EOTech Forgery Dealer Busted

The co-owner of a Southern California importer has been arrested on felony charges of manufacturing and selling a counterfeit mark. The other co-owner fled the country to China. LA Times reports

Now a fugitive believed to be in China, Yongming “Steven” Sui, 53, chief executive officer of Field Sport Inc., was charged by state prosecutors with two felony counts — manufacturing and selling a counterfeit mark (a form of trademark infringement) and possession of an assault weapon.

Also charged in the state criminal complaint were Sui’s colleagues — co-owner Isaac Cheuk Hang Tse, 65, of Rowland Heights, and Pao Sheng Yang, 34, of Corona, the firm’s business manager. Both are alleged to have engaged in manufacturing and selling a counterfeit mark and possessing an assault weapon.

The charges stem from an investigation that began in early March after U.S. Customs and Border Protection officers were conducting a routine mail inspection at an Alaska sorting center and found 700 counterfeit rifle sights and 200 magnifier systems in a shipment sent from China to Field Sport’s headquarters, said ICE spokeswoman Virginia Kice.

Fake EOTech Magnifier

Forged gun optics, and other items, are easy to obtain and import. The B2B website Alibaba.com, of which Yahoo! owns about 25%, is a virtual clearing house for forgeries of every description. Take a look at the below screenshots of searches I did at the site …

Searching ‘EOTech’ on Alibaba.
Searching ‘Leupold’ on Alibaba.

When buying optics be as wary of great deals as you would be if you were shopping for a Rolex.

[ Many Conrad to wary for emailing me the link. ]

Steve Johnson

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  • Jay

    Lot of that stuff is for airsoft.

  • KBCraig

    But was it any good?

    Frankly, I care more about consumers being ripped off by sub-standard products, than the legitimacy of the label.

  • Slim934

    “When buying optics be as wary of great deals as you would be if you were shopping for a Rolex.”

    As though people who buy cheap Rolex’s don’t already know they are buying a knock-off.

    Has anyone done any reviews of the knock-offs? That is, has someone said, “this is an obvious forgery of this design, here is how much worse it is than the original”?

  • Clodboy

    Alibaba.com, as a whole, essentially seems to be a cross between an oriental bazaar, a libertarian peyote nightmare and a bad cyber punk novel, promising everything from knockoff electronics to counterfeit clothes to bulk pharmaceuticals in small bags each containing the equivalent of tens of thousands of Xanax bars.

    To top it all off, the company was recently embroiled in a scandal involving thousands of scammers getting certified as trusted “gold sellers” in exchange for bribes, leading them to purge hundreds of employees in an effort to restore their almost-legit image.

  • Bryan S

    The airsoft stuff, other than looking good, is usually garbage for anything over a 22. Although i know some that have used the knockoffs on a full pattern M4gery, with no issues.

    The thing is, if you buy a knockoff, you are not getting a holographic parallax free sight. You are getting a red dot that looks good, most times. Sometimes you are getting a re-engineered version, with more features and less reliability.

    Buy once, cry once.

  • RT

    China. This is my surprised face…

  • gunslinger

    this goes beyond the it’s obv. a fake. Yes EOTech deserves to make money from their name/hard work. That’s all fine and well so i DO have a problem with people putting the EOT (or any name brand) on knockoffs. Call a spade a spade and be done with it.

    If the stuff was just labeled as “red dot sight” i don’t know if the importers would have been in any danger.

  • ZomBkiller

    If you buy a knock off magnifier its not a big deal. I’ve had one on my M1 Scout EBR and it has kept up with the real deal Eotech, no hitches whatsoever.

    The mount sucked but it magnified just like an expensive one would. Yes take caution but a magnifier is a magnifier is a magnifier.

  • Weak Stream

    I had an AGOG knock-off on my M4gery and it was a 99.5% accurate in every detail and the finish quality was very good. It even worked well. When I sold the rifle it was a huge selling point. 🙂

    I think I paid $120 for it. It added $300 to the resale value of the rifle.

  • Chrontius

    On the other hand, if all you want is a plastic rail cover or VFG, no-name knockoffs are much less likely to bite you in the ass.

  • Tekkie

    Do not buy knockoffs! They are junk and have no warranty. Trust me, when looking for quality sights, buy from an American dealer.

    Even when looking for cheap sights for a .22 or airsoft, buying a knockoff is throwing your money away.

  • Lance

    I dont know Ive seen the knock offs do just as good as the real things and how US makers rip people off on high prices i say good riddance to Trijicon and them If they loss profit for there overpriced scopes.

  • Matt G

    I bought a fake eotech recently just for fun and anyone who would be fooled into buying one thinking it is a real eotech is too stupid to live.

    Yeah, it’s the same design and shape but the reticle is completely different technology and the finish is mediocre. The one I bought does no have the eotech markings but plenty of the fakes do. They are for airsoft folks mostly.

    Im actually very glad I bought the fake because it has shown me that I don’t want a real one. It is simply too bit and bulky and doesn’t fit the rifles lines well. For a red dot I would go with the aimpoint micro. But I’m going with a low power millet.

  • Matt G

    Steve; every single forgery I have every seen or heard of uses the standard reflective glass based red dot. Which looks completely different than the laser hologram based dot of a real eotech.

    Granted. Person who has never seen or heard much about a real eotech could be swindled but I have never heard of someone being sold a fake at full price. Not that it’s never happened, I’ve just never heard a story. I’ve never personally seen a fake being sold at anywhere near full price. Most are under a hundred dollars. And almost all of them are sold on airsoft website to people who dot need the ruggedness of a real oetech.

  • Brian

    I know that this is an eotech article but I used this forum page when I was hunting deals for an aimpoint:


    buyer beware!

  • Lance

    I say for low budget shooter forgery can be a good thing just dont market them as the real thing they arnt. I know alot of good men who cannot afford thousands of dollars for a friggen scope.

  • Laserbait

    I work for a company that has it’s products ripped off and counterfeited all of the time. It really blows. We waste so much time and money when dealing with these fakes. And when (not if) the fakes fail, the customers get pissed at us because they think we’re blowing them off to avoid warranty service. If we didn’t have to deal with the forgeries, we could lower our prices.

    Sad thing is that they’ll get a stiffer sentence from the “assault rifle” than from the forgeries, and the forgeries have done more damage to the US as a whole.

  • cc19

    “You get what you pay for.”

  • Eric

    Screw CA. Felony for possessing “assault weapon”. That can be defined however whomever is in political office wants it to be defined.