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  • Kyle

    Oh look, yet another monolithic upper AR. How wonderful. After literally seeing thousands of ARs of all calibers, sizes, weights and accessory combinations, I am just not as enthusiastic about Americas favorite black rifle as others. I just have been over exposed to ARs to find them interesting anymore. I find that most of the ones a lot of people have now are just absolutely drenched in rails and have crap hanging off of them that will go unused. My ideal AR (If I were to ever buy one, which is a very, very slim chance.) would be Light, Laser, Iron sights. Nothing more or it wanders into mall ninja territory. I like AKs more than any AR on the market, aside from the Para TTR.

    • Joe

      Fake @$$ gunsmiths running around and thinking there as hard as sonny corinthose!!!!

  • Theodoric

    I wonder how overpriced and useless this will turn out to be.

  • DRod

    This again?
    I’ve got my own DasBulk Edition AR too. I just have to buy the parts online first to make it. Just like Red Jacket. Till then, I’m stuck with my Colt. 🙁

  • DRod

    Check that. DRod Special Edition.

  • D

    I’m disappointed to see this. Red Jacket isn’t worthy of being mentioned on here. Those guys are absurd.

  • Alaskan

    Next they’ll announce a 1911..just you wait.

  • Tony

    Looks like a pile of other manufacturers parts on a generic ar-15 lower receiver that just happens to have been stamped with the red jacket logo. Not exactly earth shattering now is it.

  • Nick

    Red Jacket: The kings of trying to figure out how to do something KAC did 20 years prior, and then taking full credit for it afterward.

  • Chairman Mow

    They invented the DPMS RFA3-REC but it will cost you more than an ACR . Probably full of hand drilled holes and black spray paint.

    “It will revolutionize the industry !”

    I had high hopes for “Sons of Guns” , but these guys are clowns.

  • tactical beach bum

    I would go to Red Jacket to buy a guy like I would go to the cast of the Jersey shore to buy steroids. Red Jacket is a joke and disgrace to companies who are actually working to innovate within the industry. Red Jacket simply rips off designs, re-produces them with lesser quality and then charges you up the ass for them.

  • S&WBT

    I’ve watched the show and been to the website and these guys are awful. One of the guys had never heard of an M-203. And from what I can tell everything they sell is over priced. And their custom work has mostly already been done or should have never been attempted. I might be speaking for myself here but I’d prefer if TFB stuck to “real” firearms news and Didn’t give these anymore unneeded/undeserved attention.
    Just my .02

  • John Connor

    Yeah, I’ve had enough of Red Jacket and their useless junk. They do so much stupid crap on the show. The butchered m1919, The katana, the breaching saiga, and of course the fact that they have to paint everything black. Also the way they act all hardcore and serious on the show annoys the crap out of me. It is good for a laugh though.

  • gunslinger

    watched SoG and was like???!!!??? some of the stuff was just off the wall. their “mac-10” version of the magpul FMG? look it has a “survival kit” um.. yeah.. i’ll pass.

    now granted they are supposed to be pretty decent when it comes to AK/Saiga systems, but the show makes them look like.. well fools. they may have talent, but the production of SoG makes them look bad. I know i’d never buy anything from them.

    as for the ar market? welcome to the past. seems like everybody and their uncle can get lowers now and slap on an upper and stock.

    but that’s just me.

  • Lance

    Whats new more AR makers it dose look nice though.

  • Whammy!

    You can buy this right now. + some misc Magpul products.

    Avoid the hype.

  • Brandon M Spagnuolo

    What a joke.

  • Don

    Yeah, like I want to buy an AR from that bunch of clowns when I can buy from several top tier suppliers. You really scraped the bottom of the barrel with this news.

  • hoseking

    That looks an awful lot like a mega monolithic upper. I am guessing its just other peoples AR parts with their logo. No way I would let those chucklefuck garage gunsmiths take a dremel to anything going on one of my firearms.

  • I like “Sons of Guns”. I don’t think they are clowns.


  • Burton

    *facepalm* Who knows how many mall ninjas they’ll sucker into buying these, along with their other ridiculously priced weapons. How is slapping a UBR onto a monolithic upper impressive?

  • Lord Cthulhu

    1. It’s a game changer.
    2. It will revolutionize the industry.
    3. With this, Red Jacket will dominate the market!


    Red Jacket – please stay away from ARs. There are enough clown outfits putting ARs together as is.

  • Nicks87

    I’m not a big fan of Sons of Guns either but what the show does is help get people excited about guns who normally wouldnt be.

    The more firearm enthusiasts there are in the world the better. It keeps the govt tyrants at bay and makes the liberal gun grabbers even more nervous/pi$$ed off.

    My neighbor used to always change the subject when I brought up guns or hunting in conversations but now that he’s been watching SoG he has all kinds of questions and is always asking to look at and talk about my collection of weapons.

    So take it or leave it but I think the show does a lot of good for the industry even if it does make most of us “real” gun people chuckle once and awhile.

    • C

      I am one of those gun noobs who has gotten excited by the show. They made a huge deal in this latest finale about making a more reliable AR-15 but it seemed so simple just adding a few different parts. Anyway to get to my question down the road i would like to purchase a top end AR-15, and would like to know where to find one? As of right now REd Jacket seems like the coolest thing in the world, but don’t want to be fooled because i enjoy the TV show.

      • Don

        Do you really want to buy an AR from a a bunch of clowns who’re too stupid to follow the rules and hold on to their FFL?

        If you want a top end AR from reliable manufacturers, go to Colt, Daniel Defense or Bravo Company (BCM). You’ll pay a bit more, but you’ll get what you pay for, quality and reliability, built to spec.

      • Red Jacket Sucks

        Nick check out LWRC I have their 223 piston and it is amazing I just added a bump stock and it empties a 40 rnd in 4 seconds

      • Seth

        I would hands down suggest a MK116 by PRIMARY WEAPONS affordable for high end AR’s second to none customer service amazing reliability and product satisfaction

  • Bruce

    Well I’m looking for an Ak If any one has A better deal drop me A line

    • concernedcitizen

      Bushmaster has been making a piston driven ar-15 for years. The monkeys at Sog act like they made something revolutionary….. What a joke. And that girl looks like she has down syndrome.

  • joel

    hey i was wondering why nobodies made a 22-250 ar platform before because its a great cartridge???

    • Don

      for varmints, it’s great

  • Jb

    Gee, you really want something from these guys? No R&D on builds that you get it done as fast as you can, no long term field testing, they don’t seem to care to dive into now difficult is it to clean in the field, now long it takes to break it down, hours between cleaning. Anyone remember why the M16A1started shipping overseas? A little design change by the DC Monday morning war quarterbacks to save a few bucks after field testing. Reminds me of OCC, motorcycles with double sided tape parts bolted on, rake/trail on the forks that make the bikes unstable, love it when daddy says, whoever buys/wins bids of this $150K bike doesn’t ride it but keeps it in the garage, or this bike isn’t for everyone, no one else wanted to test ride it. I don’t think anyone who can shoot well needs a firearm that require a fleet of dump trucks hauling ammo because the rate of fire goes through a dump truck per minute. At that point, you do what the army does, you switch weapons and call in artillery. if nothing else, bring in a gunship.

  • Don

    Colt or Daniel Defense. Red jacket is a joke and not a very good one at that.

  • oonogil

    I’d like to see an opinion from someone who has actually owned or at least shot a RJ AR or any of their weapons. TV reviews are like movie reviews, I really don’t care. I would like to see real, honest, unbiased and experienced reviews about their guns. Guns, whole guns and nothing but the guns. I plan to add a new AR to the safe in the very near future. I want to know if RJ would be a wise choice. I have a heavy barrel ar. I want a light, easy handling, reliable, durable and accurate AR. What someone thinks about the TV show is irrelevant, it’s about the guns. That and the flame throwing cannon. Too cool.

    • Red Jacket Sucks


      I have a Red Jacket Saiga and let me tell you how bad it was to get it and how bad they are. I also ordered the internal silenced AK that after a 11 month wait I canceled the order because Chris and Stephanie kept jerking me around. Lets start with the Saiga, wanted it painted and came to my dealer looking like a 6 year old had a party with a can of Krylon in a wind tunnel. Long short had to settle for the black. I have yet to get that thing to cycle properly but fear sending it back to them for they will screw it up even more. As for the silenced AK it was suppose to be 6 to 8 months well at 11 months and 50 stories later I canceled the payment with VISA. They neither contacted me or VISA. They kept telling me that it was in build or that they had contracted the barrels out and it was their fault. I know as a fact that they had not begun to or close to it being built. They had my dealers FFL number for the transfer, if they had actually in 11 months gotten to the point where it was near ready they would have had to had my dealer transfer the class 3 parts back to RJ after I canceled it. The sad part is I work for a national restaurant chain and had bought dinner for Chris and Stephanie on more than one occasion as well as gift cards and some of the staff. Last conversation with Stephanie was I just sell them I don’t build them…call the shop. So anyone thinking of waiting time and money this would be your best bet….stay with great builders like LWRC they build some great weapons.

  • All you guys are just haters that probably can’t even afford the price of the rifle and act all bitter because of it. When I am handing my Red Jacket Rifle down to the next generation its going to be more valuable because all you dumb asses that don’t know: like these other top tier company’s Red Jacket will be one as well soon enough. So just be prepared to eat that crow and then have to watch your grandchildren buy and shot one of Red Jackets weapons when they are grown.

    • Dan

      Please please tell me you just gave us a huge dose of sarcasm and you are not being serious

  • Redjacketsucks

    I have one of their crap weapons I have Ben in their show they ate idiots. You are a dumb ass for being sucked in to what you think is a real weapon show. All Chris and Stephanie worrie about is their publicity. I ordered a weapon a year later I canceled with VISA and because they knew they had screwed up they never fought the decline of payment. Both Shows are a bunch of idiots I would not have make a firecracker. So unless you have been on the show met them then you are a maladjusted viewer

  • Mike

    This show is SOOOOOOOOO STUPID! Everyone talks about how hot Stephanie is, I think she looks like a rodent!! I REALLY wish Discovery would quit airing it!

  • Tripp

    Has anyone on here owned or used an AR from Red Jacket enough to commit how the weapon operates.

  • To Tin Fung

    Just.. no. People, why are you still buying their stuff. Just stop it already.