Shotgun Guitar

Swedish police discovered a double barrel shotgun disguised as a guitar when they raided the home of a man suspected of dealing in stolen weapons.

The Local reports …

Aside from the six more conventional weapons found in the apartment and a quantity of ammunition, police discovered that a wall-mounted guitar was not quite as it first appeared.

The neck of the guitar has been hollowed out and equipped with two shotgun barrels, while the body of the string instrument contained the beginnings of trigger mechanism.

They also discovered a homemade submachine gun and a walking stick rifle.

[ Many thanks to Marko for emailing me the link. ]

Steve Johnson

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  • TZH

    I love this! reminds me of those mariachi gunslinger guys from those Robert Rodriguez movies. good thing the authorities nailed the guy

  • axxxel

    Sweden has very restrictive gun control laws (for better or for worse) and while I don’t have any principal issues with illegal gun ownership this guy was definitely up to no good. In addition to the wide array of illegal firearms the police also found evidence that suggests gang affiliation and a stolen mauser rifle

  • greasyjohn

    All that, in a Fender? What is the world coming to…

  • James.Denholm

    Well, I guess the victim has…


    Played their last song.

  • Any future PC Game or Hollywood film will try to plug this one somewhere on the script…

  • @Edgar – Too late. Check out the anime, FLCL.

  • MibZ

    Seems like it would be painful to use…on top of that how well would it actually hold together after the first shot?

  • Anon


    He had this too, as well as a few handguns and weapon parts. And a cane made in to a firearm.

    Doesn’t sound like a violent criminal. Sounds like a gun enthusiast in a country that hates dun enthusiasts.

  • Lew

    Bullcrap, the guy was producing weapons, had stolen stuff in his house and was connected to the Hells Angels. He’s a bad dude.