HS Produkt VHS assault rifle

HS Produkt, the Croatian firm most famous for creating and manufacturing the Springfield XD pistols, are expected to deliver an additional 3,000 VHS rifles to the Croatian Ministry of Defense this year. Pavao look photos of the latest rifles in the VHS line which were on display at the ASDA fair in Split, Croatia.

The VHS-K compact model

The rifle comes in two main configurations. THe VHS-K is the compact model and has a 16.1″ barrel. The VHS-D is the standard rifle model and has a 19.7″ barrel.

The VHS-D with integrated carry handle red dot sight (not unlike the G36).
VHS-K with Aimpoint & Magnifier

The company is also working on a nifty wireless video link system. The below photo shows the prototype. It allows a central operator to monitor and record video from every combatant. The final product will be more compact and sit the camera alongside the Trijicon scope.

Wireless video link system
Pavao with the VHS-K

Now I know many of you are going to like the next photo: the VHS-D with grenade launcher AND bayonet 🙂

VHS-D with grenade launcher & bayonet
VHS-K (middle). VHS-D with red dot (front).
Does it float?

The new HS Produkt grenade launcher also can be used in a standalone configuration.

The grenade launcher in standalone configuration

[ Many thanks to Pavao for the excellent photos. ]

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  • cc19

    US civie version plz. The more the merrier.

  • Spiros-Hellas

    It looks like a mix of Famas G-2 and Tavor.Nice rifle,the only thing that looks awkward is the carrying handle.They could have replaced it with a picatinny rail.

  • kvalseth

    Sight is way too high over bore

  • That is a really sporty looking rifle with some interesting new features.

    And looking closely at the photos, it looks like disassembly can be performed with a coin or knife blade. The designers are really showing off their foresight.

    But, do you think it’ll beat Betamax?
    (sorry, it had to be said)

  • Burton

    Good luck getting a solid cheek weld on that sucker! They should call it a throat weld….

  • Fubar

    Adapted from the FAMAS ?

  • George

    Nifty – it looks like it should be ambidextrous cocking handle but no way to change the ejection port easily. So lefties will get hot brass ejected directly in front of their nose. Also curious where the magazine eject is located.

    Always encouraged by more bullpups – nice!

  • Jesse

    I heard the Betamax rifle was better quality.

  • BoneOboe

    Wait what? They skipped right over 8, 16 and 35mm, the Laser Disc and Beta Rifles?
    How long until it comes out in Blue Ray?

  • Freiheit

    Betamax was more accurate.

  • Wes S.

    Looks like the designers were inspired by the M41A pulse rifle from “Aliens.”

    Wonder if they’ll make a civilian version for the US market…? 😉

  • Jason

    One step closer to the M41-A pulse rifle…..

  • Bryan S

    So many nice bulpups, that we will never see at an affordable price, if ever.

  • NeonCat

    VHS? I’ll wait for the DVD assault rifle.

  • Caseless

    Sight-over-bore holdover looks horrible. Everyone assigned this carbine also needs an XD pistol for 15 yards and closer targets.

  • Lance

    Looks like a modernized FA FAMAS maybe France needs to look at this and up date there FAMAS to these standards.

  • Other Steve

    Well… Someone managed to make an even uglier FAMAS. I didn’t even know there was a contest going.

  • Bob

    “It allows a central operator to monitor and record video from every combatant.”

    Where’s Hicks? Where’s Vasquez? I.. I… I want you to lay down suppressive fire and fall back in squads to the-



  • KP

    My dyslexia (or hopefulness) read one of the captions as, “bayonet grenade launcher.” I for one support the concept of exploding projectile bayonets.

  • Mountainbear

    And I thought our STG77 was ugly. Looks like someone took a FAMAS and forced it to have sex with our STG77.

  • By far, the ugliest assault rifle I’ve seen

  • Sebastian

    Looks like a FAMAS…

  • JJP

    Hey my name is pavao too. Everytime I here VHS though I still think back to the 90s VCR days.

  • Laserbait

    Looks like the muzzlelite bullpup stock for a mini14… Wonder if they licensed that tech.

  • Pepper

    Looks like a Famas and G36 mashed together. While its not pretty, its not too ugly. The VHS needs to make up its mind on which two ARs it wants to copy.

  • Greg T.

    Looks like it got it shape design from giat famas, except with more of the little things on the gun just to make it sexier

    hmm..feels like its some kinda video game gun too…some pics reminds me of killzone or halo…

  • jdun1911

    It is a piss poor design if field striping needs a coin or blade knife.

    Anything that deals with screws in a firearm you need to lock tight it.

  • jdun1911


    What is the VHS copying from the G36 and AR15? Are you saying that it combine Stoner Piston with Stoner DI?

    Anyone know what type of action is used in this bullpup?

    • jdun1911, it was originally a DI gun with a nifty ‘gas cushion’ concept (pipe base behind the bolt) but that was abandoned and now it is a tappet style piston system.

  • Dave

    Is that a G36 magazine or a polymer translucent M16 magazine?

  • bernard

    I prefer Blu-Ray bullpup please…. (so many VHS vs Betamax vs Laserdisc jokes, just can’t resist myself :D)

  • 3D

    News about the owners of HS Produkt:

    My VHS Review:

    The Rifle started out as a licensed copy of The Tavor, however the former Croatian Army general and “businessman” who arranged it got arrested and the deal fell through.

    HS Produkt pretty much copied the FAMAS improving some things but bringing over all the terrible, horrible details like the trigger guard safety and the ridiculous carrying handle.

    The rifle is also completely UN-ambidextrous at the moment.

    (Sorry if cross-linking like this is not allowed)

  • charles222

    Yeah, reminds me more of the battle rifle from Halo than the M-41…if you want to see an M-41 clone, go dig up pictures of the Winchester entry to the ACR.

  • Pepper

    Jdun1911, I was referring more to aesthetics, and the fact that the earlier models looked liked a Tavor and a Famas or AUG. This just looks too much like two guns mashed together, ala Killzone. I’ve never actually played the video game as I don’t own a console, but it is alot like the images i’ve seen of how they made firearms in that game. The handle of a Famas with the factory optic of a G36! The bullpup layout, with a G36 magazine, etc. Maybe there are just so many bullpup rifles now, that they all will start to look alike…

  • subase

    Maybe the FAMAS has been misjudged all these years, due to it’s worst-of-class ergonomics/furniture. Perhaps it’s more reliable than the Steyr Aug in desert conditions and more accurate too. This VHS version is certainly lighter. It’s furniture and ergonomics need to be overhauled though.

    Here’s the video of the proposed new and improved Croatian rifle. Hope it really does come out in the AK calibre.

    • It is not pure aim and point in beneficy of construction of new Croatian Rifle VHS-2,there are much more improvements comparing with VHS (D and K versions)( on English Long and Short version of Maschine Gun)

  • News are actually that the Croatian Ministry of Defence is -NOT- going to accept any more VHS assault rifles than the ones currently in service due to a wide array of complaints from soldiers that had it issued in Afghanistan, first of all the total lack of ambidexterity, whereas instead the early prototype VHS rifles were totally ambidextrous (not only them featured ambidextrous controls, but also ejection windows on both sides and rapidly reversible ejection through the use of a switch, much like now the Italian BERETTA ARX-160 does). That’s the reason why HS-PRODUKT is currently developing a “VHS-2” (non-definitive, non-official denomination), whose most important feature should be the capability to switch from 5’56mm X45 to 7’62mm X39 and to use AK magazines.

  • jdun1911


    I don’t see any resemblance aesthetically with the AR15 and G36. If you mean the accessories like optic, lights, laser, etc. Well you should always used proven designs.

  • Matt G.

    Ok. I usually hate when someone says a weapon is ugly, I think aks look great, I love the dragunov, an I think some ARs ar works of art. But jEsus, that thing will scare children for reasons that have nothing to do with the fact that is shoots bullets.

    You couldn’t get the dog to fetch that rifle if you tied a whole cow to it.

  • piston

    the Americans just ordered the emergency purchase of 500 pieces of VHS rifle–

  • asianMike

    Wow, it looks like they took the CZN MN-22 rifle from the Ghost in the Shell series and just made it longer. What are the American’s going to so with it?

  • Pepper

    jdun, I never mentioned an AR15. I said Famas and G36

  • marcellogo

    WARNING: there are some false statement running here! (with no malicious intent , only lack of reliable informations)

    Marko Vukotic was arrested for a 10 years old deal regarding fireman’s trucks, nothing related both with HS-2000 nor VHS.
    He was just released for prison as all the relevant witnesses have been interwieved by police and attorney and so needs for provisional detention have waned, according to croatian civil law procedure.

    Same for the deal about 3000 rifle, there is not any blocking, only thing that was blocked was rants about a totally new VHS2, it absolutely not exist, it was clarified however that VHS is considered to be a work in progress and every production batch would feature new innovations.
    The version on photos is just the latest: it sport the possibilities to switch off between the HK style rail and the famas carring handle (that can host SIX RAILS, if you wonder because croatian still want it) just by clipping one on other.
    You can also put in just same way the integral red dot sight developed by Rudjer Boskovic istitute on the Carring handle to have a three tier sandwitch.

    Patents and skethces of both the Tavor looking one than of the famas -looking are available on web at European patent office site, so 3d and Pierangelo carissimo please look at them instead of recycle all the same old rumors.


  • marcellogo

    Croatian magazine Zastita has finally published the first professional-made article about VHS:


    Obviously, it is in croatian, and being that language quite impervious to any given translator I ‘ll summarize some of most important topic:

    – Yes, an ambidextrous version has been developed and is almost ready.
    It will be easily changed also in field use
    -It as a recoil buffering mechanism and it works efficacely both in semi- than in full-auto
    _an absolute novelty is that rifle as an additional security function in form a pullthrought auto trigger: also when selector is settled on full auto, the shooter still need to pull it in a deliberate way in order to start the volley.
    -integral sight was developed by IRB (Rudjer Boskovic’ Institute) and host both magnification and red dot feature.
    -the grenade launcher can be opened in both direction and also aim can be mounted on both sides

  • QES

    Hi Marcellogo
    Do you know if this arrest of HS-Produkt owners will have any effect on the production of XD-XDM pistols and exports by the factory in Europe or to Springfield ? Ever since this arrest the Austrian distributor HS-Arms closed down its website and announced the end of its distribution of HS pistols.

  • Jeff

    Where is the BetaMax?

  • marcellogo

    To QES: All I know is that he was released and is waiting for trial
    Neither development of VHS rifle was stopped and so it seems improbable to me that production of HS2000 would be affected (also because HSprodukt is the main industrial firm in Karlovac country and so any stop in production would have an immediate and fragorous notice on the press in such a little nation like Croatia).

  • marcellogo

    To updating about claims of a discontinuation of VHS production: during the celebration of 20th anniversary of foundation of Croatian Army, a whole company was ecquipped with latest model of VHS-k (the one with flat rail) that was first presented during end of march ASDA defence exhibition in Split.

  • John

    Hey jdun1911 I have exactly shot the VHS assault rifle in Croatia visiting my family.
    I also had the A.K-47 by its side and a AR-15.
    The AR-15 I wouldn’t spit on, I dropped it in the mud by accident, it just wouldn’t operate properly.
    The A.K-47 what a top assault rifle, I could do what ever the hell I liked with it, it just preformed like magic.
    The VHS is lighter than the A.K, so I ask shoot if before you make a comment.
    If you have shoot it, I respect your opinion, but its not a piss poor design far from it, the lightest assault rifle in the world to my knowledge.
    Regards John

  • Dear sirs !
    Most important thing here about new Croatian maschine-guns(VHS K and D) and in very near future VHS-2 is fact that is Croatia is independant in production of military-police assault rifles. From start in 1993,when engineers and technicians started with developement with the idea of Bullpup version of Kalaschnikov till todays when People in HS-Product factory and in Croatian army together with military experts from
    Ministry of Defence together have been thinking,looking various constructions throughout whole World ,changing segments of protoypes,they managed in April of 2010 to build serious maschine gun.
    She resembles very much on French Military Rifle Famas ,but it is not copy and constructors in HS Product s looked what competition throughout whole world have been doing what is normal and vey logical ,and in any case very necesarry.VHS-2 will be even very much better construction with much improvements in reliability ,constructed details and in general terms,among top quality assault rifles in whole World without false egoism and selfishness.L;equipe ,team from Karlovac and Zagreb looked Israeli mashine-gun Tavor 21,austrian Steyr- Aug,singapore mashine-gun named xy,and of course German Heckler-Koch,Also they looked excellent Czech produced machine-guns from famous producers Czech Zbrojovka Uhersky Brod near city of Brno in Czech Republic.The mix of various constructions is know -how of Croatian maschine gun VHS,and of course some original things from Croatia,which are protected under some patent numbers.

  • marcellogo

    The VHS 2 is arrived…and seems really fantastic:http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iCRqY9CEujE