Sig Sauer SIG716 .308 Battle Rifle Pricing

The much anticipated SIG716 still does not have a launch date, but I finally have pricing for two of the models! For those of you who are not familiar with the gun, it is a AR-10-style piston-operated rifle chambered in .308 Win / 7.62x51mm NATO.

SIG716 Patrol
SIG716 Precision Marksmen
SIG716 Precision Sniper (non-standard desert finish) Photo © Bryan Jones

The MSRP for the civilian (semi-automatic) SIG 716 Patrol is $1866. The Precision Marksman MSRP is $2199.


Close Quarter Battle


Patrol Rifle

Precision Marksman


7.62x51mm NATO

7.62x51mm NATO

7.62x51mm NATO

7.62x51mm NATO

Overall Length





O.A.L. w/Stock Collapsed





Barrel Length





Barrel Contour




Heavy HBAR


6 RH

6 RH

6 RH

6 RH

Muzzle Brake

M16A2 Style

M16A2 Style

M16A2 Style

M16A2 Style

Sight Radius





Weight w/o Mag

8.4 lb

9.0 lb

9.3 lb

10.6 lb

Magazine Type

SR25/P Mag

SR25/P Mag

SR25/P Mag

SR25/P Mag

Magazine Capacity

20 rd

20 rd

20 rd

20 rd


Std Mil-Spec

Std Mil-Spec

Std Mil-Spec

2 Stage Match

Trigger Pull

7.6 lb

7.6 lb

7.6 lb

5.4 lb

Cyclic Rate

650-720 rpm

650-720 rpm

650-720 rpm

Semi Auto Only

Steve Johnson

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  • Brad

    Another AR clone? Hell… I was hoping the Sig AMT was back!–stgw57-e.html

  • Jodie

    Looks like it takes AR10 mags, why not for SR25 pattern?

  • James

    I get the impression that SIG is more interested in a quick buck than they are in preserving their brand image as the purveyor of quality Swiss/German firearms. Why offer a product that everyone else is making already? Why not offer an updated SIG-542 that takes P mags?

  • kris

    looks like it is sr25, pmags pictured. Tan rifle may be pre-release.

    Why would SIG not be interested in a quick buck, they are profit motivated yes?

  • eurogunner

    As U.S. export regulations make premium grade AR rifles practically unavailable for european sport shooters, many euro manufacturers are filling this niche.

    My forecast is that in the near future more gun and accessory manufacturers move their operations to Asia where they can deliver their products without stupid restrictions.

  • charles222

    …They’re a business and SiG rifles have virtually zero market share here? God forbid somebody makes a business decision that makes sense.

  • Other Steve

    I like how the sig AR-10 is lighter and cheaper than the stock HK MR556A1. That’s kinda sad on HKs part.

    This looks good, but I wonder how this would fair against a Scar H?

  • Daniel

    Great another AR-15 or AR-10 clone….What Sig needs to do is open up the Sig 55x more to the public. I’d gladly pay for a semi auto version of the Sig 552 Commando that takes STANAG mags.

  • Dumbpollok

    Those mags are PMAGs and the info says SR25. As far as I know, very few major manufacturers make piston-op AR-10s.(LWRCI and POF) Maybe Sig got this one right and looks like the price is better the others.

  • Lance

    I like the Precision Marksman. BUT it cost way too much money. You can buy a M-21 for that price.

  • Mr Maigo

    Wow, those are actually some really nice prices. I’d buy one right now.

  • charles222

    Also, Steve-not to sharpshoot you, but “AR-10 style” and “piston-operated” do not go together. One of the many things that was unusual about the -10 was it’s total lack of a piston.

    • charles222, an ar-15 with a piston, is an ar-15 with a piston. The piston is not a huge change in design.

  • jdun1911

    The market share for Sig 5xx rifle around the world is very very very small.

    Let be honest Sig 5xx rifle don’t sell well as seen in their last attempt, the Sig556. Of course that might change if they lower it to around $600 but I doubt that.

    The trigger pull for the Precision Marksman version is kind of high. I rather have it at around 3lbs. They probably did it for lawsuit concern.

  • Stefan

    Just wondering about the muzzle-brakes. Is it possible to change/remove it?

    Some types of ammo, for example the sub-caliber ammo used by the swedish armed forces, would not be possible to fire with the M16A2 muzzle brake.

    A pretty big disadvantage for a “sniper rifle”?

  • Michael

    Can anyone identify the night vision attachment that’s mounted in front of the scope on the Flat Dark Earth “SIG716 Precision Sniper”? I’m very interested in different types of thermal and night vision and I’m trying to learn more about it. Thanks.

  • SDG

    I like the marksman version. Is it a “poor man’s” SR-25? 😉

  • Nater

    Too expensive? The LWRC REPR (a really nice gun, no doubt) costs $3,500 or there about. The HK MR762A1 isn’t available and it requires proprietary mags the last time I heard. The FN SCAR-17S is over $3k as well. The M21/25 rifles are also well above that price point. Even more if you add in a modern chassis system.

    I might just get the ‘Precision Marksmen’ version of this rifle. It’s the same price as the high-end piston AR-15-type rifles.

  • Lance


    There isnt a need in a Stoner action for muzzle brakes the recoil is greatly reduced in a AR wepaon.

  • jdun1911


    AR DI have piston. What AR DI does not have is a physical OP-Rod. AR DI used gas as it OP-Rod

  • jdun1911


    I don’t see why you can’t remove the A2 Flash Hider.

  • Michael

    If it weren’t for the inflated resale value of the SR-25, I’d easily take one of these Precision Sniper SIGs over the SR-25. I know a lot of people will disagree with me on this, but in my opinion, a quality well-designed piston AR (i.e. POF, LWRC) is better and more reliable than an AR with a flimsy gas tube that blows hot, filthy gas into the upper receiver and onto the bolt group, not to mention into the shooters face in some cases (i.e. shooting suppressed).

  • Jared

    Haters gonna hate.

  • Fubar

    I am interested. However the 556 had so many QA issues that I am not too confident about the SigArms of today to deliver a reliable firearm.

  • jdun1911


    I think you need to do more research on reliability between piston and DI AR.

  • cc19

    Didn’t Sig have 308 variant of their 550 series coming?

    I’m curious about this tangent they’re going off on with piston AR’s; you’d think they’d be more about promoting their 556 line as a superior platform.

    As pointed out however, they are more affordable than some of the more known piston platforms such as LWRC and Hk, so maybe that’s enough to draw in the additional revenue they were looking for.

  • charles222

    cc19-I think the primary difference is the huge familiarity the USA-the primary market for any manufacturer of firearms-has with the AR-15. Literally anyone who has served in the US military since 1968 or so has shot an AR-15/M-16/M-4 and is familiar with it’s manual of arms; so have lots of policemen and various USGI personnel-park rangers and certain DOE employees, for starters. The 5xx rifles never achieved anything close to that level of market penetration and like virtually every other European military rifle, also completely missed the boat on getting aboard the M1913 rail bandwagon, and therefore, distinctly lacked versatility compared to AR pattern rifles-pretty sure the first AR-15 civilian flattops with M1913s/Weaver rails on them showed up in the early 1990s, and we’re just now seeing them on European service weapons.

    M1913 changed alot of things about military rifles; accessory mounting used to be a giant pain in the ass (remember the buttstock adapter on the old Delta H-BAR rifle to allow a user to easily and accurately utilize optics on the A2 carrying handle?) and the M4’s rail system pretty much destroyed that overnight by offering a universal mounting system for virtually anything. It’s what really set the M16A4/M4 apart from other NATO rifles for quite a few years-NOTHING approached the versatility available in the system.

  • charles222

    Also-I’m not aware of anything that proves the 5xx series is inherently better than the M4/M16. Sure, Sig could market it as such, but there’s an arising awareness in the firearms community that alot of the claims about the quality of the AR simply aren’t true, so it could well backfire on them.

  • kmahaney556

    I like what Sig has done, but my problem with the ar platform is if you have your scope mounted more to the rear it covers the charging handle and makes it hard to operate. I would’ve liked them to have made the 716 more like the 556 so that the charging handle would be on the side and the scope issue would not be a problem. Maybe they’re working on one. I hope so, cuz if they don’t I’ll have to buy the repr and it’s much higher priced!

  • Russ

    Michael: The night vision scope on the Precision Sniper looks very similar to a ATN PS22 Nightscope Attachment. Similar but not exact. You can see one in the current Cabela’s catalog. About $4,500 for the military grade Gen 3 model.

  • I think it’s an interesting design, and don’t understand how attacking companies for being willing to do something (a bit) different like this helps them, or those of us who believe in civilians having military-type weapons.
    I tend to think of the Kel-Tec (which obviously would have much lower name recognition, and resale value) .308 when I see the price and features, here. If I wanted a SHTF rifle, I think the compact bullpup design would serve better, but as I said the SIG would hold it’s value much better.

  • Jay

    Alright fellas,
    I just purchased the LWRC M6A3 (2500.00) yeah too much, but now I want to add a nice 7.62 semi-auto rifle to my arsenal. You guy’s have any recommendations on a good quality, decently priced rifle? I thought about getting the LWRC REPR but I don’t want to fork up that much money again.

    • Blitz

      Yes, a PTR 91 roller locked HK91 clone

    • Nater

      FN Herstal SCAR-17S. The best thing going in .308/7.62x51mm NATO military rifles. Very accurate, very reliable, very light weight, soft recoil. The big problem with it is the absolute lack of available magazines. You can modify a Magpul PMAG 20LR to work in it, but I wouldn’t rely on that. They’d make fine range mags, however.

      If you want a .308 AR, then I have two or three suggestions. The gold standard is Knight’s Armament and their SR-25 line. This one is all Eugene Stoner and KAC has build upon it in recent years. They’re very light as far as battle rifles go and especially for .308 ARs. They just launched an entire new line, but without a doubt the one to get is the ECC. After that, I’d say Larue’s new OBR/PredatAR hybrid looks pretty good and there is the new version of LMT’s .308MWS.

      • Rowdy

        Checking them out now , Thanks

  • Nater

    FNH SCAR-17S. End of story.

    • Rowdy

      Just spoke to Beth (0932hrs 2/23/12) at Sig law enforcement sales she advised,stated “TOLD” me they are not going to be making the 716 precision marksman. No reason or explanation given. I’m wondering if it has anything to do with LWRC accusing them of stealing their piston design?
      I will now after over a year of waiting since the 2010 shot show and their press release in Janurary of 2011 have to decide between a POF or a Reaper. AND I won’t buy a 516 of theirs just for spite.

      • Nater

        SCAR-17S. If you MUST have a 7.62 AR, then look at the entire line KAC just released. Their previous best, the EMC, was the gold standard of .308 ARs.

  • I have ordered a Sig 716PMR and I should have it by August, 2012. I want a good and tough scope, like an ACOG but for longer distance …..doe anyone Reccomend the Trijicon hunting scopes like a 3-10x 50 ????? Please let me know.

    • Rowdy

      You bought the precision marksmen?

  • alex

    ordered 716 patrol at shot show 2011. just arrived 4/25/12 and was built on 4/13/2012. reviews claimed long gritty trigger. called timney and said the a670 would work. installed with kns pins, works great. put magpul winter trigger guard, and magpul enhanced buttpad for the acs stock. rifle shows preference for sierra 110 gr hp, and federal white box 7.62 by 51 nato rounds. with esp2 eotech shot 2&1/2 inch at 100 yds. Co-witness iron sights easily brought on target at 100 yds. next is a qd scope mount with 2-7x sit over the irons. chrome chamber, chrome bore, 1/10 twist, 16 inch .735 od barrel with a2 flash-hider. some pictures showed thinner barrel, but mine is 735 gas block to crush washer. upper/lower has spring loaded pin under rear crosspin. No need for accuracy wedge. buffer spring is flatwound and is quiet, no round spring sounds. comes with good sling patrol style with snap buckle for quick extension. magpul included two polymer 223 rounds to make scratch-free front sight adjustments, or to push front takedown pin out when seperating upper from lower. magpul moe pistol grip came with factory magpul box full of front/rear inserts for grip. Parkerizing is military plus quality. Very happy with the rifle.

  • Whats wrong with a DSA, FN, FAL? the price isnt that high thery have been around forever, I have never heard anything bad about them, but if there is a problem I would like to know.

  • brian

    i need a leagle 20 or more round magazine for california since there r not leagle here. so i want a 2000 or pre 2000 even broken for my sig sauer 716 ar 10

    • hey there,

      i want to know if it is legal for me to obtain a pre 2000 year magazine for my new Sig 716 AR 10 since any mags past 2000 are not legal?

  • steve

    What’s all the fuss about an AR in 308. If it was such a good design why are the special forces still using the 14? If you need something shorter – use the Bullfrog design stock.

    Now I currently own 3 – 556 ( a DRM and 2 swat) and I’ve had no problems with them – but have not fired them much do to an on-duty injury has put me on the side lines for going on 3 years. I have 3 sig pistols plus my duty piece and love them. I remember reading about the problems sig had with the 556 bolt/chamber defects and their denial and failure to correct the problem – which stopped me from purchasing anymore of their products

    • Simon

      I think you really need to do some research before you blab! They have a full range of weapons to chose from and change their choice as to the operation at hand! They range from MP5’s all the way up to M107.

  • Jeff

    I bought the Sig 716 I enjoy shooting the 308 cal more than the 5.56 I bought the year before. Your concerns are valid but go buy one it will change your mind the rifle is awesome !!!

  • JL

    Ask any of us who were in Somalia in Oct 1993 and they’ll tell you what’s wrong with the 5.56 vs 7.62 rounds. We were running out of ammo and they were still coming spaced out on Khat. I’ll take a heavier 7.62 round and rifle over 5.56 any day after witnessing what I saw there. If you want knockdown power…throw the .223 away. You get some methed out speed freak kicking in your door and have to empty a mag into him and see him still coming and see if you don’t change your mind.

  • BJ

    Does all the different .308 ammo work equally well in the SIG 716 Patrol? Is there a particular brand and grain load would you suggest? Thanks!


    I’ve been waiting for the release date of the Precision rifle since it appeared on the Sig Sauer web-site but I’ve yet to hear of anyone selling them. I did manage to track a Sig Sauer rep down and he said end of April – beginning of May. Has anyone heard anything similar? I’d LOVE to get the sniper edition but I really am concerned that they may actually release it too late! Must dealerships and broker won’t even put you on a waiting list. Even if you pay up front! Can anyone help an Oath Keeper out?

  • Noone

    No one gonna keep coming after being shot with 556 that is the most ignorant statement and ur argument was u ran out if ammo guess that make sense

    • Mstrdiver

      Did you ever witness what he said? I have, and it isn’t pretty.

  • Mstrdiver

    Where can I get [or order] the 716 Precision Marksman model in Virginia now?