The Ruger 1911 Photo Leaked!!!

The Ruger SR1911 has been officially announced!

A photo of Ruger’s upcoming 1911 has been leaked! Eagle-eyed reader Gros Ventre George spotted it on page 119 of Guns & Ammo’s special edition magazine Combat Arms. It appears in an advertisement for Shooting Times magazine. The advertisement shows the cover of the upcoming June issue of Shooting Times with a photo of the Ruger 1911 and the title “Ruger’s 1911 1,500 Rounds Fired”.

The frame and slide are (obviously) stainless. The slide has a Ruger logo. It has black polymer grips with a ruger logo, beaver tail grip with ‘memory bump’, skeletonized hammer and trigger, fiber optic sights. What other features have I missed?

It looks comparable to the Remington 1911 R1 Enhanced which has an MSRP of $940. I expect the Ruger 1911 to retail for about the same.

Ruger is not going to be happy about this leak. The company routinely embargoes press releases to prevent leaks. Now a photo of the 1911 is probably in just about every Barnes & Noble store throughout the country!

Word on the street is that the pistol will be officially announced next week.

[ Many thanks to Gros Ventre George for scanning the ad and emailing it to me. ]

Steve Johnson

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  • Looks good but you know that the other side of the slide has 7 or 8 lines of disclaimer in #6 font

  • Jesse

    OMG another 1911? And it looks just like other 1911s? I’m loosing my mind with excitement… or you know, not.

  • Jo

    Great, Ruger already jumped on the AR-15 bandwagon, stole Keltec’s design for the P3AT/LCP, stole Glock’s trigger for the SR9, and now they are jumping on the 1911 bandwagon. What originality.

  • Other Steve

    I think its pretty obvious they aren’t worry about anyone seeing it in Boarders stores. Now barnes and noble maybe,

  • Jim

    “Ruger is not going to be happy about this leak. The company routinely embargoes press releases to prevent leaks.”

    Yes, they must be fuming mad at the free press they’re getting.

  • greasyjohn

    Hey, it’s a Ruger. It’ll be well made, reliable, immune to atomic blasts, and have a lousy trigger, probably all for less than the competition. I’d be interested.

  • Woodroez

    Jim, it’s press that they were obviously going to get anyway since Shooting Times were already planning a cover story, and now whatever media blitz and/or buildup they may have been planning has just been blown up. The run-up they had for the LC9 was pretty effective, but that won’t happen again for this piece, not now.

    As for the gun itself, it looks alright. You can only put so much personality into a 1911 design as basic as this, but the serrations on the memory bump are pretty Ruger to me. If the price is right, I might go for it.

  • seeker_two

    Great….now Ruger has entered the fray….does this meant that, with everybody making a 5″ .45ACP 1911, that their price will probably drop to about $200 or less?……I didn’t think so….

  • DaveR

    Not another, “not another 1911” comment thread…

  • WeaponBuilder

    I’d have to agree with GreasyJohn.

    Rugers are nothing wonderful to look at, but they’re almost always well made, reliable, with a mediocre trigger (about ~6 lbs is my guess), but also pretty accurately fitted barrel, bushing, and slide.

    1911’s have been made from castings for years, and Ruger has gotten pretty good with quality castings and parts fitting over the years in their other weapons. If they can get a 5″ 1911 with these features, and put it out at a competitive price, and stand behind their product – I’d bet they can do quite well.

    I’m inclined to buy one just to test it out myself!

    I’d bet with a decent trigger job this gun could perform beautifully!

    As for features you may have missed – angular cut slide serrations, flat mainspring housing / backstrap (can’t tell looks like ~30 lpi checkering? Pic quality too poor), and a lowered / flared ejection port. It likely also has an extended ejector in there to keep with proper function with the lowered ejection port. Skeletonized trigger also appears to have an overtravel adjustment too. Can’t tell due to possible lighting issues, but it appears the grip safety might have ‘thinning’ cuts to narrow it a little around the hammer too. Maybe it’s just my eyes, and the poor pic quality.

    Looks nice to me, and depending on the price, I’ll probably jump all over this gun – if for anything, to have another “Beater” 1911…

    My customized SS Springfield GI is my daily carry & work carry gun, but something like this could prove to be a quality gun for defensive handgun courses, tac carbine courses, and generally shooting the hell out of it & abusing it heavily. The Steel 5″ Government 1911 design can take a serious beating, and still come back strong. Glocks and Steel 1911’s are the only two guns that have proven to me that they can survive the abuse I routinely put my guns through.

    I suspect this Ruger is likely up to the challenge as well! 🙂

  • 4Cammer

    This will be fun to watch if they are casting the slide and frame…all of the Ninja types will go crazy.

  • Mark

    Regarding, “AR-15 bandwagon, stole Keltec’s design for the P3AT/LCP, stole Glock’s trigger for the SR9, and now they are jumping on the 1911 bandwagon”

    Funny, Ruger has made their model of each of those designs better than the original. A+ for Ruger!!!

  • elmore

    Cast frame, cast slide, cast internals. MSRP probably around $750, street price of $550-600. (all reasonable guesses?).

    No thanks.

  • Laserbait

    I think that’s awesome – Ruger has really impressed me with their wide portfolio. I will be getting one.

  • Rabbit

    Is it going to be 1/3 larger than a standard 1911, or the same size as a canned ham?

  • charles222

    Man, I wouldn’t know what we’d do without another 1911.

  • charles222

    …Is it at least coming in some unusual-but-traditional 1911 calibers, like .38 Super? always kinda wanted one of those.

  • armed_partisan

    Ruger has become one of those companies that hasn’t met an overly saturated market they didn’t want to jump into. I mean, is it really be too much to ask someone to do something off the beaten path, like release a modernized Broomhandle Mauser, or maybe even a NEW design? How can there possibly be a market exiting for a) Ruger fans who b) love the 1911, but c) don’t own one or d) have enough disposable income to buy one, even if they already have another one? How can there possibly be a bigger market for that than there would be for a Han Solo Laser Blaster that shoots actual bullets?

  • As usual, they are too cheap to put an a duel safety and mag release on it,

    No one except taurus seems to think lefties shoot 1911.

  • Sean

    Looks just like the S&W 1911s.

    And as said above, I bet the trigger sucks out of the box. Like all Rugers.

  • Lance

    Hope its cheaper than $900 though.

  • jamieb

    Seeker the fact that lots of folks make something doesn’t lower costs, hand fitting, marketing, etc. I hope the 200 number was a joke, how much do you think a semi finished 1911 frame costs retail in the real world?

  • So the only firearms manufacturer NOT making a 1911 clone is …. uh, Glock?

  • coyote

    I hope Ruger keeps the price down (maybe 500 dollars or so).
    And Ruger, be different and chamber it in 400 Corbon and 9×25 Dillon and 38-45.
    What company will be next to bring out another 1911 model. Marlin? Mossberg? Winchester?

  • TP

    Fiber optic sights, where ?

  • Raoul O’Shaugnessy

    Meh..its a Ruger, which means that after two years when they’ve got the usual two or three recalls out of the way *then* it’ll be time to buy. Looks like they kept the internal extractor, unlike many of the other 1911 clones out there these days. Gotta say, though, the company is sure taking some different directions than when Billy Ruger was still breathing.

  • C J

    So how IS their AR doing on the market? I’m really surprised at the wasted time and effort in product development. I would have hoped that they would have come out with a variation on the theme (poly or alum frame, special design on grip panels). Nothing special, nothing distinctive, just join the crowd, and cash in on the cenntenial. If it runs more than $650 out the door, they’ll sit on the shelves a long time.

    • J

      Eating crow yet……

  • ChuckE

    I think it is awesome that Ruger caved and is producing a 1911. I wish I would have made a 1911 my last handgun. But I’m still waiting for the SR45.

  • “gunner”

    thanks ruger, but i’ll stick with my old g.i. m1911a1, plain vanilla, nothing fancy, but i know it works.

  • Jason W

    I had some guy harrassing me about reposting your pic. I bought the mag and took a pic as well. It’s legit. Funny that they made the mistake or maybe it’s a planned leak. 🙂

  • Tom

    If you think a Ruger 1911 is bad.. How about a Glock 1911.. Hoax ?

  • DRod

    Sire would be nice if they got into a price war. There certainly are enough of them.
    This one looks prett nice though. But I wanna know. It must not be loaded, because the gigantic loaded chamber indicator ruger likes to put on their guns isn’t visible. And do I have to read the owners manual? Because the gigantic “WARNING: READ AND UNDERSTAND THE USER MANUAL PRIOR TO USE. KEEP AWAY FROM FLUFFY BUNNIES AND CHILDREN. POINT THE END WITH THE HOLE IN IT AT THE BAD GUY.” also isnt visible. Must be on the other side…

  • tom

    This is pretty cool. What would be even cooler is if Ruger started making AK-47s. Some of the complaints that people have about their Mini-14s would not be a problem if they were present in an AK

  • MonkMan

    The usual Ruger warning nonsense written all over the gun would be enough to turn me off.

  • Melvin

    Knock Ruger all you want but I’m guessing this will be a pretty solid pistol. Ruger has been casting parts for Caspian for years and I’d bet they know what they’re doing when it comes to 1911 parts.

    Add to that what’s going to be an affordable price for a pistol that’s made in America. I’m sure the Filipino, Turkish and Brazilian guns won’t hold much appeal to the masses after the Ruger hits the market.

    Thanks, Ruger! It’s nice to see somebody trying to keep an American Classic an American Made Classic!

  • Tom

    Ruger 1911! I love it. Where do I order?

  • Call me when the Commander and/or Officer versions hit the Mkt!

  • Walt Kuleck

    SR556: The innovative two-stage piston has gone largely unrecognized by the buff books. It’s a real breakthrough technology, though deceptive in its simplicityl. The “C” model is a delight to handle, with its 15″ fluted barrel. More unique innovation.

    SR1911: Left side:

    Made in U.S.A.

    No billboard.

  • Tom
  • ralph

    msrp is at 800 bucks is way too much…I love my ruger revolvers, if the 1911 was say under 600 I would buy one

  • ernie

    if i had a quarter for every one ive outshot with my crappy trigger p97 including glocks colts or whatever they make ruger is still the working mans weapon at a working mans price and completly effective when properly maintained


    never owned a 1911, but this puppy just might be the ticket, to step up to the plate. Ruger is a leader in quality and price. built like a tank and very reliable. i have never been disappointed with any of Ruger’s products and i own six hand guns and one long gun.

  • I own several Rugers and I think they are great. Before I die, I will own two more Ruger handguns – a SP-101 and a Ruger 1911. You can’t go wrong with a Ruger!

  • Mitch

    I read the Guns N Ammo article on this one. MSRP $799, authur says its street price should settle around $640. Skeletonized trigger with over travel screw, grip safety with a “speed bump”. Comes with a 7 and 8 rd. magazine. They put 1500 rounds down range without a hitch

  • Rugerman

    Picked one up a few weeks ago. Being a big fan of Ruger for 30+ years now, I’m always excited to see them come out with something new. I love this new 1911. Paid $600….what a steal. Beautiful gun, shoots great, nice feel, MADE IN AMERICA! What more can you ask for. I’m no World Pistol Champion so why spend $1000? Keep up the good work Ruger, I’ve always counted on you & you’ve NEVER let me down! (Now let’s work on a pump & semi auto shotgun!)

  • mike

    I own a p345 i got back about six months ago.its my first .45 and thought it is well made and affordable. the 1911 they come out with ,i would like to see,cuz ruger make good firearms and fair pricing without sacrificing quality. i would love to own a real colt 1911 because of what it symbolizes, but i cant afford one. and shit ,almost every gun manufacturer hav mad there own version or replication. so why not see what ruger can do with it…

    • Just got 1 of 100 Ruger 1911 special edition. White pearl handles really sweet. Thinking about putting it up for sale. Has scroll work and is awesome. Celebrating the 1911, 3 models were for sale at a shot show. only 100 of colt, ruger and smith and wesson I lucked out and got all three, any idea on worth?