Mexican Navy RAM armed with .50 BMG M2

This photo shows Mexican Marines (According to using a M2 mounted on a RAM truck. Presumably they are on an anti-narco mission.

Up until 2009, Chrysler was mostly owned by Cerberus Capital Management, the same company that owns The Freedom Group which owns Remington Defense, Bushmaster et. al. It seems to me that they missed out on product cross pollination opportunity. Chrysler could have offered lightly armored RAM trucks, with mounted Remington Defense manufactured machine guns, to developing countries who are fond of such things in lieu of real LAVs (light armored vehicles).

Steve Johnson

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  • Aurelien

    A good exemple of cross-polination is the armored Nissan Navaras sold by the French company ACMAT as the ALTV.

    Surely US companys could do that for the south american market.

  • Lance

    Apparently they are using military Humvees or M-151s for urban combat. They prefer unarmored technicals.

  • sdog

    those rims look a little too chromed out to me for this kind of use

  • Chrome Alloys on military track – oh, Yeah!

  • Rubent

    I have seen these kind of trucks they use them because they’re mostly trucks seized from drug busts
    I’ve also seen silverados and f-150’s setup the same way
    I go to mex alot i live close to the border

  • Leonardo

    Reminds me of Mercenaries 2

  • Big Daddy

    It was probably a vehicle they got from a drug bust. Our government does it too and then sells everything for auction. They just mounted a 50 cal on it. No wonder they are losing the war against the cartels. They don’t have the funds to purchase real LAVs. I don’t see why they don’t buy all the left over Humvee chassis we have and rebuild them, our military has loads of them that are just sitting rusting because they don’t have the funds to rebuild them and are also going with newer designs for our troops. It would cost a lot less then new ones and could be modified during the rebuild process into what suits their needs. I wonder just how much the USA government is really helping the Mexican government other than just giving them money when I see things like that.

    I also wonder just how accurate that 50 cal would be on that mount, talk about collateral damage.

  • Nima

    Although the two companies are subsidiaries of a greater corp. There would likely be a lot of red tape and minimal gains in getting the two companies to collaborate on such a product. It’s hard to get overseas offices of the same corporation to be transparent and productive with one another let alone totally separate companies under one umbrella.

  • snufferoo

    Heavily armed, blinged out pickups are so much more badass than LAV’s.

  • Alexis

    Man, mexican Army and Navy must use trucks as RAM, Silverado or others, because the size of a hummer o any other similar vehicle will make so hard to make a chase across any city…

    I’ve seen it, i live in México.