Video Game Sound Designers Learn About Guns

David Huppert, of UNC-TV, visits a shoot organized for sound designers of NC-based video game producer Red Storm Entertainment. Red Storm are currently working on the latest game in the Ghost Recon franchise, Ghost Recon: Future Soldier.

Steve Johnson

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  • Máté

    I want to be a videogame designer!
    Also what rifle was that at 2:20?

  • gunslinger

    always nice to see companies in the VG world trying to get as accurate as possible.

    i mean, seeing a Thompson with an AK “banana” mag or hearing the same “bang” from every gun.

  • Lance

    Hope they use REAL weapons for the next Ghost Recon. The first used real guns M-16A4 and M-4 and M-24 But then they used crap like the XM-8 and the OICW and carp that doesn’t exist. I hope they lean from this experince.

  • j

    I recognize that Anzio Ironworks gun!

  • FW226

    Lance, it’s called “Future Soldier.” Just saying.

  • SDG

    I’m most looking forward to Battlefield 3. It should blow away Ghost Recon. They are going to great lengths to make it realistic. The sound should be amazing and from what I’ve seen so far the graphics are worlds away from anything available now.


  • kvalseth

    Máté, that is a Serbu BFG-50.

  • I visited RSE around 1999, back when Tom Clancy was one of the owners. I was heavy into Rainbow Six, Rogue Spear, Ghost Recon, and their respective expansion packs. However, I lost interest in the Ubisoft-era entries to the R6 and GR franchises when they pushed them towards arcade play.

    • Daniel, that must have been interesting. I did not know Tom Clancy was a part-owner of the company.

  • Ryan

    There is one sound I have always thought was cool but have never heard correctly in a video game. Have you ever been are down behind the dirt berm lifting and scoring a target? You hear a “crack-thwap…Boom” of the 30-06’s shockwave/hit the dirt and then the gun report. In game if you are the target you sometimes hear a swishing sound of the bullets flying by, or a ricochet (PtuUuuUuu) but rarely do you hear the delayed report from the gun or the smack of the bullet hitting dirt

  • cc19

    @ Lance

    I agree, but hope all we want, in the end they cater to the masses just like Hollywood does. Expect seeing tactical/military games to continue featuring the impractical Desert Eagle 50, the obsolete (and discontinued) SPAS12, and crap like dual-wielding pistols/submachine guns/sawn-off shotguns.

  • Lance


    Those weapons where all canceled so that makes the game more lame. Stay with the real tried and true weapons.

  • Máté

    @kvalseth Thanks.

  • SDG

    Battlefield 2: Bad Company weapon sounds:

    I love the delayed reverb hit sound of the .Barrett rifle. Very nice!

  • SDG

    As Daniel mentioned Red Storm Entertainment(now Ubisoft Red Storm) was the developer of Ghost Recon & Rainbow Six- Tom Clancy was one of the founders of the development group. The games are based around his books. I used to work in the same complex/building (Cary,NC) so would chat with those guys during lunch breaks. They got to play with some pretty cool toys!

    Ghost Recon has been dead in the water for some time and they are hoping to bring the franchise back with Ghost Recon: Future Soldier. Call of Duty:Black Ops, Battlefield 2:Bad Company and Modern Warfare are the kings of 1st person shooters at this point.

    EA sports is about to kick off a BF3 marketing campaign this week which is expected to cost over $100 million. Games are BIG business these days as Call of Duty did $400 million in revenue on day one of release! Personally I prefer the Battlefield franchise as it is based around more realistic tactics and team play instead of just running around machine gunning people.

    Lets face it, we wouldn’t really want an ultra realistic war game or it would be like this haha->

  • Máté

    @SDG good sounds, too bad most of the funs are incorrectly modelled.

  • maxcoseti

    Is that a Magpul FMG-9 at 0:37? wasn’t it supposed to be just a prototype? That is a cool gun BTW!

  • zack991

    I won’t waste my time with any redstorm product or UBIsoft products period. They have cheated out the true tactical shooting gene into just another run and gun shooter that is an insult to those wanting a real thinking man’s tactical game. When the company was small they made some very good tactical games where you developed your mission, built out you teams weapons, you had go codes, way points where your team would clear a building. Based on how you planned the assault and executed it, would determine if you saved the hostages or not. It took a bit of actually thinking and smarts to build your team, building your way-points and what you wanted your men to do. If you got shot, you died in no more than three shots; you limped when wounded as well as you shot poorly. Now you have health regen, you can run and gun through a whole map, if you fail you now have a save point instead of having to rethink and re plan your entire assault. The planning and building the mission was the hard part but if you did it right your team was un-stoppable. They took the tactics out of their games and flashed it up with all the fake high tech gear and halo style stupidity game play. It still ticks me off how they threw all of their original hardcore fans under the bus to make nothing more than another mindless shooter like COD garbage.

  • zack991

    Sorry for my poor grammar, but it still ticks me off.

  • SDG

    zack991, I take it you have been out of gaming for awhile because Ubisoft makes the Splinter Cell series which is about as far from “run n’ gun”as you can get. The latest in the series incorporates Krav Maga and C.A.R. (Center Axis Relock) as tools for the main character – using real fighting systems is pretty realistic don’t you think? COD and MW are idiotic so I’m with you on that.

    If you want the most “realistic” shooter then try Operation Flashpoint. You spend most of your time hiking through forest to get to the enemy and you can barely see him when you are shooting at him. One hit and you are dead. It was so realistic that the developers realized it was somewhat boring and the next version will be a mix of realism and action (more like the Battlefield series). Here is a clip from the new version still in development. I would bet this will be a top notch military sim (and you get to fight the Chinese PLA which I like):

    As for Ghost Recon, this is the latest one in development- personally I’m not that into the future war concept but it should at leas be a contender:

  • SDG

    @maxcoseti – @37 seconds in its a FN F2000. Nice rifle!

  • Lance

    I agree with SDG I was a fan of Flashpoin 1 since it was relased in 2001. I havent got Flashpoint 2 yet sorry havent seen it on selves recently would love to buy it ASAP.

    This Red River version is a addon to Flashpoint 2 and offer new maps mods and multiplayer. I sure hope they add a Russian campaign to crush theChinsese Revisionist later on too.

  • SDG

    The one I have for Xbox 360 is Operation Flashpoint: Dragon Rising.

    Red River is a completely new game. It is supposed to be a bit more like Battlefield in that it won’t be too simulation oriented but still retain realism.
    Here is a developer interview, gives you a good idea what they are going for with this new one:

    I still maintain that Battlefield 3 will be the top of the shooters when it comes out. It looks amazing from what I’ve seen so far. Amazing graphics. I play Battlefield Bad Company 2: Vietnam more than any of my other games so I’m really looking forward to BF3.

  • Máté

    @SDG The newest episode of the original OP is ARMA 2, Flashpoint 2 is made by others.

  • 4IN1

    The old Op Flashpoint Developer is Bohemia Interactive which is still around and still making ulter realistic tactical shooter call ArmA2. Those “New” Flashpoint games is just a console port Codemaster created by another develope team(they only publish the old game, and in NO WAY related in the developement of it) which is no where near as good as the old(2001) one can be.
    That said: Don’t even bother to buy those “NEW” Operation Flashpoint names if you really like the old one(the 2001 one, not the “most recent” one), ConsoleMaster beancounters are just using the old name to make something that wont make up with the old name, in order to earn some cash.

    @Lance If you were not the one with the “similar” name on the ConsoleMaster forum, then you must have been hopelessly misinformed

    and @ SDG

    Splinter Cell is not a run n’ gun thats true, but it is not a tactical shooter as well.
    Just compare the good old Rainbow Six game to the new Vagues CRAP(yes, they ARE carp compare to the old one)

    If you don’t see the difference then either you just have no idea of how a tactical should be, or you just have no idea about how any video game used to be like.

  • zack991

    SDG- I play all sorts of games and have all three consoles and a PC. I have played the splinter cell series and it’s fun to play, it though will never comes close to the fun of building a team, building a complete assault plan and have real world weapon systems that exist. As well as none of the fake High tech gear or the ninja type of game play of Splinter Cell. I am still playing Flashpoint and it helps fill the void of wanting another true tactical shooter.
    I will never give UBI anymore of my money for those reasons and the way they treat their community as a used sponge just for money. They just copied and pasted the files from the xbox360 version for the pc for their Vegas series. That game had more bugs and major issues then I have ever seen, it was more than missed it was purposely ignored. Simple UBI is lazy, they make garbage, they treat their community like a money sponge, they ignore any issues or bugs that come up, they pretend they don’t exist. They treat pc gamers like we are an ugly step child that they refuse to listen to, do any updates for their horrible buggy “copies” they call custom built for pc’. It is downright nasty how they treat us pc gamers even though it was US who got them where they are today. It’s not just one thing that they have done but a major 30 page list of not just screw ups but their higher than thou attitude to pc gamers and the True tactical gamers.

  • SDG

    New 12 minute gameplay preview of Battlefield 3…I don’t know about you guys but this looks just plain awesome! 🙂