The Gun Girls of IWA ’11

IWA 2011, Europe’s SHOT Show, was last month in Germany. Reader Martin was kind enough provide us with a photo essay of the gun booth girls from the show.

Martin runs, a site dedicated to helping Czech citizens get gun licenses and providing them with gun news and information.

Slovak firm Grand Power (STI import and rebrand their pistols)
Austrian firm HMS Strasser
Turkish firm Girsan
Czech firm Green Sport
Danish firm Action Sports Games
CAA Tactical
Sabre (self-defense gear manufacturer, not to be confused with Sabre Defence)
Czech knife maker Mikov
EAR Inc. / Insta-Mold
Ceska zbrojovka (CZ). Nice trigger discipline.
This video, taken by TFB team, features Beretta's girls

UPDATE: More photos from Andrew …

Bartenders at the Sphinx bar

Please, don’t post nasty comments about the girls.

[ Many thanks to Martin for the photos. ]

Steve Johnson

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  • GrosVentreGeorge

    Hello Germany’s Action Sports Games!!!!

  • Italian perfection!

  • Woodroez

    Too bad companies don’t have their people take the ladies and give them a quick rundown on keeping their fingers off the trigger before a show starts.

  • Konrado

    The 4th picture depicts Polish “Łucznik” (‘Archer’) Radom Arms Factory – you can clearly see Beryl and Mini-Beryl rifles.

  • Hi!

    Just a note: While the knife producer Mikov ( ) is a czech company, EAR Inc. is _not_. At least this friendly lady, while making my custom earplugs, sounded american 😉

    And the girl at the CZUB stand was Veronika – they handed out nice calendars with guns and girls and she autographed “her month” 🙂


  • JIP

    Very nice photos & international firearm bloggers cooperation.

    btw: That black haired chick from video make me a little bit nervous with her finger on that shootgun’s trigger:/



  • Konrado, but it was definitely the czech company (not manufacturer) Zelený sport ( ).
    But yes, they sell Beryl rifles too.

  • DukeNukedEm

    I approve of this post. Girls + guns = win.

  • andrew

    Sigh. We definitely didn’t focus on the right stuff at IWA.

  • William C.

    As Americans I think we have a duty to one-up the Europeans in this battle of gun girls. Next SHOT show I want to see strippers holding assault rifles in each arm everywhere.

  • Ross

    When I first looked at the Sabre photo I thought the woman was a life-like doll being held by the giant hand on the poster in the background — haha!

  • Lance

    I think were sunk if Turkish guns are as HOT as there women WOW!!!!

    Steve you lucky guy how many gave you there numbers???

  • Andreas

    Actionsportgames is a danish airsoft company and the twins are from england 🙂

  • MrSatyre

    All of this begs the question “Are gun booth babes as bored as electronics booth babes are?”

    I’ve done countless electronics trade shows, and while it may be a toss up between which is cooler—guns or toys—I don’t know of very many brands which actually bother to educate their spokesmodels on their products. I would expect everyone would have a a lot more fun at the shows if everyone involved got to play with their…uh, toys more…umm…What was I talking about?

  • Ben

    For the most part, much classier that the girls at American trade shows…

  • Harald Hansen

    I’m all for looking at pretty girls and all that, but to use them as booth props in this day and age leaves a funny taste in my mouth. If nothing else, it shows that the vendor has a pretty low opinion on how I go about making purchasing decisions. Haven’t we gotten any further than this?

    (I’ll happily retract my statement if these young women are all qualified company staff…)

  • nice to look at however my concntration is on the firearm,s not the gun bunney,s beside,s my wife catche,s me looking again it will be a nother week on the couch

  • jeff from CA

    I hope this isn’t too political, but in the future, if this site is going to encourage the oogling of women, let’s call them women and not “girls.” In certain contexts, it grates on the mind like talking about Glock clips.

    It’s just weird in the 3rd person, when the originator of the phrase isn’t a woman and “girls” isn’t working as an opposite for “guys” or “boys” in the same phrase.

  • Nice guns, nice girls! However I am disapointed in Beretta for not giving their people even the most basic of all gun safety rules. Finger off the trigger until ready to shoot. Embarrased for them.

  • fasty

    yes i understand good firearms safety but seriously this is a gun show.
    It is my understanding the guns made safe by taking out firing pins or other mechanical things so even if loaded with ammo they can not shoot. It is also done so that customer can feel trigger weights and have a better all around idea of what the gun is like.

  • Austin J

    @fasty: Yes, but how do viewers who have no idea of such conception.
    That is how kids go blowing out their own noggins or accidentally shooting their buddy with an airgun. Its all very subconcious.

    The moment you rest your finger on the trigger without knowing the whole world can come to an end.

    I still am very hestiant when I walk into a firearm stop and have a customer “testing” out a gun, pointing the barrel down at the entrance of the shop.

    Its nerve racking when they’re holding a big gun.

  • @ Fasty: If you remove firing pins or other “mechanical things” as you call them. Then doing any serious testing of the gun is futile. Austin J: I feel the same way. We have these rules for a reason. People die. The gun is always loaded. period. No exceptions.

  • Ed

    check out Andrew scoring a number!!! bottom photo lol

  • JT

    oh, when we say “nice trigger dicipline” just because a pretty girl isn’t being a total ditz with a firearm