Taurus Tracker 992 .22 Revolver

The new Tracker 992 revolver from Taurus comes with both a 9-chamber .22 LR cylinder and a 9-chamber .22 Magnum cylinder.

Taurus Tracker 992 (left … obviously)

Like the Tracker 990, the 992 will be available in either a blue or stainless finish and with a 4 or 6.5″ barrel. The MSRP will range from $545 to $592 depending on the finish and barrel length.

Steve Johnson

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  • Todd

    I have not yet purchased a Taurus handgun but their Tracker revolvers have always intrigued me. Since I am committed to .22LR as well as .22WMR across numerous rifles and a S&W 351PD revolver I just may look into one of these. my only hesitation in the past has been the negative reviews of owners with respect to QC and the claims of a less-than-stellar customer service department from Taurus.

  • Jim

    I have one of these. It’s an alright gun, but it dirties quickly and the double action is nearly impossible to use as a consequence.

    • Tony Godoy

      You will have the same problem with any brand of revolvers, the problem is the ammo that you use, and not the gun.
      If you want to shoot 100+ rounds you should use coper plated bullets of a good brand name; or you should be prepared to clean the front of the cylinder when it became dirty.
      I own a few revolvers Ruger, S&W, Colt,in .22 and .38 SPL/.357 cal., and I had the same problem until I start using the right ammo.

  • Raoul O’Shaugnessy

    Shades of the old H&R 999…

  • brian

    Any idea on when the 992 will be available?

  • El Duderino

    The gunsmith at my LGS says he stays busy fixing issues with Taurus and Rossi firearms. I went in to buy a stainless .22LR Tracker and he talked me out of it, it would have been special order. I really like double action .22LRs (I don’t like loading those lil’ guys into a SA loading gate), and a combo caliber one might just make me take the jump to Taurus and see how it goes.

  • 4Cammer

    If only this said S&W or Ruger on the side, did not have any needless keyed safties and cost under 600.00….hey, a guy can dream.

  • Nascar

    I just heard of this gun. I absolutely love the idea of the using the .22LR and the .22 magnum rounds. Anyone have one of these and care to comment?

    • Lou Newton

      I have a 992. It is match grade accurate right out of the box. I fired 7 kinds of 22 LR and they all went into a 3″ bull at 25 yards offhand while standing. Some were more accurate and grouped under an inch. I did not have to adjust the sights from the factory.

      When I changed to the 22 mag they went into the same point of aim with out adjusting the sights, impressive. I fired 4 types of ammo and all were accurate, some more that others. All went to the same point of aim. I was very impressed with these results.

      The cylinder gap was about between one and two thousandths of an inch, and stayed the same when you change cylinders. The lock up was very tight.

      I am an engineer and very critical of poorly made items. I am very well pleased with all 5 of my Taurus handguns, especially the 992. My 44 mag is more accurate than my friends S&W 44 mag. My 992 is more accurate than my Ruger single six convertible.

  • chief scalawag

    I bought the Taurus 992 stainless steel model over 3 weeks ago and
    shot over 1000 rounds flawlessly with effective accuracy right out
    of the box. Now that Hornady has produced the Hornady 22WMR
    Critical Defense round, this has become a decent personal defense
    option along with excellent plinker and varmint revolver. They got
    this one Right.

  • Adam

    I got a 992 with a 6″ barrel last Saturday (today is Wed). After 1200 rounds, the trigger mechanism broke. A little pin sheared off on the part that lifts up to sit between the hammer and the firing pin to act as a transfer bar. When I took off the side plate I was not impressed with the quality of the machining nor the fact that I found shavings in there. I will pay for the repair myself. Taurus has a dreadful rep for warranty repair work.

    Other than that, it shoots great. Very little recoil. The SA trigger is quite nice as it comes. The DA is very heavy and could use some clean up. The grips were way too big for my hand. I have short fingers. Can’t really fault the gun for that. 9 shot capacity is very nice but it means the timing teeth are very thin and there is not much to work with if you want to get the cylinders timed in perfectly. The cylinders swap out easily. Being able to shoot WMR but practice with 22LR is a big advantage. If it were made right, I would love this gun. As it is, I will repair it, train with it down at the range and then sell it.

    I wont buy another Taurus. Ever. This time the trigger failed while at the range. Next time my life might depend having a working gun to use.

  • John

    Charter Arms also makes a double action 22LR / 22WMR. The Charter Arms only holds six rounds. I’m waiting for the Ruger to offer the Single Ten in both 22LR and 22WMR, like the Single Six. I’ve been seriously considering buying the Taurus 992, as I think it is a great idea. I believe if Ruger came out with a double action 22LR / 22WMR, that would be the one to buy. Ruger is the master when it comes to rimfire. Check out their SR22 pistol. They really hit a home run.

  • Marc

    I purchased a model 94, 2nd hand from a dealer. He told me the first buyer said it shot to left no matter what. The dealer said he shot it and it was ok. It shot to left all right. I like to tinker with things so I did everything possible to the sights to bring it to the right. I also slicked up the trigger springs, for a smoother pull. I couldn’t get it to shoot a 4″ group or hit where I aimed. Finally I brought it back to the dealer to return to Taurus Jan. 14, 2012. I got it back today. They had replaced the barrel and the sights. NO Charge. They had every right not to honor the warranty!! How did it shoot??? I don’t know. I traded up to a 992. It shot great with both cylinders. I’ll get back if I have any problems.

  • kim

    i absolutley hate my taurus pt 22 it got jammed 6 times in a twenty minute shoot and one time we had to dig a bullet out of the chamber…it shoots to the right not accurtate at all it cute but pretty is as pretty does. what would i do if i was being assaulted? would i say hold on my gun has jammed?

    • Charles

      Kim, What does your hatred for your Taurus PT-22 have to do with this article about the new Taurus 992 Revolver? It seems your sole reason is a hatchet job on Taurus in general. If so, I guess the answer to your ‘question’ (that wasn’t really a question but an attack on the Taurus brand disguised as a question) “what would i do if i was being assaulted? would i say hold on my gun has jammed?” is this: if you were being assaulted and you attempted to defend yourself with a gun that you knew is prone to jam, then I’d guess what you’d do is die. As for what you’d say…probably “I guess I should have been carrying a different gun than this one that I hate so much.”

      Hope this helps.

      P.S. I own more than 100 handguns now including a dozen or so Taurus revolvers and a couple of 9mm autos…and taken as a whole, they’re great guns just like my Beretta, S&W, Colt and other brand guns. Individual guns OF ANY BRAND/MAKE can have problems. Sometimes those problems are ammo-related, sometimes it’s a manufacturing flaw, sometimes it’s a design flaw…sometimes it’s the shooter’s fault because he/she has a limp wrist. *shrug*

      • There is no way you can put a Taurus in the same class as Colt, Smith and Weesson, Ruger, and many others. But of the ones I have had (7) in all I think, only one is staying, that is a .38 snub ultra-lite. It works good, great triger pull but not for target shooting.

  • dale ger ich

    m,y 992 is going back to taurus

  • Sean

    I just got a new 992,very dirty right out of the box. After a good 45 minute cleaning, I headed to the range with several different kinds of ammo in hand. Started off shooting 22mag Fiocchi, accurate at 20 & 40 yards; but the cases expanded too much and were hard to eject (18 rounds). I switched to CCI and problem solved, accurate at 20 & 40 yards (27 rounds). I then switch cylinders to 22LR. I shot 44 CCI Stingers at 20 & 40 yards accurate as well. The last round (# 45 in 22LR and # 90 total ) didn’t time right and now I have 4 small projectile fragments lodged in my left forefinger( support hand). Pretty painful, and still pretty mad; this was yesterday. I’m glad I didn’t have a nephew or other young shooter with me, as it would have ended their shooting days for good; I’m sure. This was my first Taurus, and I wouldn’t buy another one for all the beer in Bavaria. I’m also not sure what to do with this one.

  • Just got a 992, fine looking gun. I have one other Taurus, a ultra-lite .38, one fine gun for a snub nose. triger pull is great but not the gun you want for target shooting. The 992 I have had out to the range only one time so far. the triger pull is crap and after only three rounds on a cylinder I had to beat the empties out of the cylinders, .22lr and .22mrf. My Smith and Wessons (of about 90 or so) (and my Rugers of about 20 or so) have a home. The 992 is going to find a home far, far away.

    • Jason

      Hey Ken I might be interested in being that home far far away….shoot me an email….we might be able to work somethin out

  • Lou Newton

    I own 5 Taurus handguns and really like all of them. I have owned many brands and the Taurus brand seems to be a very good value.

    Not one of my Taurus handguns has ever malfunctioned even once. They all have fed, fired, extracted, and ejected every time I pulled the trigger. They all are very accurate, some are match grade accurate.

    But I learned long ago that rim fires need to be cleaned very often, no matter what brand. Also any guns needs the be cleaned before you fire it the first time. Bad ammo gives bad results. Improper hold or loading procedures will cause malfunctions.

    Many times I have heard someone call a gun a POS and asked them if I could try it. That same gun would put rounds right in the bulls eye if used correctly.

    My Taurus 44 mag will out shoot my friends S&W 44 mag every time, even if we trade guns. It is just more accurate. My Taurus 992 has a cylinder gap that is very small and stays the same even when you change cylinders. Taurus makes fine quality guns.

  • I do not own any taurus 22 cal. Handguns.I do have two judges they are well made ,great for up close and plug ugly looking from the receiving end !!!

  • Dave Phillips

    I own the Taurus 992 nine shot 22lr revolver. Regarding ammo. I have no problems with federal ammo alhtough it is hard to get the emptys out of the cylinder. The issue I have is that I could not use the gun with Winchester super x. Every other shot I could not move the cylinder around. It was like the superx was so tight (no expansion) that they were loose and did not stay in the cylinder and therefore the cylinder would not revolve. Other than that, it is very, very accurate. I do like shooting it.

  • Gary

    I am not a gunsmith by trade, but after 49 yrs. of hunting/shooting I have become the guy all my friends bring their guns to for repairs and such.
    I know 4 friends that own the 992, all 4 have been brought to me for rework.
    3 of which had to have metal removed as the cylinder rubbed the barrel and jammed constantly, one of which did as Sean describes and misaligned putting fragments of lead into my buddies wife’s left hand, she was shooting a rifle to the right of him, the forth had to have a pin replaced as Adam describes, and as Adam also describes, the internal mechanics of that particular 992, looked as if someone grabbed a few hunks of metal from their scrap pile and just hammered them into shape. The exact same is true of model 66 .357 I made the mistake of buying a few yrs. back, i got rid of it in 3 days after a “hammer crafted” transfer bar jammed.
    the 992 is a good looking, accurate revolver, but there is no way i’d recommend a Taurus to anyone.

    as for Tony Godoy’s comment, ” You will have the same problem with any brand of revolvers,” your just wrong. sorry.

  • F Carlton McLean Jr.

    Enjoy reading comments, pros and cons. My wife just purchased a Taurus 992 for me as a Christmas present. I have been shooting and hunting for over a half century and have a passion for all decent guns (handguns, rifles, and shotguns). I received an expert ribbon for firing an M-16 in 1967 at a DOD range and thought this small battle-tried lightweight rifle was too easy to shoot. I have three other Taurus handguns (A Judge, a 627 Tracker in 357 magnum, and a PT 22). My collection of firearms number over 40 and I see little difference in reliability when guns are kept sparkling clean and well lubricated. My Taurus 627 has been fired over 2000 times and is only off target when its barrel gets extremely hot. So far, my experience with Taurus guns is that they are excellent shooters, and most are beautifully designed. I will not be shooting my 992 until after Christmas; hopefully, it will shoot as well as the others I own. One of the Colt handguns I fired over 40 years ago fell a part on me – so, name brands do not always mean perfection!

  • Gary

    I have a new Taurus 992 that seems to have a problem with the firing pin.
    when i turn the key so that the safe is off, it will not cock or advance to the next round.

    Any suggestions?



  • Justin

    Just an FYI I just purchased a brand new River Single 9. It won’t even load more than 7 winchester mag .22 jhp rounds before the cylinder jams solid. This is just LOADING not even trying to fire. The cylinder rotates fine with no ammo, but after trying to cycle 4 different sets of 9 rounds and watching it jam on the same cylinders every time disgusts me. Great job Taurus….you’ll be getting this 3 day old revolver right back at ya and you lost a future customer. What a bummer. STAY AWAY FROM RUGER.

    • Justin

      Stupid auto correct…River, not river. God I’m pissed at technology right now.

    • The problem you describe is a fairly common one and is a result of buildup of deposits within the individual chambers. Run a wire brush through the chambers every few rounds and it won’t be a problem. I’ve fired High Standard, Ruger and Colt 22 revolvers and this is pretty common, 22 ammunition isn’t known for being exceptionally clean ammo but it is the cheapest way to go plinking so bring that brush with you and you’ll be back running rounds down range without a problem.

  • martinconte

    PROBLEM: Those who assemble the Taurus Revolvers (and Pistols) are paid by the piece not the hour. You do the math. More firearms assembled (quickly, not quality) , more income for the worker.

    SOLUTION: I have been told that the new on location manager / owner has been trying to implement an hourly wage. This should improve product reliability and reputation.
    EXPERIENCE: I have owned several Taurus products. Some were very good. Some were not.
    ANALOGY: I have had some very nice girlfriends. I have had some that were not very nice.
    LESSON: Buyer Beware. Do your research and know the product. That goes for Firearms purchases as well!

  • Recently picked up a 992, zero problems so far, very accurate! Looks great!
    A DA/SA .22LR/.22 Mag convertible for $509- that is very hard to beat! I may
    at some point ditch the squishy grips. Other than that I am more than pleased
    with this revolver. Much bang for the buck!

  • Floyd Weaver

    I have a 9 Shot .22 Mag Taurus Revolver (992) and would like to have a speed loader for the gun. Any information where I can find them would be appreciated!

  • coach85

    just got my 992 in stainless and it is exactly like my 357 mag and a lot cheaper to practice with and is the same weight and well built and looks great