Steyr C9-A1 Compact Pistol

Steyr Arms has rounded off their pistol line with the introduction of the updated compact-sized C9-A1. They now offer a full sized (MA-1), compact (C9-A1) and sub-compact (SA-1) in the new and improved “A1″ series.

The A1 series improved the original by adding an improved grip, picatinny rail and the removal of the manual safety button that was located inside the triggerguard.

Caliber 9x19mm
Capacity 15 + 1, 17 + 1 is available
Finish Mannox
Trigger System Reset Action System (DAO with integrated safety) with 5.5 lbs pull
Barrel 3.6″
Twist 1:9.8″
Overall Length 5.2″
Weight 27.02 oz (empty)
Sights STD white contrasting trapezoidal or traditional 3 dot ( 2 white rear and 1 red front )
MSRP (Price) $649

Steve Johnson

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  • Aurelien

    Wonder if the new & improved version is as bad as the original M9.

  • John E Davies

    Steyr pistols are very well made and cool looking, but as of two years ago they had a history of fail to feed/ fail to eject problems, and they do NOT point naturally in a two handed combat grip. They shoot way high due to the deep indentation at the top of the back strap.

    Steyr has historically ignored the US market and the support isn’t anything to brag about.

    CDNN eventually ends up with many of these pistols due to poor gun-shop sales, and you will most likely get a fantastic deal (50% off MSRP) if you wait a year or two. Mags are expensive and aftermarket parts almost non-existent.

    I owned an M40-A1 for several months and eventually traded it in on a Springfield XDm40 because of these issues.

    I suggest that anyone who is thinking about buying should find/ borrow/ rent one to see how it shoots. Unfortunately, that may be impossible due to their extreme rarity, so it will be a risk buying one un-tested. Are you a gambler?


  • Other Steve


    Now, make a threaded barrel option available in the states and we’ll be talking!

    As an owner of a P99, I’m completely sold on the polymer striker fired design. The Walther is a great gun. But… I do often find myself wondering if a CZ/Tangfolio/Steyr low bore axis would be a good idea.

    I had been on the hook for a HK P30, but compared to the Walther P99 it doesn’t offer that much more for a LOT more cost. I could see the Steyr in my future.

  • Jesse

    As an owner of a M9-A1 I’m not seeing the size difference… it looks like the full length grip. Is it the barrel and slide that has been shortened?

    • sckarekrow


  • crisara722

    damn i love that pistol

  • Always liked the Steyr products. Good engineering.

  • J L

    These pistols are rumored to be from a special contract for Asia, and make their way to the USA market. They are basically the M-A1 grip length but on a frame that uses the S-A1 slide. I guess it allows the user to utilize the 17 round magazines of the M model instead of the 12 round (9mm) magazines. Practically, the trap sights are replaced with boring three dot types. I have an S40-A1 and I can’t find another striker fired gun with such a consistent trigger.


    It looks like a pistol that the Master Chief from HALO would carry.

  • sckarekrow

    The Steyr S IS NOT A SUBCOMPACT.Get your shit right. The Steyr C model is the same full size frame as the M model coupled with the compact slide of the S model.

  • Melody

    I was hoping for more in depth….