Speer .22 WMR Personal Protection Ammunition

Speer has introduced a .22 Winchester Magnum cartridge optimized for use in short barrel self-defense pistols. From a 1.9″ barrel the 40 grain bullet leaves the muzzle at 1150 fps, generating 99 ft/lbs of muzzle energy. It would likely perform better in longer barreled guns like the Kel-Tec PMR-30.

From comparison, the Speer Gold Dot Personal Protection .25 Auto is loaded with a 36 gr bullet which leaves a 2″ barrel at 900 fps with 63 ft/lbs of energy.

The rounds of nickel coated to help feeding and extraction.

Speer says …

These loads are designed for compact rimfire handguns and specific self defense applications. A large cavity ensures maximum expansion and terminal ballistics at reduced velocities. Consistent 10 to 11-inch penetration was achieved in factory testing–in barrels as short as two inches.

“We wanted to design a self defense option that catered to the rimfire platform,” said Brand Director Rick Stoeckel. “We engineered these rounds for effective expansion and consistent functioning in close-quarter situations–where performance is absolutely critical.”

Steve Johnson

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  • Woodroez

    Had to figure it was a matter of time before tailor-made .22 WMR for pistols would come out since the PMR-30 was released. Still have yet to see a PMR in the wild though.

  • Brad

    I wonder how it does in a 6.5 inch barreled revolver? Is there a danger of too high a velocity, leading to the bullet over-expanding and under penetrating?

  • DRod

    PMRs are definitely a rare creature.

    If I had a .22 mag, I’d probably go with these.
    Bet they’d be great small game rounds.

  • Numlock

    While I wouldn’t use it for personal defense, I bet this will be a great varmint round and I’m going to buy a case or two of it for my Single Six.

  • Anon

    Sounds like this is tailor made for the Smith & Wesson Model 642 Airweight, yes?

  • Anon

    Oops, That should be S&W 351PD AirLite…

  • tincan

    wouldn’t a 22mag for self defense be ridiculously LOUD shot indoors without hearing protection?

    • you may find a revolver in 22 mag, if you google for one or go to taurus.com, or charter arms.com

    • you may find a revolver in 22 mag, if you google for one or go to taurus.com, or charter arms.com

      i did say that but you sasid i did not have valid email address, so i thought my comments were no ccepted as submitted

  • Ladyfox

    Anyone know if there is a 2 3/4 barrel snub-nosed revolver chambered for .22 WMR out there? I was hoping for a semi but it looks like outside of a few rare and difficult to find models out there there’s nothing really in production.

    Really kind of surprised that neither Ruger, in maybe the LC platform, or S&W, in the Bodyguard or M&P platforms, have really looked into putting out pistols in this caliber. I mean, short of the NAA revolver and I think S&W puts out a full-size revolver still there really is not much out there in the handgun platform that could be used for either sporting or self-defense.

  • aeronathan

    Sounds like a good fit for one of those NAA mini-revolvers. Not a bad idea to have good ammo even for a BuG….

  • Komrad

    @ladyfix, a lot of companies make revolvers chambered in .22 WMR, most come with a second cylinder for shooting .22 LR

    of course there is the PMR-30, and the old out of production Grendel P-30, and the AMT AutoMag

    I very much like the idea of a small and lightweight pistol that can deliver a large number of rounds, like the Five seveN or PMR-30, this stuff should be better for two or four legged varmints

    obviously a PMR-30 or .22 mag revolver wouldn’t be the first choice for self-defense, but as a trail gun doing double duty, it seems fine

    really wish I could find a PMR-30, I’ll probably end up with a single-six anyway

    does anyone have any info on the RMR-30 (not the PMR)?

  • Bill Lester


    As noted by Anon, S&W currently has their Model 351PD. Seven shot J-frame with 1-3/4″ barrel weighing about 11 ounces loaded. That would serve the CCW role, as well as a nice hiking companion. There is also the Model 48, a 4″ K-frame that would serve admirably as a small game getter.

    S&W made several other .22 Magnums during their revolver heyday. The Model 48 used to be made with 4, 6 and even 8-3/8″ barrels. The Model 51 was a J-frame with 3-1/2″ barrel and target sights. The Model 648 was a stainless steel K-frame with 6″ full-lugged barrel. Finally there was the Model 651, a stainless J-frame with 2 or 4″ barrels and target sights. All were six shot guns. Since they all pre-date the hated ILS and use of MIM parts, expect to pay some serious change for any of these rare revolvers IF you can find one for sale.

  • MJM

    Interesting. If I were going to carry one, then that would be the round. Now, a PMR, suppressed, …. Hmmm.

  • Diomed

    My High Standard DM-101s and S&W 650 (you left that one out, Mr. Lester – 3″ stainless J-frame with fixed sights) are very interested in this development…

  • Todd

    I’ll have to give these a whirl in my GF’s 351PD. She loves that little revolver.

  • JMD

    I’m definitely going to get some of these for my NAA mini revolver.

  • That’s an interesting round. But this is not the first .22 magnum SD round on the market. Hornady has released his own back in February if I am not mistaken.
    There is always a place for my NAA .22 mag.
    I read about people being instantly killed by .22 LR.
    I wouldn’t carry it as my first option but find it interesting to have a more powerful rd out of my BUG.
    You should see what a powderless .22 LR rd is capable in terms of penetration on a phone book. Check this out:http://youtu.be/EZ-604hm5Ss

  • 🙂 Before someone points to my mixed coments. I apologise for mixing .22 LR and .22 magnum on the comment above. My NAA .22 Mag has a conversion Cyl to .22 LR.

  • johnny9

    komrad,,the rmr 30 is supposed to be released in 2012,,im sure it will be closer to the end of the yr since there really busy with the new 15 rnd ksg shotgun”man is it sweet”.ive had my pmr30 a couple months and no problems at all,,im shooting it more thanmy 10-22,,and yes,its becomeing my fav gun to shoot of all time..nice pistola for sure:-)

  • Boedy1000

    Just got a PMR 30 a couple weeks ago. I brought it out for the first time on Sunday and tried 5 different types of ammo. This new Speer ammo worked flawlessly!

  • Wayne Sharer

    Like most of you, I bought a short-barreled 22WRM to use as a convenient sized knock-around handgun. I assumed (never smart) that the .22WRM would be substantially more powerful than an ordinary .22 long rifle. My personal opinion is that while the 22WRM is much louder, it is hardly more powerful out of a 2 inch barrel. Before you jump out there and invest in a firearm that shoots expensive ammunition, check to see if a regular .22 will not serve just as well.

    Now if you are considering a 6″ barrel… that is a horse of a different color. Just my opinion but one based on comparative research.

  • Charlie K

    I wonder if this ammo would be safe to use in my 22 Mag High Stander Derringer?