Smith & Wesson Model 360PD

At Gun, Holsters & Gear, JayG reviews a flamethrower the lightweight Smith & Wesson Model 360PD

The recoil of a .357 Magnum round through a 12 ounce handgun has been described as anywhere from “stout” to “punishing” to “oh my word what have I done to my wrist”. This author has, on more than one occasion, offered the 360PD to accomplished shooters who are curious to see what a 12 ounce .357 Magnum revolver feels like to shoot – and gotten the snubbie back after only two rounds.

Steve Johnson

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  • John

    And that is why we dont put our fingers in front of the cylinder gap.

  • Pete Sheppard

    A 12oz .357? That’s just nutz…The all-steel SP-101 is as small as I’m man enough to go in .357…

  • FW226

    I carry the enclosed hammer version as a backup. I shoot 38s out of it due to the kick, the unburned powder with the 357s in a 1 7/8″ barrel… and the fact that I don’t want to set myself on fire if I have to shoot it without removing it from my shirt. With the 38s, it’s pretty fun to shoot.

  • FW226

    (Technically mine is the M&P 340, but still.) It is surprisingly accurate, too. The XS front night sight is a nice addition if you can get it.

  • Simon_the_Brit

    With a muzzle flash like that, I think it’ll cook whatever you shoot.

  • Bandito762

    I thought this was a KABOOM story when I first saw the picture

  • Herp

    Holding wrist =/= proper grip on ANY handgun

  • Sean

    I have shot exactly 1 cylinder worth of magnum loads out of one of those scanduum framed guns. That was enough for a lifetime. I do not see the point. IN a short barrel, magnum loads aren’t that much faster than hot .38s. And you don’t go blind while shooting one. Or lose use of your hand for a day afterward.

  • Tom Stone

    Instant flinch. it is too light for the .357, at least for 95% of shooters. Myself included.

  • Squidpuppy

    I’ve got a 327PD 2″ bbl. Granted, it’s an N Frame, so a much bigger gun; basically a 627 with a 1″ bbl. Scandium frame, Titanium bbl shroud and cylinder. It’s surprisingly controllable, but robust.

    I shoot 110 gr .38 +P and 110 gr .357, but even full load .357 isn’t nearly horrible. Frequently put 50x 110+P and 50x 110 .357 through in single sessions without much more recoil fatigue than my 6″ 627 V-Comp doing the same.

    The 327PD 2″ is 21 oz & change empty; the 360PD is under 12. Yep, that’s over half a pound difference! And the 360PD is a J-Frame, so lots smaller. I think I’ll stick with my 327PD, but I won’t be walking around with it in my pocket either…

  • Better grip = better recoil control.

    The wrist holding weak hand grip SUXXX.

    Is it from a 1960’s B-movie, or what?

  • Mike Kole

    I love my Scandium Model 340. Yep, kicks like a mule with magnum loads, and like a small mule with .38s, but there’s just something comforting about a load of maggies over the old .38 or a .380. It takes some practice and I don’t go out and run 50 rounds through it but, for the intended close range protection it’s designed to offer it’s certainly controllable. As a 12 oz pocket gun it’s a pleasure to carry. You forget it’s there. I had it Magna Ported and added a good pair of rubber stocks which offered quite a bit of comfort it didn’t have out of the box. The little hard, plastic boot grips it came with are definitely not the way to go. If I want to target shoot I’ll take my CQB or Model 41, thank you. But I don’t carry those for concealed defense. There’s a purpose for every gun but, if you’re not comfortable with any gun, you shouldn’t carry it.

  • FW226

    Mike: what grips do you use?

    I’ve got the most minimal grips possible: it’s just metal on the backstrap. Makes it easy to carry as a backup, but still. And if I didn’t have to shoot fifty rounds every six months to qualify, I’d load with 357, too.

  • Thomas

    Poor mans flashbang, 38 special with a string attached to the trigger.

  • robbie crabtree

    I carry my 340pd with the newer crimson trace grips that have the built-in recoil absorbing cushion on the backstrap. It helps a lot with the recoil and is surprisingly LESS bulky than the original grips. Still, I carry it loaded with corbon .38spl DPX rounds.

  • Brian

    I couldn’t help but laugh (a lot) while reading this, and the resulting comments.