Kimber Solo 9mm

Kimber’s Solo Carry is a new sub-compact 9mm pistol. It is a single action striker-fired design. The pistols biggest selling point is that its ergonomics and style are inspired by the 1911. It really does look like a mini-1911.

Kimber Solo Two-Tone

At the moment there are two models out. The Solo Carry (a two-tone finish) and Solo Carry Stainless both have the same price and specifications.

Caliber 9mm Luger/Parabellum
Capacity 6 rounds
Frame Aluminum
Slide Steel
Grip Black synthetic
Barrel 2.7″
Trigger Single action striker- fired. 7lbs pull.
Twist 1:10″ left hand twist
Overall Length 5.5″
Weight 17 oz.
Sights 3-dot, low profile
Other features ambidextrous magazine release and thumb safety
MSRP (Price) $747
Kimber Solo Stainless

The Kimber Solo CDP will not go on sale until later this year. It features night sights, front & back strap checkering and rosewood Crimson Trace lasergrips. The MSRP will be around $1,223.

Kimber Solo Stainless & Kimber Solo CDP
Kimber Solo CDP
Review of the Solo

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  • Will

    It looks like a SR9c and a 1911 had a baby.

  • AnointedSword

    You know what, nice looking gun. Might check her out…

  • Hank

    Looks sort of like an updated Colt 1903.

  • Andy from CT

    I must say that I love my Kel Tec PF-9. I don’t think I’ll ever sell it but I could never shoot it with a relaxed grip nevermind the thumb and index finger shooting.

    I pretty much stuck my nose up in the air when I first heard about the Solo and saw the pics. But the more I see, the more I like.

    Yes it weighs more. Probably a tad thicker and it’s not cheap (paid $250 for my KT). But I think I want one to add to my carry rotation.

  • Am I allowed to say ‘that looks cute’? (If I say it in a very manly voice)…

    Seriously, it’s an amazing bit of engineering.

  • Jim S

    I don’t want to be that guy, but I wish that Kimber didn’t make this gun. I like the idea of a mini, slim, striker fired (too many DAO minis right now) pistol. I’d buy this, but the funds are tight. And I know that slapping that Kimber label on the side probably jacks up the price a good $2-300 automatically.

    That being said, I have wanted one since I saw one on the back of a magazine and would probably pick one up if I can find a used one at a decent price.

  • Julio

    Looks like a nice firearm, but I keep asking myself, “What does this pistol have that another offering out there doesn’t at less than half the price?

    Given what I’ve experienced with the two Kimber .45 pistols I used to own, I’m not eager to step up and drop $1,000+ for yet another jam fest firearm, or one that is fussy about what ammo it digests.

    I had a pro carry and an ultra CDP (first gen).

    That being said, I think the pistol looks pretty sharp and at least if you had to have a safety on it, it’s ambidextrous… so they didn’t leave us southpaws out.

    Other than that… I’m a skeptic.

    I just had the best experience breaking in a new Kahr CM9 with no hiccups in 300 rounds. That’s what we need in a pocket-able, self defensive pistol. Reliability.

    • Lance miller

      Nike is a name u pay for to, and I’m glad to pay for some quality Kimber is an elite gun with great customer care from my experience
      Miller 16

  • MHinGA

    My, what poor trigger control that “expert” has in the video. Typical. The pistol does look interesting, though.

  • Hey, the photo above showing the Solo and identifying it as a CDP is not the CDP version. That is the Stainless Solo with CT grips. The CDP version is two tone.

    • jeff

      good call, i was going to mention the same thing

  • ap

    I think it looks more like a SR9c than a 1911 and a quite ugly one at that.

  • El Duderino

    There are a couple on Gunbroker right now in the $600-$900 range. Both are two tone, I haven’t seen one on there that’s all stainless.

    My fav LGS has 2500 preorders for this pistol and got ONE out of the initial release. Much worse than the PMR-30!

  • Cut the price in half, we’ll be talking. Price as shown? Are you out of your mind?!?! It may be nice, but it’s not THAT nice.

  • James

    I think I’d rather have the Walther PPS.

  • conrack

    Ditto @Julio’s comment, I don’t “get” how these guys justify such high price points for their little pot metal P.O.S. that has less than half the raw materials & requires less overall machining than a mid or full size pistol?

    I wouldn’t pay that much even if I was using your money, especially for a Kimbunk.

  • Brandon M Spagnuolo

    Looks nice, a bit pricey, 7 pound pull is a bit higher than I like for a semi-auto. A century later, 1911 ergonomics and style still rule.

  • The Stainless (satin silver color – alloy frame) hasn’t even gone into full production. None have shipped and probably none will ship before June.

  • I like the look of the Solo but…….I don’t like the Price $747 MSRP. 🙁

  • SDG

    I think it looks ugly. I’ll stick with my cheaper than dirt Kel Tec PF-9. 😉

  • GT

    It looks a lot like a Colt 1903, not a 1911 (wich is a good thing)

  • Komrad

    what does this do that my $200 surplus CZ-82 doesn’t except have half the capacity and just a tiny bit more punch? Oh yes, costs more.
    Seriously, $700 is way too much for a pocket gun when there are so many other nice new production pocket guns out there for next to nothing and almost as many former soviet bloc handguns for cheap too.

  • Actually, I think it looks more like the disaster that was the Colt 2000, just smaller.

  • Yeah, not so sure about this one.

  • Tyson Chandler

    Solo…So What? I like the look, but at about half the price,… and without the thumb safety.

  • carter

    One thing that always griped me about Kimbers was the lack of a stainless steel barrel. The carbon rusts pretty easily… yea sure, it’s not visible, it still gripes me.
    I’d like to see a single stack 9mm from the people that make tennifer coated barrels, you know, the ones that don’t shoot lead, the ones with the 5 letter word.

  • ThoreMo

    Just curious: am I the only person that finds the lines of this thing to be reminiscent of the AMT DAO Backup? Having once had one of those, it’s been a MAJOR problem in the way of my taking a serious look at the Solo.

  • Don

    @ carter

    single stack 9mm from them would be quite compelling. I’d buy one.

  • Trone

    I think you’re right..

  • Hryan

    What’s with all this hate for Kimber? Two friends of mine and I each recently bought a Custom II each, and none of us have had any problems whatsoever with any random ammo combination, including reloads. (Over 1000 for me, at least 400 for the others) So really, is this just another one of those internet rumors that gun shop commandos like to spread?

  • I was looking at some gun manufacturers websites, on Sig Sauer’s website I found they now make the P290 a 9mm Compact pistol for $758 MSRP. I don’t know what Kimber and Sig Sauer are thinking on having these compact pistols price so high, when I could go and buy a Ruger LC9 for $443 MSRP or $400 at my local gun shop.

    • Caveman

      then go get one….

      • A2303

        I have owned both the LC9 and Kimber… I couldn’t sell the LC9 fast enough. The difference between the two is like trying to compare a hi-point and a Glock. You get what you pay for…..

  • Joe

    Bught my Ruger LC9 at my gun ship for $360 and change. Shoots anything I put in it, and shoots where I point it. Ruger quality is right up there with Kimber, and Ruger does not charge for their name!

    • rib

      Let’s see..hmmm….better trigger than lc9, smaller than lc9, better sites than lc9, and all-metal construction. Yep. Definitely not worth paying for….who would want those upgrades?

    • usabilityfirst

      I agree; the 2 pistols are apples and oranges and the features rib mentions are exactly the features that a) make it more expensive b) worth the extra money and c) make the LC9 a less attractive option. I’ll throw in a poor LC9 trigger and greater recoil as negative factors, which for me aren’t offset by the LC9’s higher capacity and lower price. The Kimber’s all metal construction puts it in another class than the LC9.

  • The Kimber solo is my first gun and I love her! My husband is law enforcement and prefers Kimbers. I went to a gun store one day and held the solo. I purchased it on the spot. I love this gun. Its easy to handle (it does have a kick) and very accurate. My husband calls her a “hand canon” by the way.

    I feel very confident with this gun and i’ve only been shooting for 2 months. The only downside I’ve found is when I first bought it extra mags were hard to get. Kimber is now selling them on their online store but at first it was not fun to shoot 6 and re-load… shoot 6…

    As far as the pricing goes I understand some guns are priced differently but after shooting my solo I think it is WELL WORTH the $680 I paid for it.

    Just my 2 cents from a gun novice chick who loves to shoot and loves her solo.

  • Tom

    I just ordered two Solos. I really liked the looks of the gun so I got one for myself and one for my son. I do wish Kimber would speed up release of their Solo 9mm. Can’t wait to get mine.

  • HG

    George Hill at had a great article on the “niceness” of the Solo:

  • mike knox

    Kinda’ looks like a Kimber made bor children..

  • Shane

    I have 2 Kimbers, the best guns I own. I have a Crimson Ultra and a Stainless Pro Raptor II. Would like to see a solo, have read mostly good things about it, but a few negatives.

  • Phil Conklin

    Ahh the Solo Carry Kimber. I recommended this to a friend for a Concealed Carry, he bought it and I took him to the range for training. Well, there is a problem with the magazine causing it to jam with every squeeze. I was quite embarrassed and regretful for the money he spent and lack of quality he received. I am battle fatigued with the “excellent and highly regarded” Kimber. Frankly, it is my opinion and for what that is worth, the gun is highly over rated. Any firearm company that prides itself claiming to be a superior firearm (at a high end price) should produce consistency in dependability. I was highly discouraged by the lack of performance that this weapon demonstrated. I will remain loyal to the Barettas and H&K’s of this world Good luck Kimber, I truly wish you well.

  • Bryon wilkinson

    I own the solo an love her

    • Daddy Wilkinson

      I own your mom and love her