Techsights for Ruger Mini-14 and Remington 597

My favorite aftermarket aperture sight manufacturer, Tech Sights, has expanded their line to include the Ruger Mini-14 and Remington 597.

Post-2005 Mini-14 with Techsight rear apature sight.

Over the standard Mini-14 rear sight, Tech Sight’s sight allows click adjustment of both windage and elevation adjustment ands the choice of optional aperture sizes.

Remington 597 with front and rear techsights.

For any .22 LR, a real aperture sight is far nicer to use than the horrible leaf sights that most (all?) manufacturers tack on to them at the factory.

Steve Johnson

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  • justin

    Those 597 are POSs. Went out shooting with some friends and that damned thing would jam, double feed, or fail to fire 4 rounds out of every 10 round magazine. Should have spent the extra money on a ruger.

  • Brice

    The Ruger 10/22 sight isn’t bad, but it’s not nearly as fast as a good peep sight. If you don’t want an optic, tech sights are the best option out there. It’s what I’ve got on my 10/22 and Marlin Model 60.

  • Don

    This is exactly what I want for my marlin 1894.


  • Affe

    My two cents – tried their version for my Yugo AK. Great improvement in sight picture and smaller group sizes over stock, BUT… turned it into a semi-bolt action – had to knock the charging handle forward with every shot as it hung back. Tried grease, sanding, grinding, you like it but just couldn’t get it to function right. Back to stock irons.

  • Lance

    Doesn’t help the Mini-14 is inaccurate with or with out new sights anyway. Buy a AR.

    • Ray

      Do you even own one?

      I doubt it. For combat accuracy its good enough and I’ve taken more deer than I can remember with it(Yes it’s legal to hunt deer with it in my state!) up to 200 yds.

      It’s a old 180 Series too. It still shoots 2 inches at 100 yds.

      My background includes 6 Years Us Army. Expert Qualification every year with the M16 A1 and A2 as well as other weapons.

      And Yes I own an AR also along with a M21 and Savage 110.

      You got to do your part also.

  • Phil

    When I get my Ruger Gunsite Scout Rifle, I shall have to check to see if these Mini-14 sights will fit.

  • Kyle Huff


  • Dale

    Have to disagree about the 597s. I have two, and both are tack drivers. Both take whatever I feed them without complaint.

    Early 597s came with a plastic magazine that were prone to jamming, but were recalled and Remmy replaced them with metal mags which eliminate the problem.

  • Nadnerbus

    You know, I have a pre 2005 mini that I kludged an M1 carbine sight onto, and I’ve hated it ever since. Never could get it to sight in right, and I’d like to replace the front sight too. I shoot it with an aimpoint on a scout rail, but would really like to get a proper set of functioning irons on it at some point. I just might pick one of these up.