SIG 556R 7.62x39mm

The last time I wrote about the SIG 556R, the specs for the rifle had not been published.

With mini red-dot sight
With front-sight installed
Caliber 7.62x39mm
Capacity 30 rounds
Finish Black
Barrel 16″
Stock Folding
Twist 1:9.5″
Overall Length 36.1″
Weight 7lbs (without mag)
Other Features SIG Red-Dot
MSRP (Price) $1,266

The 30 round 7.62x39mm magazines cost $28 each. The website only shows a model with the red dot sight. A iron sight kit (Rotary Diopter Rear & Hooded Front Sight Set) costs $142.

UPDATE: SIG tells me that regular AK-compatible magazines work with the 556R.

Steve Johnson

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  • Zander

    I’d love to see a review of this. I’ve seen one & the guy said it was basically a piece of junk.

  • Rijoenpial

    Hi guys…

    I have heard and seen testing of this gun, especially by the Military Arms channel on Youtube, and it didn’t look good, with all sorts of jams and with poor quality finishing! I know, I am talking about Sig Sauer, one of the best European brands!

    I just advise people to check these links out:

    Maybe it was just a bad batch, maybe there were problems shipping the guns, I don’t quite know… I sincerely hope this is the exception and not the rule, as Sig’s reputation might get tainted with this!

    Here’s hoping…!


  • Juan

    Swiss and former W.Germany gun manufacture that doesn’t like commie ammo?! I’m shocked!

  • Steven

    Wow, that second video is damning.

  • Jason

    Mine’s been perfectly reliable, with steel cased (Wolf) ammo and steel magazines. (Chinese, Eastern Euro, Hungarian tanker 20 round, and Bulgarian waffle with steel reinforced catches/lips.) I measured the firing pin protrusion vs. my M70AB2 Serb AKs, and it’s .051″ vs. .060″. This might cause issues with ammo that has particularly wide variations in primer seating depth, but so far the case of ammo I’m working through doesn’t appear to suffer from that problem. I’m sure SIG is capable of making a firing pin that is 1/100th of an inch longer, and probably will, and it will be a matter of a few minutes to replace.

    Should they have anticipated that 7.62x39mm ammo might vary a lot in this regard? Probably. Rifles – particularly working rifles – should be designed for real-world conditions, and that includes the ammo that is commonly-available in the real world, however shoddy it may be. But I can’t bring myself to fault SIG for the oversight, particularly if they’re willing to mail out new firing pins.

    The problems in the second video above appear to be a broken extractor or extractor spring. The extractor is clearly slipping off the rim of the casing. Unfortunately the producers don’t seem to be technically inclined enough to actually take it out and examine it. Again, it’s a shame that SIG shipped one rifle with this problem, but of all the parts of any firearm, these are the most fragile as well as critical, and for which any serious shooter should always have a replacement. I’ve had extractor parts fail on Glocks. My 556R does not suffer from this particular failure either, but I’ll be sure to order and keep a spare on hand, just as I do for many other firearms.

  • subase

    Sig Sauer USA is really breaking new ground, a flimsy, unreliable AK derivative that’s expensive too.

  • iMick

    Barrel looks pretty thin for a .30cal!

  • calvin

    If you use steel magazines in this gun you will wear out the area around the magazine well.

    Sig has stated that metal magazines and steel ammo void the warranty.

  • Nathaniel

    Jason, that rifle was factory new when they started, and that rifle was the best of six that they were shipped. Likewise, on the SIG forums, multiple people have been experiencing numerous issues with this rifle. If SIG is shipping rifles with faulty extractors, that is NOT the fault of those videoing their failure.

    I have it on pretty good authority from a German contact of mine that SIG is slipping in QC in Europe, not just over here. It’s sad, but sometimes it happens.

  • Nathaniel

    Sorry, out of four.

  • Michael Wayne

    Received my Sig 556R from AIM. Took to range and it runs like a clock. No failures of any kind. Used brass cassed surplus. Used Bulgarian polymer mag provided with carbine and steel AK mags. Every thing works great. Fun to shoot. More accurate than by Bushmaster 16 inch, XTR, with fluted barrel. More accurate than my Yugo AK underfolder, or my SKS.
    Fit and finish of the gun perfect.

  • KFinch

    Where is the magazine release?

  • This gun appears amazingly like what I described to a Houston Police Robbery detective as “an AK-47 clone” when interviewed about a recent armed robbery of a Wells Fargo branch within the supermarket in which I work.

    Touched on a bit in

    Is it already available, or do I need to keep looking in my attempt to identify that weapon?

  • Lance

    Saw some being used at a Match this weekend there a nice gun.

  • cc19

    Thanks for the video link.

    “I no longer have the rifle. Sig is telling people now that it’s not designed to fire steel cased ammo. I have no interest in having a rifle that uses cheap magazines filled with $.60 a round domestic ammo. If it can’t fire the most commonly encountered 7.62×39 ammo on the market, I can’t use it. Couple that with the fact steel mags damage the receiver and the poor fit/finish and cheaply made stocks… I have to pass.”


  • Rob

    You’d think they’d call it the 762r or something instead, you know?

  • Beaumont

    No doubt SIG thought it would be a nice design exercise, but considering that one can purchase an AK for roughly 1/3 the price, I just don’t see the point.

    Imagine if Cerebus redesigned the ACR (or whatever they’re calling it this week) for .30 Carbine — the SIG seems just about as useless.

  • I bought one and it is yet to FTF or FTE. Put leopold 3x9Ar scope on it will shoot 1″ group all day (10 shot). Occasional flier from some ammo. Plastic forearm has poor fit and stock has some wobble.Will replace with swiss plastic. Sig will NOT void warranty if steel cases used. Factory supplied mag was thrown in trash, Tapcos fit good and tight.

  • Jimbo1

    I shot my new 556R and in a 120 rds I had 12 FTFire and 20-25 FTFeed. I feel the same way about someone who would make a 7.65×39 rifle that wouldn’t shoot steel cased ammo, it will never fly. If steel mags wear out the aluminum mag well, it’s a piece of crap. Sig is better than this rifle, it will never fly unless it shoots like a machined receiver AK and is bullet proof like a cheep AK…

  • My 556R runs great except it stopped holding the bolt open when it is empty. Other than that…I can put shots on top of one another at 100 yards. Much more accurate than all the Ar-15 nuts at my range and I have a low end simmons whitetail 3.5×10 scope mounted on it. I have not experienced any FTEs and only one FTF ( i could see where the firing pin hit the primer but the round did not discharge). Great gun with gas piston system at half the price of the new piston driven ARs…$1000 shipped. I cant trick it out as easily but that gives me an excuse to buy more guns.

  • Paul Kelley

    Got my 556R. Took it out yesterday. Fired 160 rounds through it (Yugo). Used both Bulgarian & Tapco mags. No problems with either mag, no FTF or FTEs. It seemed accurate (loose scope mount & fool behind the trigger the limiting factor).

  • David

    Oh man I hope this is legal in Canada, I don’t see why it wouldn’t be but you never know…..

    I wonder if you can convert this to 5.56 like you can the XCR (others, but I like the XCR)

  • Chris

    Jumbo is being a little flipping ridiculous with his comment. I know the guy from the YouTube video, what he didn’t say was that it was a broken extractor spring. It wouldn’t grab the shell that’s y it fell back n2 the action. He just refused to post the new review afterwards. And u can get yugo brass 7.62×39 for 49.99$ per 180 rounds. That’s .31 cents. The gun is a machine and is my favorite one. I have a bushmaster xm15 and several ak variants, none hold a candle to this weapon. If u want one, go to the range rent the rifle, try it out, make sure it functions, then buy it. Stop lying like I had 12 ftf 20-25fte no u didn’t butt head u just got on board and tried to make people think u knew what the he’ll u were talking bout. It’s a great weapon

  • kyle

    my only complaint is i havent got it yet ordered it back in february was told sig was in the middle of moving to another warehouse might not get it til june. gun store calls me in march says its ready to be shipped go in and pay for it n keep getting it should be in one to two weeks later well two months later im still waiting jus ship me my gun!

  • Doorkicker30

    I love mine. Shoots steel just as good as my ak without any malfunctions.