Steyr AUG Marksmanship web game discovered a fun web-based flash game based on the New Zealand Army’s marksmanship training.

There are a few current and former Kiwi soldiers on this blog. If you are one of them I suggest you don’t play it, it will only make you more jeleous of your Australian cousins who are issued Steyr’s with Trijicon scopes and not those old 1.5x built-in scopes! The NZ Army is planning an upgrade in the near future.

[Hat Tip: Accurate Shooter ]

Steve Johnson

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  • )ong

    hahaha, Us Australians issued trijicon’s, maybe if your lucky when i was in Afghanistan we managed 2 trijison’s, 2 Wildcat’s(elcan), and a few aim points. Either way still better than the status quo. good site keep it up

  • jordan46

    Level 14 is impossible!

  • Ethan

    Whew, that level 14 is hard.

  • The Kiwi

    Hey Steve,

    There are quite a few Acogs in use now. Infact, thats not a 1.5 built in AUG scope in that game 😉

    The Kiwi (future Kiwi soldier 😉

  • Ric

    Yay 3rd 🙂

  • DaveR

    the close in targets show how a 4x scope can be a liability…

  • Avery

    My first shot was to the silhouette’s right eye. I’m disappointed that wasn’t counted.

  • DukeNukedEm

    level 14 isnt impossible, it just requires a ton of tries and a lot of luck. you dont have to shoot 2 targets, focus all 4 shots on 1 target and make sure to get all 4 bullets fired. do it hundreds of times and eventually you’ll get lucky and get above 20 score. its a pointless level though, has nothing to do with skill and all about luck.

  • crisara722

    wow this game is incredibly hard those 7 sec challenges are way too hard of your are standing

  • tgs

    14 was hard, but not impossible 15 on the other hand was a 600 meter shot, which with that limit scope was pretty tough. 16 or the bonus was pretty tough as well 10 targets at 200 and 10 rounds to shoot.

  • CapnMac

    Well, that Flash interface needs some huge adjustments–there was no way to get nearly any control by way of my mouse. Which meant any shot placement was more by accident than design. Watching the sight picture reel like a drunken sailor at 25m was annoying, enough to make any sense of using breath and HR control pointless.
    Did not help that I was sitting in my chair attempting to tuck my elbow in and get some body lock in and flexing my left hand as if I could tighten up the sling, either.

  • Matixon

    Nice game, I sure had some problems with lvl 14 but I finally completed the game, now I’m sure I can be NZ marksman ;P

  • Falcon500

    Level 14 is next to impossible.

  • Tim

    Totally unrealistic. I haven’t had any stoppages.

  • Gerald

    If anyone out there ever meets an Kiwi that can’t hold their breath for 7 seconds, let me know.

  • lik

    Their Australian have a Steyr game as well. NZ seems more fun.

  • Mike

    No, Jordan. It can be done. It took me almost a dozen tries, and playing with my mouse settings (and it helps that I’ve got a high resolution gaming mouse).

    But the game is frustrating.

    Whoever made it doesn’t understand how an ACOG works. Even out to 600 meters, you’re using the main crosshair.

    It’s also got some weird code issue where your mouse always winds up slotting in the same spot on a target. I’m shooting ragged holes at 600 meters. Unfortunately, they were all at 7 o’clock at the edge of the 6 ring because that’s the only place I could get the crosshair on the black portion of the target. And that ignores the fact that I don’t think any rifle out there is a ragged hole rifle at that kind of range, especially not with something like M193. And the trigger on the AUG is definitely not good enough for that kind of results, either (other than that, it’s an amazing rifle).

    Oh, well. They were good enough hits to pass the stage.

  • Brandon

    Try that level 14 on a laptop trackpad. Even harder!

  • YCL

    Great game. Made it to the top ten with 1083.46 pts.

  • Avery


    Timed trials or limited exposures are a staple of any marksmanship program.

    Of course, the U.S. army marksmanship qualifications are 23 out of 40 targets, with single targets exposed for 5-10 seconds, depending on range, and multiple targets being exposed for up to 11 seconds (at different ranges, typical one at 75m and another at 300m)

  • drewogatory

    For pete’s sake, that scope wobbles like they just spent the day at the pub! Are you sure this isn’t Australian?

  • Nathaniel

    I find it hard to believe that all NZ soldiers are capable of four rapid hits on two targets in 7 seconds at 350 yards.

  • Nathaniel

    Level 14 gets a bit easier if you use two mice, one with a deactivated ball (or just laptop buttons). Clicking both LMBs will fire the rifle twice.

  • Nathaniel

    Could this possibly be the much sought-after hyper burst mode the Army is looking for?


  • Javier

    Lvl 12’s a bitch!

  • JonMac

    Ridiculous. The timed stages are made artificially hard by the random leap that the cursor makes at the beginning.

  • jim

    well.. 4 shots, 7 seconds and 250 meters stopped me.. lol..

  • gary

    I have to wonder if gamers would tolerate the lack of control, user interface response, and accuracy that this game provides. Definitely a drinking game to go along with the drunken Kiwi soldier in the game.