Bushmaster Production Moved to Remington’s Ilion, NY Facility

Bushmaster has moved all of its production to Remington’s factory in Ilion, NY. This comes as no surprise to anyone in the industry. For all practical purposes Bushmaster is a Remington brand rather than a separate company. This is neither a good or bad thing, it is simply the way it is. The Freedom Group is going public and they need to cut costs to make the company attractive to investors.

From the press release …

Freedom Group, Inc. (“The Company”), the world’s leading innovator, designer, manufacturer, and marketer of firearms, ammunition, and related products for the hunting, shooting sports, law enforcement, and military markets announced today a manufacturing relocation of the Bushmaster Firearms International manufacturing facility located in Windham, Maine to Ilion, New York. The Company expects to create 40-50 new positions at the Ilion, New York facility as a result of the relocation.

The Bushmaster brand and products remain key strategic assets within the Freedom Group portfolio. The manufacturing relocation will have no impact on customers or the existing supply base.

“As competition in today’s global marketplace remains intense, consolidation of our manufacturing processes and operating systems allow us to provide Bushmaster customers with the highest quality products while maintaining a competitive position in the marketplace,” said John Trull, Freedom Group’s Vice President – Product Management & Marketing, Firearms. “We are committed to the Bushmaster brand, its core product offerings and bringing innovative new Bushmaster firearms to our customers.”

The Freedom Group Family of companies.

What industry insiders are wondering is how long DPMS Panther Arms, the Freedom Group’s other AR-15 manufacturer, will remain separate from Remington.

Steve Johnson

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  • garyny

    sweet…… to bad i cant own half the ar style rifles they sell and produce, fixed stocks and 10 round mags, pretty lame, but thank god theyre bringing in new jobs to our area (i live near ilion) this area is pretty poor and we need the jobs desperately

  • Lance

    I don’t get why You move a BIG AR maker like Bushmaster to a Assault weapons ban state like NY??????

    Id move Remington to Maine less laws and politics and crap from liberals.

  • uzim16

    only 40-50 new positions…………I’m wondering how much is Bushmaster’s production ability?

  • garyny

    agreed, on the politics, atleast, i doubt albany will change the law since they bow down to anti-gun nyc, and then completely ignore upstate

    as far as only 50 new positions, well upstate/mid state needs all the help it can get, were general, the closing and cut backs at griffis air force base, and the closing of all the plants and mills in the area has really ruined this area. so many empty factories it looks like world war 2 in some areas. but trust me local politicians will talk about what a major victory this is for the area, its a minor one but a victory for us upstaters, i plan on voting with my feet

  • Milo

    Is sad news.
    Bushmaster will be missed & Remington will most certainly screw everything up.

  • coyote

    This is the problem when big invesment groups start buying up companies. Then they want to cut costs and start with closing of plants, lay-offs, etc. And why would they move to anti-gun state like New York? cripe sakes, at least move to a pro-gun state like Arizona, New Mexico, Wyoming or Montana, they will be more than glad to have the business, and they will probably give them tax credits and all kinds of perks.
    But I suppose that this company has it’s offices located in New York City.
    How many AR-15’s was Bushmaster manufacturing per month with only 50 employees? Were their prices too high or what? Isn’t the AR-15 upper in 450 Bushmaster popular?
    And why didn’t they come out with a 429 Bushmaster, 401 Win. Self-loading, and a 358 Bushmaster?

  • robert chittenden

    i hope they dont jack up bushmaster,,they need to make a 308 that would kick ass

  • wildcoyote

    Remington and Bushmaster. Move to Texas. We are business friendly and gun friendly. You would be more than welcomed.