Steve Johnson

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  • Rusty Nails

    so… care to elaborate? like dates or msrp?
    is it also $400?

  • Jim S

    The mag is capped off at five rounds, non detachable, and the rounds load through the ejection port with the slide locked back. Disassembly takes a tri-wing screw driver and half the tools in the black and decker catalogue. Shooting it requires a full body TRON style biometric outfit to synch with the eight safeties. The ninth safety is found on your off hand as a federal agent (wearing full body armor over his TRON biometric suit…cant be too careful around those crazy gun owners) holds your hand and give verbal commands of when to shoot.

    And I think the next version will have a GPS transceiver to let the Jackbooted Thugs know exactly where you’re off shooting jackrabbits.

    I think that sounds about right for the silly ass rules of those states… just my $0.02