UTS–15 Tactical Pump-Action Shotgun: Big and Badass

At the start of this year the only dual magazine shotgun I knew of was the almost mythical South African NEOSTEAD. In January Kel-Tec introduced the KSG bullpup Shotgun. Now Turkish firm UTAS has brought another mean-looking dual magazine pump-action shotgun to market.

Each of the UTS-15 magazines hold 7 rounds of 2.75″ sized shot shells (it can also chamber 3″ shells), giving it a 14+1 capacity. A selector allows the operator to select which magazine to feed or to automatically alternate between the magazines.

Note the shell counters along the length of the receiver.

The body of the gun is made from carbon fiber to save weight. The lower receiver has a built-in button operated laser and light. It also comes with iron sights mounted on the full length picatinny rail.

The shotgun has an overall length of 27″ and weight of 7.2 lbs.

**UPDATE: ** Great news. UTS will be manufacturing this shotgun in the United States for sale to consumers.

Steve Johnson

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  • Woah.

    Looks gnarly. I’m digging all these recent bullpup designs.

  • Will

    thats just fine that its not being marketed to me. i dont want anything to do with that thing! i want a KSG in a bad way but not this. It looks like someone took a band saw and ripped a few guns then bolted it into a shotgun sandwich.

  • Per an email I have from NeoStad the UTS-15 is the NeoStad.

  • JPR

    This gun just doesn’t look…natural.

  • TZH

    the other dual magazine guys didn’t impress me, this one does! I wonder when we’ll get reviews for its performance compared to our good old 870s…


    Neat. While I normally don’t critique the look of a firearm… ouch, this doesn’t look very nice. I wonder why they went with the M16 style grip? I’ve always found there to be much more comfortable grip styles on the market.

    Be interesting to see if any LEO’s like it!

    On the other hand this thing makes me want a KSG even more.

  • Burst

    Not to belabor the point, but:

    It’s the consumer’s job, not the government’s, to determine sporting purpose. If I want to hunt deer, grizzlies or field mice with this monstrosity, I should be able to try.

  • Moss E. Berg

    This looks superb, but I always liked the G11. The ergonomics of the G11 were described as a piece of 2X4 lumber with a pistol grip. I guess it is like the hot redhead at the end of the bar. I know I like the look, but I will know more when I can get my hands on one 😉

  • Tim Ellwood

    I got to shoot a Remington 2200 years ago at one of the SOF conventions in LV, it was a right hand and a left hand 1100 mated to one trigger and stock, and it was full auto, man that thing was a beast.

  • GrosVentreGeorge

    Those holes in the mag tubes remind me of the chauchat.

  • Mr Maigo

    Good thing I can’t get it or else I’d have to choose

  • c3po

    This thing has a serious case of the uglies.

  • Ian

    At a length of 27″, it is definitely outmoded by the Kel Tec KSG. Go USA!

  • Avery

    All these overbarrel dual-tube bullpup shotguns makes me wonder what’s the status on the patent for the Neostead?

    Also, I think the capability of alternating between magazines is one of the reasons it’s being prohibited from consumers. I’v suspected that the KSG has to be manually switched is more for BATFE compliance than a design or engineering drawback.

    I do like the ability to feed the magazine tubes without dropping the sight picture, a flaw that the break-open loading on the Neostead had and without resorting to the ejection port-feed ramp compromise of the KSG.

  • MibZ

    I discovered the Neostead playing Battlefield: Bad Company, and for a while I loved the idea of it. But when it really comes down to it, does the extra ammunition validate the increase mechanical complexity?

    That said, after thinking about it it seems to me that the weighting of a shotgun (especially with that much ammo) would make loading a bullpup design awkwardly balanced and hard to do under stress.

    Buuuuut, I doubt law enforcement would have need to fire more than 15 shotgun rounds in a single conflict, and if they do they’re in some pretty deep trouble, so why not?

  • James

    I wouldn’t mind having one of these.

    Just wondering how fast it is to change the magazines.

  • kvalseth

    3 sling attachment points(!!!)

  • mupp

    Does anyone else think this looks like something the Helghast from the video game Killzone would have?

  • Zander

    I guess I’m the odd man out here who would LOVE to see something like this in semi-auto.

  • Gerald

    I was about to jump out of my seat until I read the last paragraph. It looks like the SCAR, the Neostead and the Marine Pulse Rifle from ALIENS all blended together. I love the look, it is mean and down-to-business. I have heard that the KSG doesn’t have exceptionally good fit and finish. I would have sprung for one of these instead.

  • Any bets that this will make it’s way into BF3? 😉

  • Looks heavy. Even with the carbon fiber.
    Seems like a lot of over-engineering of a design (regular pump-action) that’s pretty damn good already.

  • Gregor

    The sights seem very high away from the barrel. I wonder how good that will work with a reddot sight, sighted in for shotgun fighting distances.

  • cottage cheese

    Looks pretty angry….but somewhat bulky and ungainly in comparison to the KSG

  • Tim

    That oughta make a great sci-fi movie prop :-p

  • Sian

    It’s a shame we’ll never ever be able to get this imported.

    On the other hand this looks way more complicated and fiddly than the KSG.

  • HT4

    I would take this over the KSG. The ability to have it alternate between mags (and not have to worry about switching them, unless you want to) is a feature that the KSG is missing.

  • Sian

    Some interesting bits of this shotgun:

    Machine-gun like folding topcover
    Ejection seems to be manually switchable left-right.

    Tube selector switch is on top, which makes sense for top-feed but is a bit odd ergonomically. At least you can see at a glance which tube you’re feeding from.

    Curious 3-position indicator in the last shot is curious. Does this thing have an option for a neostead-like alternating feed?

  • gunslinger

    I’ll bite. I like these designs. granted, not firing one i can’t make a full comment, but still.

    as for the import thing, if the KSG is here, why can’t these guys claim that it’s the same as the KSG? or is that just how the laws work here?

  • Bryan S

    Not sporting…

    Tell that to the home invader, that he isnt being “sporting”.

  • Robert

    Seems like it has extra height for no reason…what’s that tube below the barrel?

  • David

    That will certainly scare the hell out of the turkeys this spring.

  • Other Steve

    Looks REALLY big.

  • dogon13


    One of the guys behind the Neostead (I believe it is Mr Stead) is also involved in the UTS-15 design.

  • Bandito762

    What are the numbers printed on the top? Is it a mechanical shot counter?

  • Airrider

    Carbon fiber, eh? Sounds expensive.

  • DukeNukedEm

    Wouldn’t this be much nicer as a semi-auto?

  • Casey

    Sure isn’t pretty, but still a damn nifty gun.

  • Gutao_ACS

    Here’s a video showing it being fired:

  • Lance

    How much will they be imported here? pls pls pls!!!!!!!!

  • wlitten512

    It looks intimidating and all that. I like that the KSG is a lot more compact, it uses the feed tubes to slide the foregrip along. This thing is so tall because you have the pump slide, then the barrel above that and the feed tubes above that. The UTS looks like something from Halo or Killzone, looks cool but is it really all that practical?

  • Komrad

    looks kinda bulky
    I’d rather have the Kel-Tec

  • GenericCheesecake

    Is it just me, or does it look like something out of a video game?

    Seriously, it looks like something I’d pick up and use while playing Crysis 2 or something.

  • Sam

    it looks like something that can lay down the hate!

  • cy

    I’ll take one. love the look of it,so Terminator.

  • Sian

    @Rodger Young “Per an email I have from NeoStad the UTS-15 is the NeoStad.”

    Well that explains a lot.

  • Sian

    @gunslinger No, that isn’t how it works. BATFE restricts import shotguns to ‘sporting purpose’ only. Even if the UTS-15 was identical to the KSG, the short OAL, high capacity and picatinny rails would disquality the UTS from import on the sporting grounds.

    Being domestic, the KSG is not subject to any import restrictions.

  • BTG

    The muzzle looks like a surprised Pinocchio.

  • Zander

    For law-abiding gunowners in the US wouldn’t it be possible to import parts kits that contain everything but the receiver & then rebuild them on US soil with the requisite 922r compliant parts?

  • gunslinger

    after seeing the video, the gun is very large. i didn’t quite grasp that at first. i’ll take the ksg over that. i don’t need a starshiptrooper brick or whatever.

    still interested about the “sporting purpose” clause

  • Ben

    What is this “no comercial sales” nonsense? I clearly reads “Hatfield gun co – Des Plaines, IL” engraved on the side, so I’m assuming that’s the importer… They should do us and themselves a favor and throw in the appropriate amount of r922 parts.

    I’m also curious if it was register as a NFA device if one of us undeserving citizens could have one?

  • Roger

    Great looking bullpup…must be a buch of girlie men posting here the don’t like it.

  • paul

    The second picture shows Hatfield Gun Co. Des Plaines, IL under the cover. I guess that’s the importing company.

  • Vitor

    I don’t usually call a gun bulky (I knew the ARX160 was much lighter than it looks), but this one definetly is!

  • Sam

    it IS large, i reckon some of that size is welcome if it contributes controllability.. however i don’t think its very “lefty-friendly”

  • Briag

    check this video:


    UTS in action

  • thomas

    now a semi auto bullpup 12 gauge would be great….so any one know how much it will be?

  • cy

    your update say’s this beauty will be made in the USA and therefore available to us in the USA. Who’s the distributor?,What’s the pricepoint? Where can I get mine? My wife won’t need to know a thing. Guess i” put of my M1 Garand purchase for a while if anyone can get one of these in my hands before September.

  • Buster Charlie

    So it’s bulkier, larger, heavier, and most likely more expensive than a 100% made in the USA product with a lifetime warranty…


    And I love the cap head screws holding parts of it together!

  • Tony

    Thomas said:

    “now a semi auto bullpup 12 gauge would be great….so any one know how much it will be?”

    About as much as finding a nice used Remmington 105CTi, getting a decent smith to fix the problems and stuff it in a bullpup shell.

  • Matthew

    Cut the stock, hand grip and trigger off and make function with an AR-15 lower and I would buy one.

  • Riceball

    Love that video of the guy firing this thing, when it runs dry he seems to be unsure whether he ran out of shells or if it jammed on him. He also seems to be not all that up on his firearm safety since he had his finger on the trigger for pretty much the entire video, from before he started to fire to when he was checking to see if it was empty or jammed. Lucky for him that it seemed to have run dry otherwise he ran the risk of shooting his foot off trying to clear a jam.

  • wizemanful

    What’s up with sights? It looks like it’s ready for Camp Perry.

  • Cymond

    What’s with all the criticism? No one even has one yet. Yes, it is 9/10 of an inch longer than the Kel-Tec, but how much does 1 inch really matter? Yes, it certainly looks bulky, but it’s fairly light at 7.2 pounds.

    UTS-15 possible pros: automatic feed switch, integrated light & laser, lower bore axis due to magazines above barrel (?).

    Kel-Tec possible pros: probably cheaper, more convenient loading.

    Also, look at the round-counter in the last picture. That stud sticking up is part of the follower. Look at the 2nd-to-last picture. The stud/follower moves along a track until the muzzle, where there’s a notch similar to the lock-open notching for a HK charging handle. I suspect that the user can push the follower forward and lock it to the side. This means you don’t have to push against the magazine spring as you load shells. The advantage? I don’t know, but it’s neat.

  • ish

    And it’s needed role in our society is for……what? A military role, perhaps. More fitting for paramilitary uses by our police forces in an America that craves the latest in whiz-bang stuff; yeah, they would love this. Any documented cases of needing more than 8 rounds from a 12 ga. pump (in capable hands)? And what “sporting purpose” does this fulfill? WHY do new firearms all look like they were cloned from a shoot-em-up video game? Looks like a shotgun befitting MMA cage fighters. Or Thunderdome. And it looks cumbersome for incomers from a Station #8 high house. Give me blued steel and walnut with fitment and finish. Give me an 870 or an older M37. I can take out bad guys, defend my home, and shoot a round of skeet on the weekend if I choose. And the sight of me and my shogun won’t raise any eyebrows or alarm the neighbors.

  • Mike

    Man, this thing looks so evil and scary that Californians will never get it. Also, how practical is it?

  • gunslinger

    @cymond i can see the use because pushing against 6 rounds+spring is “hard” but i wonder if there’s some type of mechanism that will prevent you from firing if the handle is “locked forward” more info on the product is required!

    @ish mr/mrs brady? from what i gather, an AR-15 should not be in civilian hands? especially with a 100 round beta-mag? what sport purpose is that? put a hole in a piece of paper at 100m? why not use air rifles or lasers (see talk about the olympic games)

    cases where 8 rounds weren’t enough… N.Hollywood shoot out? ok. they had body armor, but still.

    why that evil black metal/plastic? because wood is heavy. why lug around a 10lb gun when you can have one at 8?

    “shoot-em-up video game” don’t you mean first person shooter? lets face it, people want cool. How many people would want a new car that looks like a Ford Model T? and never mind the fact that sometimes those configurations are the result of improving a design.

    i will say that changes for the sake of change isn’t good. but i think there is innovation here. let others build on it. i wanna see more. i want to see where the future of weapon design is going.

  • @Mike, I was thinking something very similar. Has nothing to do with use and real lethality, but it “looks lethal”.

    I was born and bred in California and I love my state, but the gun laws are just stupid.

    As to the shotgun, in my non-technical view, I like it.

  • Jim

    it would be so much better if it was semi-auto.. it’s not going to be inexpensive.. i can bet twice the KelTec..

  • Buster Charlie

    I’m sure they’ll have a lifetime warranty and be made in the USA like kel-tec right?

    I guess my point is, in a serious self-defense weapon simplicity is important, less parts to break, less stuff to go wrong. This looks MAJORLY more complicated than the kel-tec, is this really an improvement?
    Forget the fact that it’s larger and heavier, and forget that it’s most likely going to be more expensive…

    When you pull the trigger, and it doesn’t go ‘bang’, will all the ‘extra features’ be worth it?

  • charles222

    Is there really a market for these? I don’t see cops carrying them-it looks too overtly “military” for them, and well, the military hasn’t had a requirement for a high-capacity semiauto shotgun since the CAWS program was cancelled.

    • charles222, a lot of cops are using M4, AR-15s and other military-style rifles like the SIG5xx, I don’t think they are worried about looking paramilitary.

  • brentil

    Carbon fiber? This gun is going to be expensive, very expensive…

    • Samer

      I ordered one today, factory will start shipping middle of June, price tag is $915.05. I doubt they’ll stay at this price for long. This is not a prototype, UTAS has been making these guns for a while in Turkey. These guns are now made in the US, I think in Illinois. Looks awsome, hope it works as good/better than the Keltec KSG, it has too many parts reliability might be an issue. Will find out in a month!

  • dvorach

    Here is an idea… if you like it, buy it. If you don’t like it, don’t buy it. Simple, huh?

  • Bombdoc

    I was excited about this until I watched the video on how “easy”it is to field strip… Yeah not. When the list includes hammers punches and screw drivers to dissemble it… Not to mention tiny parts like “c” rings. No thanks. The guy in the video looked like an armorer and he struggled to take it apart. There is nothing easy about it. Too bad. This one probably would have made it to my collection someday.

  • ɮŭłłƶʘɜƴɛ

    LOL, most of you missed the fact this was ORIGINALLY on the drawing board of SMITH & WESSON! (Google and Yahoo) Half of you are arguing that Keltec is cheaper and made in America… its pure junk! Thats why everything Keltec is cheap. Ever owned a Keltec? I work at a range/gun store and over HALF the Keltecs people bring to shoot wind up with our gunsmith to be sent back (he refuses to work on them, even the most simple repairs, I wouldnt either) …. and they return the same, junk. We dont sell Keltec, dont buy or trade them.

    I”ll take one of these. Hell we just ordered several. Awsome design, light and will make my Glock win first place in a beauty contest! Sure alittle hard to field strip… and that old man didnt make it look easy either. However 15 rounds of kick ass 12ga is sure to make any would be vandles ground chuck!

    • Ralph

      Not to mention Keltec is not making their KSG available. What I mean is, they are not worried about ramping up production. When I tried to find one to give the once or twice over, the gun shop owner informed there are people who have already waited over a YEAR. KelTec, pull head out of your 4th point of contact or go the way of the Do DO Bird! I like this UTS 15 and plan on adding this very soon to my collection. If it is somewhat difficult to field strip, fine. I won’t be field stripping mine under duress or combat conditions (unless the world goes to shit), then Ill be using my AK primarily. Drink water, tighten your chin strap and keep your head on a swivel fellas!

  • ALEX

    I notice it has a 14+1 shell capacity, will California reduce that to 10?

  • amorous.x

    hi,i live to turkey,i read to net and i very like this shutgun but this is no sale turkey only sales other cauntry but i dont know have much this shutgun?
    do you know have much this shut gun?what about your’s think this ?have your’s got this ?

  • this shot gun has some down falls that do effect it drastically. Due to the dual ammo chambers on the top sides of the barrel and the cycling system it uses to load the rounds in the firing chamber causes it to jam easy making the shooter have to take time in loading each round instead of having a fast loading rate like the KSG. I saw videos of demonstrations of this particular shotgun and they break farrelly easy if your speed shooting. link to a video for further proof of this statement is http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=a050T2wFKAY don’t get me wrong it is a great looking shotgun and the idea behind it is great but I think it could use more work.