Rock Island Armory MIG 22

Rock Island Armory will be importing the Armscor’s new semi-automatic .22 LR chambered MIG 22 rifle. Our team saw the rifle on display at IWA ’11 last month.

The AR-15 style rifle has a one-piece receiver machined from aluminum billet, a 18″ free-floating barrel and uses a 15-round magazine. A M16A2/A3-style stock and a skeleton style stock will be offered.

The rifle pictured in the photos is the standard model. A target model with a heavy profile barrel will also be available.

It will be available in blue, white or black. Many readers are sure to disagree with me, but I find the blue stock very attractive!

Rock Island Armory has not yet announced pricing for the USA.

Steve Johnson

Founder and Dictator-In-Chief of TFB. A passionate gun owner, a shooting enthusiast and totally tacti-uncool. Favorite first date location: any gun range. Steve can be contacted here.


  • Pete

    I like the color also, looks very happy ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Pete Sheppard

    They’d better not price it too high, because it just looks cheap, regardless of the quality of the action or its accuracy. I know that’s harsh, but all to often that first visual impression is what makes or breaks the deal.

  • ap

    Unless it’s a competitively-priced tack-driver out of the box, which it could be, I’m not sure why it would compete in such a crowded segment with so many proven, well-supported platforms.

  • Mรกtรฉ

    Looks like an oversized pistol to me.
    Also you might wanted to write “blue, white or black” instead of “blue, while or black”.

  • TZH

    looks no-nonsense to me, and that’s a good thing

  • They should reverse the “fire” and “Safe”. other than that, looks cool.

  • Brian

    Unless this is dirt cheap, I can’t imagine this being a successful product.

  • Does it eject out the left side?

  • Gabe

    Anyone know if this will be coming to Canada?

  • cottage cheese

    …ok while it is obviously functional and probably shoots well, (and Steve, I like the blue color too) I think it appearance wise it’s a bit too blocky and awkward for my rather conservative taste….

  • Nik

    I noticed a typo in your post, I think what you meant when you where listing the colors was white not while.

  • Kcoz

    Like the left-handed ejection port but would be nice to at least have the option to install iron sights.

  • Jim

    Will there be a suit from the Russian air force?

  • Tom

    I like the idea. However, whatever engineer decided the safety selector should operate exactly opposite of an AR, should be slapped upside the head.

  • Lance

    Why call it a MIG? Shouldn’t a AK be called a MiG? ๐Ÿ™‚

  • El Duderino

    With a red forend and some white accents this would make a great Appleseed rifle!

  • The problem with the color (for my taste) is that it resembles the blue plastic training guns…

  • Nate

    Is that a 1911 mag catch?

  • j

    i like the blue, white would look good too

  • For a second there, I thought Dillon came out with a rifle!

  • Other Steve

    W H Y ?

    No grip commonality, tons of other alternatives from larger manufactures, Non-AR themed competition, etc etc etc… Completely pointless unless it’s a tack driver and the quietest suppressor host out there (it won’t be).

    Aside from the pointlessness, they couldn’t have managed to make it look worse, blue with an A2 stock and cheap tubing hand guard. Great marketing guys.

  • Robert

    Where’s the blue stock?

  • J.T.

    While the blue does look cool, IMO blue = training gun that either can’t shoot, shoots marker rounds, or only fires blanks.

  • JMD

    If it functions reliably with a wide variety of ammo, shoots at least four MOA, has a decent trigger, is relatively easy to maintain, and retails for under $250, I see no reason why it won’t sell well (barring poor marketing).

    I seem to be in the minority on this issue, but generally speaking I could not care less what a firearm looks like as long as it performs the job it was designed for, within reasonable expectations.

  • FWIW: The magazine release appears to be from a M1911.

  • John Connor

    I’d say that the charging handle is probably on the left but it’ll eject out of the right side

  • 4Cammer

    Change a few details, soften up the machining and price it at 400.00 or less at the counter and she should do well.

  • That actually looks kinda col. I would own one if it’s under $150.

  • I rly do not like idea of normal guns painted in blue. Blue should be reserved for adapter kits like this:
    Not for normal .22 LR rifle.

  • Ross

    Hopefully the make it available in .17HMR and .22MAG. Not very many autos out there that are chambered in these hotter loads that work better than .22LR for longer range small game and target shooting.

  • Gerald

    I hate to snap to sudden judgments, and far be it from me to say things about a rifle that I have not yet been able to shoot but…

    This looks like everything that is wrong with the AR-15, with none of the redeeming qualities, chambered in .22 LR.

  • gunslinger

    safety…humm.. on my two pistols and my ar, when the leaver is “forward” it is ready to fire. i liken it to it’s easy to have on safe, then flip forward with the thumb to make ready. much in a tactical situation.

    as for the blue, i think it looks good.

  • Mountainbear

    Somehow, when seeing this, I want to break out my old LEGO stuff. That’s it. It reminds me of LEGO. This gun has a certain charm.

  • @Nate

    Good “catch” ๐Ÿ™‚

  • fivejades

    I wish this sucker will be chambered with 22TCM ammo. If the pistol can deliver this ammo at 2100 fps, then guess what will be the figure in the MIG rifle….

  • fivejades

    The target version is much sexier….

  • Jerry

    If it’s as accurate as it said in a very short article, I’ll buy one.

  • Joe J Huro, Jr. 1SG USA RET

    I like the “Black Gun” color in your Ad on page 48 of my “predator xtrem” issue for Aug.2012. Your website info. is very thin. You don’t say when it is availble for sale, nor how deep it’s going down in ones pocket. Is
    it featured in You Tube? Who in the USA has tested it. Pros&cons? Thank
    you for tme.