Chiappa Firearms Kodiak .45-70

The new Kodiak .45-70 from Chiappa Firearms is a ‘modern’ 1886 lever action rifle. It has a synthetic stock, recoil pad and synthetic furniture.

Chiappa Firearms Kodiak .45-70

The rifle was on display at the EXA ’11 gun expo in Italy.

Steve Johnson

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  • Julio

    The “synthetic” stock and fore-arm on the Kodiak isn’t quite what you might expect, i.e. solid or hollow polymer: instead it’s hardwood with a thick rubberised coating for effective grip and weatherproofing. This method of producing stocks seems to be catching on in Italy -I think it may be one of Minelli’s innovations- so we’re likely to see more of it, especially on guns where weight-saving is not a primary criterion.

  • Lance

    How much? Will it be imported into the US?

  • Milo

    As an owner of an 1886 extra lightweight .45/70, I think this is a wonderful idea!
    All weather and .45/70 power=win!

  • Chris B

    Woodwork is the same as what franchi was using 25+ years ago ( but a dual layer 1/16th thick coating ) – they simply look tattered and worn after a few years of hunting.

    All weather ? How much of this is stainless ? The screws are blacked stainless, or soon to be rusty normal ones ?

    Straight stock = so 19th century like my 1886 .45-90

    Any why a 5 shot and not full length magazine ?

    I’d love to see the .45-70 loaded to modern pressures in a modern safe action not the low pressure of the pre 1900’s action ammo we buy now.

  • howlingcoyote

    Why no full length magazine? How about chambering it in 475 JDJ (475-45-70 wildcat), 45-90 WCF, 50-110 WCF (high speed loading 300 gr. at 2200 FPS), 40-70 WCF, 40-65 WCF and 475 Alaskan and 50 Alaskan?
    Chamber it in 450 Marlin too for high speed loads.
    What will the retail price be? I hope it’s not some outragous thing like $2000 or so, ‘cus nobody will buy them. Keep it around 600 to 700 dollars.

  • howlingcoyote

    Magnaport it or some type of muzzle brake to help keep down recoil.

  • Darcy Potter

    just picked up a kodiak 45-70 today for bear this spring it does not cycle the 300gr fusion worth a darn im takeing it back monday. stiff would not discribe this action you drop the first round every time by this i mean it fails to feed from the tube to the chamber i cleaned it thourlly befor loading my son has a real 1886 passed down through the family and it is smooth . i have had my share of lever rifles but no matter how assertive you are with this thing it does not feed reliably and this is toted as a dangerous game rifle ????i think it would take a good gunsmith and few bucks to make this thing right