Gun Review: Rock Island Armory Tactical 9mm

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If you want to save money on ammunition without sacrificing your beloved 1911, then this is the pistol you need! The Rock Island Armory Tactical 1911, one of the most popular 1911s on the market, is now available in 9mm. Compared to the more expensive .45 ACP model, you can feed it for much less money and keep the same number of rounds going down range.

I have always been very fond of Rock Island 1911 pistols. First and foremost they are well made with all, they have the features I like and the price is great at roughly $450 for all Tactical models. Don’t let the price fool you into thinking that it is cheaply made because it surely is not. I own several in 45 ACP, including both the full size and compact version. I received this sample Tactical in 9mm directly from Rock Island.

Now a number of you will say “but it’s a 9mm”! Well yes it is, but over the last few years the 9mm has gone through some serious improvements. Loads like the Buffalo Bore 9mm +P+ (115 gr. at 1,400 fps / 500 ft/lbs) and the Cor-Bon DPX (115 gr at 1250fps / 399 ft/lbs) will not leave you underarmed. Another advantage of a 9mm version of the 1911 is capacity. The Rock Island Tactical 9mm holds ten rounds with eleven rounds using a new magazine from Metalform. Of course, if you want to keep the 45 .ACP for defense you can always use the 9mm for practice.

Affectionately referred to as “The Rock” among owners, the Tactical has all of the features desired by most shooters. The pistol is made from forged 4120 steel with a hammer forged barrel. Its safety is an extended ambidextrous with Novak type low mount black sights. The grip safety has the beavertail configuration. A full length guiderod is also included. The barrel has a nice feature with an 11 degree muzzle crown to protect it from damage should the pistol be dropped. It also has a lowered and flared ejection port. The hammer is skeletonized. A durable parkerized finish is standard.

Rock Island packs each pistol in a hard black plastic case with one magazine. The Rock Island warranty is lifetime for the original owner.

Trigger pull on this example is 5 pounds with little takeup. This was a bit of a surprise because the trigger didn’t really feel like 5 pounds. Let’s just say the trigger is certainly a good one.

The stats are standard for a full size 1911 and weighs in at 38.5 ounces.

Range Time

I spent about two hours in this session firing 250 rounds total of Armscor 115 .grn 9mm. Testing distances were 7, 10 and 15 yards. I used the standard 5 inch targets from Birchwood Casey.

The first rounds fired were some older Winchester Silvertips I had laying around. If anything will test a new pistol for reliability it is hollowpoints. I fired all 50 rounds at various distances and speed to check more for reliability than accuracy. The magazine was a bit stiff to load 9 rounds. After fifty rounds it eased up a bit. Even so there were no failures of any kind.

After loading up with the Armscorp ammo I set my target up at 7 yards and started working on accuracy testing.

7 yards standing.

The target above was fired from 7 yards. Two magazines were fired for a total of 18 rounds. The group measured right at 1 inch.

10 yards standing.

Moving back to 10 yards I fired this string again measuring right at 1 inch. Pretty darn good for a new pistol right out of the box. Many times when a new pistol is taken to the range the first time some adjustment of the sights is needed. Rock Island sights these pistols in at the factory. I’ve never had to adjust the sights on one yet.

15 yards from a rest

Normally I would fire from the 15 yard line standing as with the 7 and 10 yard targets. This time I used my shooting bag as a rest. One magazine of 9 rounds yielded this group of ¾ of an inch. That’s a very good group for any 1911!

This range session was no surprise. I’ve spent enough time with these pistols to know them pretty well. As I said earlier they are 100% reliable and this one was no exception. There were no failures of any type during the entire session of 300 rounds.

I mentioned earlier the magazine was rather stiff and difficult to load. After using one magazine for all 300 rounds it was no longer difficult to load that ninth round. Aftermarket 10 round high quality Metalform are available from MidwayUSA for $27.99

Recoil in a 9mm 1911 is very soft allowing the shooter to get back on target easily. It makes a range session firing 300 rounds easy on the shooting hand.


The Rock Island Armory 1911 have been very successful since they began being imported from the Philippines about five years ago. This is a 1911 with a large following that just keeps growing. New models are released fairly often.

What you get is a 1911 that is accurate, reliable and well made. The price sure is hard to beat. Honestly it handles and shoots as well as my much more expensive Springfield Armory with the same features.


Phil White

Retired police officer with 30 years of service. Firearms instructor and SRU team member. I still instruct with local agencies. My daily carry pistol is the tried and true 1911. I’m the Associate Editor and moderator at TFB. I really enjoy answering readers questions and comments. We can all learn from each other about our favorite hobby!


  • Henk

    Interesting…I am in the market for a 9mm 1911. Are the RIA 1911s better built than the Norinco 1911s? Anyone?

    • jay

      that magazine was stiff I struggled to get 8 in the mag I thought the manual said 8 read your post it said 9 checked the 9 holds 9 will see about loading 9 if my hands and fingers hold up to it

      • Phil White


        The springs can be a bit stiff at first. I would leave 9 rounds in the mag for several days and loosen it up a bit. These are made by the Checkmate company and have been reliable for me.

    • jay

      I love that rock island replys back with email me I will make it work for you I will be shooting my ria 9mm non tactical tomorrow for the first time only have 50 rounds I am excited to shoot it I know I already would like upgrades like thin grips for my small hands and see about different sights but who knows will deffinantly hit up ria if I have a bad expierence and will be back to post about my shooting expierence this is my 3rd gun first gun is a rifel 22 I love second one was a cheap 22 pistol that sucks this,needs to be a good expierence I am new tolguns and this is the the most I spent on a gun yet

      • Phil White


        Oh they will. They have the best customer service of any gun company. I haven’t run across anyone yet who hasn’t been pleased with the Rock Island guns. A good place to have new sights put on is Turnaround is about a week.
        If you have any problems just post and I’ll email you directly.

  • kagbalete

    quality wise, i would go for the RIA, they are more consistent in their quality control…..

  • Jim S

    I’m a fan of my Rock Island. I picked mine up in the classic .45acp flavor. The fit and finish are tight and the pistol is an all round champ.
    The only drawbacks I could find was the lack of definite sight picture with the Novak sights (corrected by drawing some dots on the Novaks…had to redo them A LOT till I got those right) and the feed ramp. The feed ramp was parkerized when I first got the pistol so it wouldn’t feed hollow points. I took it hope, fluffed and buffed it, and took it back out. Even with the parked ramp it still fed FMJs without a hiccup.

    The author forgot to mention that the trigger is far from just being “certainly good,” It is great! The crisp break with a very small reset is perfect!

    All in all I’d not trade it for the world. My brother is a little perturbed that he spent twice as much for a Kimber and gets about the same results.

    I wish that RIA made a matte stainless version. I’d jump on that in a heartbeat! The nickel version looks too much like some shiny pimp-gun. Not appealing.

    • I do make a matte nickel finish that looks like stainless. Its available in the GI and Tactical versions.

  • Erik

    @Henk, Much.

  • Jack Luz

    Why did they not think of this back in 1985, when the .45 was being replaced by the Baretta Model 93 (M9)? Did politics play a part?

    • Chad H.

      I’ve heard politics did play a part in the DoD choosing the Beretta 92. Supposedly the US/NATO wanted a base in Italy, but we had to pick the Beretta to get it. The Beretta is a nice gun & reliable. I don’t think a 9mm 1911 would’ve been as reliable in feeding as the 92. The 92 is designed so the centerline of the top round in the magazine is much closer to the centerline of the barrel; negating the need for a large feed ramp as used in the 1911. I have a Taurus 9mm 1911 and will be getting the RIA also.
      Would love to see a model chambered in 40 S&W!

  • Jim

    This review could not possibly appeal to me more. I have long considered getting a RIA 1911 considering I heard they were well made for the cash, but once I saw that this one was in 9mm I almost jumped in my seat. I think I may have found my new pistol.

  • snmp (owner of Rock Island Amory or is suppllier of STI & Tanfoglio

    • I also make the Citadel, High Standard, Cimmarron, and Taylor 1911

  • yamalink

    A great option is the $628 delivered STI Spartan. Well worth the price diff vs the likes of RIA.

  • I did a review back then on the calguns Forums.

    It is a good weapon.

    I will be testing it with JHP soon.

  • Ryan from Ohio

    Glad to hear you actually found a Rock Island that works. I really wanted to like my Rock Island, but I purchased two that either would not fire or would not load rounds right out of the box. Luckily my local gun shop is made up of stand-up guys and they gave me my money back, which I used to purchase a Kimber Custom II. I don’t want to say not to purchase a Rock Island, because maybe when I get the bad taste out of my mouth I’ll look at them again, but you honestly do get what you pay for. Some work, some don’t.

    • You should have sent it in. All my guns have a lifetime warranty. I guarantee my guns. Its my Family’s name and honor behind everyone. Write me and I will make it right. That should have not been your experience with the gun. Get a hold of me through

  • Jim,

    I’m glad the 9MM hit the right button! You’ll enjoy it.


    The STI is made by RIA at least the frame and slide—they just dress them up a bit more.


  • Henk,

    I don’t think the Norinco is any better. The problem is we can’t buy Norinco’s in the USA anymore because of import restrictions. There are a few used ones out there.


  • Komrad

    cool, TFB is doing reviews now

    maybe Steve could do some too

    anyway, I like the 1911, it’s got a lot of history and .45 ACP can be a good defensive caliber with good ammo, I still prefer 9mm, but that’s another story

    personally, I don’t think this would be the best gun for self defense, there are so many other handguns for a similar price with much greater capacity double stack mags

    if they came out with a double stack version with at least 13 round capacity, I’d consider it for defense

    I do like the concept though, and if a .45 is your main but you can’t afford to practice with that or if you just want to shoot cheaper ammo, this doesn’t seem like a bad choice

    • I have the hi cap version its the A2 line. I have the basic 45 version available. The new Tatical hi cap will be available Jan. They are fully loaded. And you won’t believe how affordable they will be with all the upgrades.

  • Oh yea Komrad you’ll see reviews now and pretty often. Steve will do some at times I imagine.


  • Duane

    Just picked up a 1911-A1-MS midsize in .45 this Saturday. Only had a chance to run around 35 rounds through it so far but it functioned nearly flawlessly. On round 32 2nd round of a mag the slide did not quite make it into battery. This was with some 185 grn lead wadcutter handloads. Ran 30 rounds of Winchester white box 230 FMJ and 5 of the handloads.
    On thing I did notice was extraction was all over the place, some going forward, some to the right and several straight up and off my hat.

    • The 1911 was meant to shoot Ball ammunition. email me at I will send you a box of Armscor ammo. Your gun will shoot just fine.

      • adan

        Will it shoot hollow points well?

        • Phil White


          They handle hollowpoints very well/ I’ve never had any trouble at all with them.

  • jdun1911

    Norinco 1911 are very good. I missed my chance of getting one in the 90s when the Chinese were flooding the market with clones.

    Philippines makes good 1911 and I believe at least one high end 1911 outsource their production to the Philippines.

    • STI. I make 6 models for them.

  • jamieb

    From past research on ria and sti, I was under the impression ria makes unfinished or semi finished parts for sti. They get final finishing here.

    Anyways the sti spartan is most certainly not a rebranded ria. I has different trigger, different hammer, grips and more.

    Its not just a diff roll mark and a $220 price increase.

    • I make the full line of spartans. that is 6 models the 5,4, and 3 in 9mm and 45. I use 6 STI parts the rest are Armscor made. I also make parts for 2 other STI models. I even use some STI parts for my Rocks.

    • I make 6 STI models, the Spartan 5, 4, and 3 in 9mm and 45ACP. I also make parts for 2 other STI models. I even use STI parts in some of my Rocks.

    • Phil White


      Yep the RIA parts for STI are the frame, slide and barrel all other parts are STI.

      Ken the RIA is a series 70. Almost all Philippine 1911′s are series 70—-

      RIA makes a matte finish in silver finish as well as a two tone with a parkerized slide and silver frame. One company has a trial limited run of a compact in the same two tone but in 9MM. It’s part Tactical with GI sights. We’ll see if it goes into general production.

      SNMP Our neighbors to the north have Norincos:-(

  • jamieb

    Also to the poster who didn’t like the bling pimp nickle ria, they now produce a matte nickle finish. Its quite tasteful and classy looking, you won’t look like a mexican bandit.
    For the modest price increase it would be the finish I would choose.

  • Henk

    Thanks for the reply Phil. I am from Holland, and we can still buy Norincos over here. RIAs are probably more difficult to get as I have not seen them around at the shooting range or gun shops.

    But hey, if the RIAs really shoot that well as you say they are, I would really like to try to get one soon.

    • Phil White


      I checked and RIA doesn’t import in your area of the world:-( At least not yet.

  • snmp

    In Germany (through frankonia or Norconia) or in Luxembourg you could get a Norinco (M14 or 1911 or CQ311/M4 or P226 )

  • Ken Rihanek

    Is the Rock a series 70 or series 80? ie does it have the trigger activated firing pin safety?

  • It is a 70 series. No trigger activated Firing pin safety.

  • dboy225

    @Komrad…..RIA (as well as STI) do have double-stacked versions…called the 1911A2
    I really want the 1911A2-45 Medallion Tactical 🙂
    14 rounders!!!

    • Keep a look out for the New RIA A2 tacticals. They are set up even nicer thatn the medallions. You will love them. They come out Jan.

    • Phil White


      RIA (as well as STI) do have double-stacked versions…called the 1911A2
      I really want the 1911A2-45 Medallion Tactical
      14 rounders!!!

  • me

    This is pleasant news indeed.

    There have been rumors that RIA will soon begin importing 1911s built on frames with an integral light mount rail under the dustcover. That’s the one I’m waiting for.

    • martin

      The Tactical 2011 have been out for almost a year. email me if you need to find one.

    • Phil White

      No rumor there:-) They are indeed on the way and will be available later this month. At latest the first of May.They have full length dust cover rails, Tactical format, match trigger with Meprolight night sights. Eight round capacity in 45 acp.
      I was going to scan the photo I have but my darn scanner is messed up right now. I’ll try to get a picture for you.

  • ME—-I found a picture of the one at the SHOT show. This is the match version with long slide but the one your talking about looks the same but has the standard 5 inch barrel. The rail does extend to the end of the barrel.


    I believe this link will work for the picture of the new RIA with rail.


  • CUrob

    Nice article. I am defiantly interested.

    I just keep hearing from people that the 9 doesn’t have enough power to properly cycle the 1911.

    I did experience this first hand when i rented a PARA 1911 in 9mm… super picky on ammo and wouldn’t cycle with a darn on Federal or Winchester white box range loads.

    Hope RIA doesn’t have those issues…

    • Phil White

      Thank you CUrob,

      The 9MM definitely has enough power to cycle the slide without fail. I don’t recall off hand if the Para version has the ramped barrel. If so that would cause problems since the ramp angle on the 9MM is the same as the 45 acp version. This isn’t very conducive to good feeding. Another possible problem with the Para or other 1911′s is rental guns are only cleaned when they are to dirty to fire reliably. This is something I’ve seen several times.
      I’ve shot a good number of assorted rounds since the review and have had no difficulties at all with feeding etc.
      The ammo mentioned in the article is great for defense. In fact the Buffalo Bore has more foot pounds of energy than most 45 acp ammunition. The DPX ammo is also very effective at cycling the pistol.
      I’ve never run into any of those issues with the RIA 9MM.

      Happy shooting!

  • My RIA is .38 Super. She also digests 9×23 without a hiccup. Yes, yes, I know the horror stories. False. My Rock is an excellent piece of equipment, and I highly recommend them to anyone I know looking for a firearm on a limited budget. I carry mine quite often. Not quite as much, perhaps, as my Springer, but I never feel as though I’m not carrying reliability. And that is major consideration #1.

    • Phil White

      Amen brother they are a fine piece of gear! I’m waiting for a Tactical in 38 super.
      Have you tried the 38 Super by Cor-Bon? It’s the DPX 125 +P.
      Caliber: 38 Super Auto Plus P
      Bullet Wt.: 125gr DPX
      Velocity: 1350fps
      Energy: 506ftlbs
      Test Barrel Length: 5.0 Inches

  • trone

    Philippine guns are best in quality built by artisan hands…..proudly pinoy

    • Phil White

      Well said trone:-)

  • Greg W.

    Hi Phil,
    Great review on the RIA 9mm 1911 Tactical. It couldn’t have come at a better time, as I have been looking into 9mm 1911s to use in conjuction with my .45 ACP 1911. In particular, I was looking at the RIAs but hadn’t found a real good review of this model. I think you covered most of the questions that I had about this pistol. It sounds reliable enough to use for CCW.
    Do you know if RIA is planning on coming out with a 9mm Tactical style 1911 in either their Compact or commander sizes any time in the near future? Those would be perfect for CCW.
    I think I see a RIA 9mm 1911 in my future.
    Greg W.

    • Phil White


      Hello Greg,

      It’s been a few months since I heard from you. I’m glad you caught the review and it helped you out!
      It is reliable enough for CCW. I’ve been carrying this one from time to time as a matter of fact.
      RIA has been considering making a Commander size Tactical model in 9mm but I don’t know if they have decided on it yet. They are making a Commander size in the GI format with the two tone finish. You could get one of those and have Novak put the Tactical’s sights on it for about $100 with a week to ten day turnaround.

      Happy Shooting:-)

  • Darren

    Does the RI make a slide in 22? I’m getting the 9mm tactical, but the 22 rnds are just cheaper for practice

    • martin

      The XT22 comes out in November

    • Phil White


      No they don’t have one yet but they released a full size 1911 clone in .22 cal. I haven’t seen them in stores yet but they should be close to distribution. A company called Ciener does make a conversion kit that should work on your pistol.

  • fdfargher

    @Phil, I was wondering, I recently purchased a Rock Island 9mm and haven’t even taken it shooting yet. I bought some 115 gr. ball ammo for it and it seems to feed it fine when I pull back the slide, but when I bought some Corbon hollow points for it, they would just slam flat into the forward side of the mag well. They polished the feed ramp, but hardly put an upward angle to it. I’m sure I’m going to have to take it to a gunsmith to rectify the problem. Either that, or buy some Powerball ammo for carry. What would you suggest? Also, is it possible to put a standard GI .45 Auto barrel in this gun as long as I change the spring? .45 Auto clips seem to fit in it fine. Just curious.

    • Phil White


      The best thing to do is go out to the range and see if you have the same problem with the Cor_bon rounds when firing rather than hand cycling. I’ve had rounds that wouldn’t hand cycle but were fine on the range because of the slide speed. In fact I use the Cor Bon with the longer Barnes copper bullet and I’m guessing that’s the one your using.
      Mine did the same thing except at the range where it fed fine. I honestly don’t think it will be an issue when you fire it but let me know if you do.
      As far as changing out to a GI plug and setup you sure can change those out and get rid of the full length guide rod. I do that on most of mine with no problem at all.
      Let me know how it goes.

    • Lenny Carter

      the one you are talking about is the 2010 and prior year models. For 2011 they added the rail. If you dont like the rail, just get a pre-2011 model. I just purchased one myself, like you mentioned without the rail, for a little under $400 new on gunbroker. good luck!

  • b

    From what I have found on the Internet in the past couple days, it seems that the new 1911 tactical models come with a full length dust cover and picatinny rail. I may be in the minority, but I do not care for these features.

    Can I get a new 1911 tactical 9mm without them? (as shown in the picture in this article)

  • Larry

    I’m looking for my first gun to shoot USPSA production class with. People have talked me out of a Beretta 92FS because they say there are few modifications possible with them. I’m wondering how this gun would be, AND is it Massachusetts compliant?

    • Phil White


      It would indeed make a fine pistol to begin competition with. What I would advise is have a gunsmith smooth the action up as well as smoothing the feedramp. As far as compliance contact RIA at 775-537-1444. They have a list of guns and states that allow particular pistols.

  • i have read the emails above… i,as i am sure many shooters are happy!!!-VERY happy to read that you’all use forged frames,etc etc…… Do you make a forged lightweight Hicap 9mm with the same quality and features??? as i have limeted funds and ???really desire to have a Hicap 9 in 1911 platform! many guns i would like to have!!!!! but this one @ a good price , i would buy!!!

    • Phil White


      I do believe they can help you with that. It may have to be ordered from the Philippines. Gibe then a call at Tel. 775-537-1444 I’m sure they can accomodate you:-)

  • fred

    Just ran 200 rounds through my new 9mm RIA I purchased yesterday over a period of several hours for a break in. The initial two magazines I had several failure to feeds each but after the fist two magazines everything worked perfect. We shot several high end 1911 pistols and the less expensive RIA and to be honest it was hard to tell them apart. I love this gun so far.

    • Phil White


      That’s surprising you had any problem even on just the first two mags. I bet those will be the last! That’s a statement I hear pretty often concerning the fact it’s hard to tell the difference between the “Rock” and high end 1911’s! I’m glad you’re enjoying it:-)
      You just bought the best buy in 1911’s!

  • Mac

    I took my new RIA 9mm GI out for the first time yesterday. Typical Oreagon day, very cold and light rain. I ran 300 rounds of FMJ 9mm thru it without a single issue. The gun ran flawlessly cold and wet. Also very accurate out of the box. From balloons at 10 yards to old frying pans at 50 yards, the sights were dead on. For my first RIA pistol, it was fun to shoot and no issues with relativelly cheap ammo. I will be buy the RIA .45 GI next.

    • Phil White


      Congrats Mac you just bought the absolute best buy in a 1911! It’s great to hear you enjoyed your first outing with it in spite of the weather. They have the new TCM which is a 9mm that also has a RIA developed round that fires a 40 grain bullet at 2100 fps!.It’s a double stack with the same setup of sights etc. as the Tactical model.

  • Justin

    I have been looking for a 1911 in 9mm for some time now and the RIA tactical is very appealing to me. Some local 1911 aficionados have told me that it is a great gun for the price, but is really used as a platform to build a custom 1911 off of. I take it with a grain of salt, but I do wonder what parts are MIM. Being a cop and firearms instructor I probably fire more rounds in a month than a majority of owners do in a year. So the question is how well do RIA 9mm’s hold up over time? I bet my life on my gun daily and want a firearm that only needs parts replaced after years of hard use.

    • Phil White


      A lot of people do use the “Rock” as a base gun but a lot depends on how much you plan to shoot. They do have MIM parts but then again almost all guns do these days. MIM parts are better than they used to be but I do prefer bar stock parts.
      That being said I have shot mine a lot and between the two of mine I’ve never had any parts breakage or problems in the 6 years I’ve owned one.

  • Jeff

    does Rock Island make the 1911 Tactical 9mm in a matte nickel finish

    • Phil

      No sir nothing in a finish other than matte.

  • 1inchgroup

    I have had the RIA M1911A1 FS Tactical in matte nickel, for about two months. I have been able to shoot it on two occasions about 200 rounds each time. The gun runs fantastic. I haven’t had a single feed or fire issue. The only thing is that it shoots about two inches low. This I attribute to most guns are sighted in at 25 yards and this would result in about two inches. With perfect sight picture. If rear sight was adjustable it would be easy fix. Even so I’m just going to sand front sight down slightly and this will result in fixing this. But this gun is a beast witt shoots 1 inch groups and destroys any 1911 put up againts it for cost. My uncle shoots a kimber and mine puts up way better groupings withme shooting both orhim. And I only paid 500 for mine not1300.

    • Phil White


      Good to hear and of course that’s been my experience with the Rocks as well. I’ve tested several as well as own a couple and they are pretty amazing for the price. Most custom gunsmiths will even accept them as guns for customization which is saying something.
      I just converted my 9MM to a 38 Super and it’s flawless as well!

      • 1inchgroup

        Do you think with a little accurization, you could be competitive with one in uspsa single stack? I really want to compete but its Nottingham on list But they have produced more than 2000 for consumer sales

        • Phil White


          Absolutely, the pistol itself is very much capable of the accuracy needed as well as being very reliable. With some tweaking for longevities sake as well as sight replacement I’d have enough faith in one to be very confident in using a “Rock” for competition.
          Some competitions allow the beavertail to be pinned as well and that is something I would advise doing if allowed in the category you’ll compete in. The sights are good but I would much prefer a fiber optic with a 10-8 brand rear sight which has a wider U-notch.

  • Skip

    Does the RI make a slide in 9mmto replase my 45

    • Phil White


      Skip they do make a 9mm slide and barrel combination but I’m afraid that won’t work with a 45 acp frame. The frame dimensions won’t allow it(chamber size is much larger on a 45 acp). The only conversion you can do is trade for a Rock Tactical 9mm. Wish I had better news for you.

    • Joe Dirt

      Do they make a compact version? I have been looking for a 9×19 1911 for awhile

  • Paul bob

    I have seen the websites of all the major sources and the photos do not always match the description. Very confusing, plus there seems to be a shift between 2011 and later models VS older ones.
    Which model(s) would have;

    Tactical features (Extended beavertail, Trigger, Hammer, etc )
    fiber optic front sight OR adjustable sights
    wood checkered grips OR VZ grips
    5″ barrel
    Parkerized OR matte stainless

    I wanted a .45 but some of the comments do make sense for the 9mm. This would be a gun for range shooting, so 9mm would be cheaper, but most of the competition is strickly .45 My goal is to get a very accurate gun, with good sights and best barrel. Some models mention match grade barrel?? I am so frustrated with so much, but often contraditing info. HELP!

  • Paul bob

    Any thoghts on the steel Russian .45 rounds. Are they potentially harmful to the extractor or chamber areas? This is comparison to brass.

  • Daniel F. Melton

    I’ve owned one of these sweeties for a couple of years now. It eats everything you want to feed it and begs for more. Quality workmanship and excellent finish.