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  • gunslinger

    sorry, but that picture doesn’t do it for me making the ram look like a gun.

    i can sort of tell that the image looks kinda like an m16, but..i have to stretch.

    as for the sniper model name..well…

  • Martin (M)

    This are depicted on Gigabyte’s new G1 Killer/Assassin series motherboards. Aside from being solid, name-brand hardware, it’s about as full-featured as you can get. For $500+, it should be.

    It’s a sweet looking piece of hardware, with north and south bridge heatsinks molded to look like rails and a mag. Even the packaging is awesome! Check it out.

  • Vin

    It was only a matter of time. There’s a huge market of wannabe soldiers who grew up in the COD era. I guess its no different than the claymore hitch cover i have on my truck :} (they love that here in NY btw)

  • Mountainbear

    Cute, but in any normal case you won’t see any of it ever again. Interesting for modders, maybe.

  • MrSatyre

    Too true. With RAM mounted sideways, the design would be completely invisible even in a well-lit case with a window.