct exposure to humidity;

    – it was tested by the Special Operation Brigade located in Amazonas (rain florest, amazon river)

    – the carbine weights 3,100 kg and the rifle 3,700 kg (with empty mag)

    – 6:00 it can be shot 180 times without excessive heat due to the new handguard;

    – It was developed and manufactured 100% in Brazil

  • Lance

    I saw this on nothing new it replaces older 7.62mm FALs in Fact this IS a FAL chambered in 5.56mm. Only Brazilian spec ops used M-4s and M-249s so this is a good upgrade from aging battle rifles.

  • bigbear

    now thats a bayonet

  • Vitor

    It’s basically said that the IA2 had a lot of endurace testing, about 70k hours, and also input from brazilian special forces.

    It looks much better than the first MD97, but it is easy to top that piece of junk.

  • Guilherme Atencio

    This makes me a little proud. 🙂
    Nice to see a local industry making a good product.

  • Victor

    What was said in the video is that more than 70k rounds of ammo were fired during the trials, it’s not mentioned how many barrel-changes were needed during those trials and it’s safe to assume that more than 1 rifle was tested.

    Also the rifle was designed to have as many interchangeable parts as possible with FAL and Para-FAL rifles, as we already dominate the logistics of manufacturing such said rifles and it will make it cheaper to train the soldiers that’ll have their FAL rifles replaced.

  • subase

    I like the sturdy look this rifle, looks like something that you could use to bash someones head in and the rifle would still work. Can’t say the same about the HK416 and SCAR.

  • Lance

    Bet some FALs will stay in serive for some time you never know when a good 7.62 rilfe is needed for DMRs.

  • Rijoenpial

    HI guys…


    polymer stock for polymer stock, bashing someone’s head with it with a SCAR or a IA2 would be the same… LOL

    I like that Brazil is taking his new carbine seriously, with all the testing, even testing we don’t usually see in Europe or the States (humidity, because of the tropical climate) and it is always good to see the venerable FAL being upgraded, whether by DSA in the States or by IMBEL in Brazil…

    I think these lighter FAL versions would be more serviceable for the Military and Civil Police than the Military… The Military do not see as much action as the Military or Civil Police do and with all the compactness and lighter weight, it would make these police forces more mobile, and therefore, more effective… And as Vitor so well put it, the MD97 was a brain fart, maybe because of the FAL design being adapted for the 5.56 round…

    Going back to basics is always a good idea and starting from what made the FAL so great is a good place to start… The Brazilian could have made their own design from scratch, but rather took the FAL as their base platform, being a weapon they know and respect…

    And with all the improvements made by DSA and IMBEL, I am sure the FAL will go on indefinitely… And if I was to chose between any rifle design and the FAL in 7.62, I would choose the FAL without hesitation… The MD97, being in 5.56, maybe should have had an Ar-15 or Ar-18 design behind it, and not a FAL one… Maybe that is why the MD97 failed…

    I am more curious about how the 5.56 version performs than the 7.62 one… The 7.62 is a proven design for the FAL, whereas the 5.56 version (Md97) is, so far, not!

    And to me, a 7.62, being it on the 39 or 51 persuasion, is a Man’s round, not a Boy’s round like the 5.56! LOL


  • Avery

    It looks like it has the same leaky gas tube as the FN FAL.

    That bayonet machete combat knife looks brutal, though.

  • Winston Smith

    A FAL for 2011? I guess this proves the original FAL design when people still scoff. Looks like the mags were drop free, though, instead of rock-in. Can anyone confirm? That would be an improvement. 5.56 is a detriment, though– stick with the 7.62.

  • Lance

    This weapon is for Brizilian Army units I still believe navy units use US weapons Like the M-4 and SAW.

  • subase

    Polymer stocks aren’t created equal. The IMBEL IA2 looks like it has a steel hinged polymer stock, and the steel hinge can clearly be seen to be quite large, oversized for strength clearly, and if those steel parts are correctly embedded in the polymer then the stock will very strong indeed.

  • subase

    I’m surprised new rifle bayonets are mounted vertically nowadays. The Russians with their AN-94 have mounted their bayonet horizontally and just that simple change can bee seen to increase the combat value of a bayonet exponentially. Slice and cut instead of just stab. Getting the knife stuck between ribs also is greatly decreased with a horizontally mounted bayonet.

    Also that knife looks like a smaller version of Fairbairns Smatchet fighting knife. A mini machete too.

  • That guy

    Got to say, I like the full length forearm. Too many modern deigns seem to have way too much barrel protruding ot the front to use some of the newer techniques.