Chiappa M9-22 Pistol

The Chiappa M9-22 is a .22 LR chambered pistol patterned after the Beretta M9 / Beretta 92 pistol. Two models will be offered, the Standard model and the Tactical model.

Chiappa M9-22 Tactical

The M9-22 Standard model comes with wood or plastic grips and drift adjustable rear sights.

The M9-22 Tactical will only be offered with black grips but features a 0.5″x28 threaded barrel, for suppressor use, and will ship with a replica suppressor. It comes with a replica Novak-style fiber optic rear sight.

Both models use 10 rounds magazines, have 5″ barrel and weigh 37 ounces. The MSRP for the Standard is $369 and the Tactical is $419.

Steve Johnson

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  • Obsidian

    you’d think that they would extend the magazine capacity with the .22 calibre and all but they didn’t, I wonder why?

    • Rob

      It’s all about states like Calaforina where they don’t allow high cap mags. There is a way to make the M9-22 mags hold more rounds, the nipples that hold the mag spring needs to be trimmed on both ends. This will allow about 4 more rounds to be loaded.

  • Why include the replica silencer?

  • Cyle

    It is hard to make large stick magazines for .22lr because of rimlock.

  • Andy

    Same as everyone else, .22 rimfire is difficult to double stack.

  • Lance

    Why not use 15rd mags? The M-9 shots 15 why not this?

    • trevor

      the 9mm m9 ammo is staggered to fit more the .22 however the ammo is stacked making less space

  • j

    I really hate fake silencers

  • Other Steve

    @Heath, They included a faux suppressor because whether people know it yet or not, screwing on a silencer is cool. Maybe if they include a fake one, it’ll get people looking into real ones, which will then help them sell more tactical versions and expand the NFA market which is good for everyone.

    Or maybe they are just catering to the “I want an M9 but think a .22 is a better idea crowd” that may just get off on having a fake silencer?

    Maybe it’s their thread protector? 🙂

    @Lance, as people mentioned above. The only current .22LR pistol I can think of is the M&P22 that has a 12 round mag. As I understand it, due to the size and shape of the .22 round, a straight mag only works for 10-12 rounds. After that it’ll jam up. You can see that longer 22 mags are always curved. Perhaps they can’t fit a curved mag in there to hold 15.

  • Gerald

    I look at the back of the slide, and it seems to bear a suspiciously uncanny resemblance to a P22, another handgun also in .22 lr. Could just be me though.

  • Rick

    i just got one of these, and i have to say it is the worst gun i have ever even heard of. it is a total piece of junk. the extractor and extractor cut in the barrel dont line up even close. the trigger bar dosent stay in contact with the hammer during double action trigger pulls resulting in the hammer dropping. there was casting slag all over, the saftey decocker takes to hands to move. this is a total joke to associate it with a m9 beretta. it does look like one but that is where it ends

    • Rob

      I got one around Feb 2nd 2012, it was sent back to the factory for repair feb 3rd with only 23 rounds shot. The paint was gone on either side of the barrel where the front of the slide touches the barrel. The other big problem was the slide hold open would bind when the gun was shot and the last round hold open didn’t work. Just to be clear after 23 rounds the paint (yes I said PAINT not blueing) was gone down to bare steel. And yes I cleaned the dirty thing before I shot it, I had to, the slide wouldn’t close on its own because of the crap inside the gun. This was my first Chiappa and this will be my last! Look at their short clip on Youtube where they are comparing the Chiappa m9 to the Beretta, look for the scrapes on the barrel from their demo gun! What does that say about quality? Oh, oh, one more thing, I still had VERY deep tool marks on the front of the barrel, it looks like they cut the barrel with a saws all. I’ve seen saws all cuts much cleaner then the front of my barrel! When I get the gun back I will do a review on YouTube, whatever condition the gun comes back in is what I will be talking about. If everything is fixed it will get an ok review but if it is still junk that is what I will report.

  • Rob

    I called the factory on April 4th to follow up about the M9-22 I sent back to the factory, they said my gun had factory defaults and when their next production run comes into the country they will ship me a new gun. I will send out an updated review on the gun when it’s received. From what I can tell here are the problems with their first run of guns. 1 the extractor didn’t line up the the cutout in the barrel, 2 in double action the hammer would drop before it came all the way back, 3 it looked like the nose of the barrel was chewed off, 4 the slide took the paint off the barrel, 5 the hole in the frame that held the slide release lever was too big and the lever would bind because of it. To be honest o like the feel of the gun and it shot good for the few times I did shoot it. I have a feeling that if they redid the slide (built it better) the gun would go from crap to good.

    • Rob

      Still no gun! I didn’t think it would take this long for a replacement. At this rate the lifetime replacement warranty will be up by the time they are ready to send it back to me.

  • Rob

    One month later, I called the factory and I was told another 2-3 weeks. I will update you all again either in another month or what I receive it.

  • Rob

    Still no gun, like I’ve been posting, I want Chiappa to get it right. I would rather wait until they can send a gun without issues then getting a gun I have to ship back. I thought about stopping in the factory on one of my trips to Michigan. I’m not sure Chiappa allows visitors to their factory. I will give them a call again tomorrow and see how much longer until my gun ships. June 2nd makes 3 months.

  • JOE

    Hello people, rimfire should be the first clue. rim is larger than center fire.
    if i need to explain more go back to school.

  • chace

    @rob did you ever getvit back and did they fix it if you did oh and is pretty decent on the accuracy department

  • trevor

    trying to decide should i buy the chiappa m9 .22 or the chiappa 1911 .22 reply with some advice please

    • DON MAY

      do not buy one get you a good gun . i have the 1911-22 after 500 or 600 rds it started to shoot good . i also have a chiappa m9-22 junk junk junk it shot 10rds and that was it going back to them getting my money back