A motel, a maid and a Garand

After spending the afternoon at a shooting match, Piccolo was cleaning his service rifle in a motel room when the maid walked in and chaos ensued

Then she spotted me and started to apologize until she saw the service rifle and then her eyes popped out of their sockets and she went agape and slowly backed out of the room. The instant she was out of the room, I was treated to the spectacle of watching her run down the hall babbling away in some strange foriegn tongue that I didn’t recognize, but if I had to guess it was something like Tamel or Swahili or something rather third-world.

[ Many thanks to jdun1911 for emailing me the link. ]

Steve Johnson

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  • bima86

    ah, I love the Sergent.. feel sorry for the 2 rookie cops though, all gun paranoia and all.. hahaha..

  • Joel

    I’m sure hotel maids see lots of interesting things in people’s rooms. I bet that a Garand would barely make the top ten list.

  • AntiCitizenOne

    You…do realize that’s what the “do not disturb” signs are for…?

  • some cop

    Hahaha that’s great

  • 2yellowdogs

    1,000 rounds? Quick, call SWAT!

    I don’t care if they WERE rookies. What asshats.

  • cy

    I’ve found that many police officers are very ignorant of firearms, some of them are deathly afraid of them to the point of being ant-gun zealots. Used to be that cops were firearm afficianados and would have answered that call much differently. Political correctness is ruining the world.

  • Komrad

    yeah, it seems like the writer of the story wasn’t as polite as he could have been, but I wasn’t there

    I’m surprised the rookie cops were worried about a militia meeting, it’s not illegal to be in one, even though it is pretty stupid

    at least it got sorted out in the end

  • RWC

    Wonder if the rookies noticed if the Garand had one of those extended assault magazines.

  • subase

    From the tone, I thought the story took place overseas not in the U.S.

  • Redchrome

    This is a FOAF story, but FWIW…
    A friend of mine went prairie dog hunting with a guy who is in charge of security at a nuclear power plant and has access to toys us peons don’t. They tried shooting prairie dogs with an M60; and found that it’s not very good for the task, but is a lot of fun. Back at the hotel room, they ordered pizza and it arrived while they were cleaning guns including the M60.

    They got some surprised looks from the delivery guy, but that’s about it. North Dakotans a bit more easygoing about these things than some people.