Can you identify this gun?

The Firearm Blog friend and collaborator Andrew has just gotten back from his adventures in Tunisia and Lybia. You can read all about his adventures at Vuurwapen Blog. When in Tunisia he photographed a policeman’s sidearm …

Neither Andrew nor I can figure out what gun it is. We think it may be a flare gun. Can anybody identify it?

Note how the holster is only secured with a single belt loop. Professionals to the core!

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  • L.

    I think it’s a French SAPL GC54, a pistol that shoot rubber bullets or shots.

    It was a popular self-defense gun for a time (even if rather not effective), but I don’t know if it’s still sold without restriction.

  • Amuse Bouche

    SAPL GC54 12 bore/50mm rubber bullet gun. Worst double action trigger pull I have ever experienced. Even more abhorrent single action pull.

  • L.

    Here’s a video of the single barrel variation of the GC54, called the GC27 :

    Both are shooting a black powder-loaded shortened 12 gauge cartridge (“gomm-cogne”, that could be translated as “gum-knock”).

    Here’s a ballistic study for this cartridge :

    • Peter Dixon

      Has anyone heard of this pistol (GC54 ) beign used to fire handicap load shotgun shells with metal buckshot? I have one as a flare pistol

  • Cam

    I want to say a SIG P-series pistol. But on further inspection, some stuff looks off in the close up. I dunno.

  • Robert

    I think u may be right about a flare gun the is no detachable magazine from the looks of the close up and the ammo for this pistol seems to be just in front of the holster.

  • Aurelien

    Thought it could be something by FEG, looks like an AP7-MBP in .32

  • Andy Myers

    Visiting Kazakhstan recently my friend produced a very similar looking pistol that he kept at home for his wife for self defence purposes.

    It consisted of four barrels and a breaking action allowing the loading of four 45 ish cal cartridges into the exposed breeches. Very similar to the COP 357 derringer.

    Ignition of the cartridges was by Piezo electric means, each barrel firing in sequence on each squeeze of the trigger. The bullet consisted of a resin ball with the intent being on momentarily disablement through infliction of pain.

    I didn’t get the opportunity to fire it so I can’t testify as to effectiveness of the gun. If it’s all you’ve got then it’s better than nothing I suppose.

  • AnointedSword

    Jamomatic by yourdead inc.

  • Anton

    From what I can tell it’s something Walther PP-ish. I do think it has a magazine, which looks kinda Walther style.

  • Lee

    I think it is a fake. Someone is playing war. And the belt loop is appalling.

  • D.Hamilton

    That is a mystery. The grip shape and the placement of the grip panel screw screams EAA Witness or other CZ-75 clone, but the nothing else makes sense.

  • Hernan (Argentina)

    The pistol looks like a Steyr GB 18.

  • Joerg

    It’s a “non-lethal” GC 54 pistol

    “The GC 54 allows SAPL non lethal rubber bullets to be fired ideal for personnel protection, the neutralization and/or dispersion of minor disturbances at a close range (15 meters).

    Technicals characteristics

    Calibre: 12/50 SAPL
    Capacity: 2 shots
    Total length: 230 mm
    Height: 180 mm
    Thickness: 27 mm
    Sights: fixed
    Mecanism: simple action/double action
    Locking: both sides
    Firing point: 0,850 kg env
    Empty weight: 1,200 kg env
    Finitish: bronze black
    Maximum range: 15 m”


    Greetings from Germany,

  • ASterisk

    Doesn’t look like there’s a magazine in the grip, which might suggest flare gun, but it also looks like it’s got a fancier hammer than I’ve normally seen on a flare gun. Could those be flares in the pouch right in front of the holster?

  • ASterisk

    Whoops, guess I need to post faster 🙂

  • Sian

    L. nailed it, IMHO. good catch.

  • Lance

    Looks like a FEG 32 or a French MAB 9mm pistol.

    Or a CZ-52.

  • Luther

    hk p7

  • Mike

    Looks like a Tokagypt pistol. the 1950s Eygptian version of the Tokarev TT30. Given proximaty to Eygpt it’s a good guess.

  • Avery

    Andy Myers, that description got me interesting in finding the self-defense gun you’re talking about. Is it a Osa PB-4M?

  • “It’s a “non-lethal” GC 54 pistol”

    YES, definiately.

    Most of them are sold in France as free to own non-lethal selfdefence gun.

    Made in Italy by Kimar (Armi Chiappa)

  • Andy Myers


    Yes it is. Well done for finding it, I had forgotten all about it until I saw this item. Looks completely different as to how I remembered it but now I’ve seen a photo that is definitely the one.

  • Gunlover

    Hmmmm maybe Makarov?

  • Lance

    Not a makarove the grip and mag bottem are deffanty NOT a Makarov Libya never adopted Sovet pistols they went for Egyptian and Itilian pistols.

  • ruben7681

    L. had it right off the bat, it gc54 and u can see the extra shot shells on his belt.

  • Austerity

    Cam- That’s clearly NOT a Sig P-series. Wow.

    Anyway, looks to be a french rubber pellet pistol to me.

  • BigDeal

    it’s definitely not a PPK. At first, I thought it looked like a Tokegypt or a Helwan variant of the Beretta, but the guys seem right about the lack of a box magazine, so I dunno

  • Wally

    I don’t think its secured by only one slot.

    Most likely a three slot pancake.

  • Martyn C. Reiss

    Could be an early version of the CZ PO-1. I own one and the grip has both the screw (top edge of grip) and the embossed logo (round dot at bottom area of grip) in the exact same place as my handgun. The hammer is also the same (like the early Colt Commander but alot smaller). Curvature of the grip is exactly the same. The magazine I have has a rubber bumper and there is a protruding lanyard clip on the bottom of the grip (where your picture indicates a possible metal bumper on the mag [it’s shines where the metal is worn] and the lanyard clip on your pictured weapon is a slot in the rear of the handguard). The rear of the slide is beveled at an angle where mine is square to the hammer.

  • AK89

    I saw one of these in Canne France in crazy spy shop in the mall. It’s a non lethal pistol, you can see the ammo on his belt.